Friday, December 20, 2019

Seeing the Light about the Pending Climate Apocalypse

I know you will find this shocking-- so gird your loins. It turns out, London Telegraph columnist Sherelle Jacobs tells us, but the hue and cry about the climate change emergency is merely an extremely effective propaganda exercise. 

Who knew? 

Jacobs had not always been a climate change denier. And yet, once the veils fell from her eyes, she started to see it all as propaganda:

Before I explain why the climate “emergency” is the most electrifyingly effective propaganda exercise of the 21st century, two clarifications. I have no fight to pick with glaring evidential realities: surface records clearly show the planet is getting warmer. Nor do I have a culture war-bloodied axe to grind with the fundamental chemistry: carbon dioxide indisputably contributes to the greenhouse effect. But I do take issue with how the mainstream debate has become an insult to both the public’s intelligence and basic science. 

She notes that the recent study about the pending climate apocalypse is not science. It is filled with projections. That is, hypotheses or even prophecies. To take projections about the future as scientific-- well, only a teenage truant would ever make that mistake:

Take the study which has gone viral in recent days for claiming that parts of the world have either already reached – or are inching towards –“tipping point”, whereby the planet becomes caught in destructive feedback loops. Are we already doomed, or nearly doomed, or nearly already doomed? More is the mystery.

Claims such as these are projections, but they are routinely presented to the public as unquestionable facts. This effectively reduces them to fake news. Even more so, given that the accuracy of the climate modelling upon which these figures and scenarios rely is contested, and the climate does not change in a straight line. 

Of course, pseudo scientists distort the data to advance their cause:

To take one example, the UN’s international climate change body, the IPCC, said in 2007 that temperatures had risen by 0.2C per decade between 1990-2005 and used that figure for its 20-year projection. Inconveniently, warming turned out to have been just 0.05C per decade over the 15 years to 2012.

Worse yet, those who are purveying the narrative and ginning up the crisis are also shutting down scientific debate and discussion:

And despite the fact that disciplined debate is the motor of scientific discovery, eco-extremists are shutting down discussions that dissent from the Apocalypse narrative. CO2 emissions may not be the only reason for warming. So sidelining studies that have, for example, found the natural climate system can suddenly shift, and ridiculing researchers who explore other possible variables – from solar changes to volcanoes – could be driving us further from the truth.

As everyone knows, and as we have often reported on this blog, climate change hysteria is religious dogma, designed to produce a cult to the Nature Goddess.


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"I’m not sure where your obsession with kicking people and their junk comes from"

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