Saturday, December 28, 2019

Remembering Don Imus at his Best

In memory of the I-man, a Don Imus classic, from the 1996 White House Correspondents Dinner:


UbuMaccabee said...

And he closed his career by groveling to both Al Sharpton and practically every black hustler and CBS executive who existed at the time. He groveled and they canned him anyway. There is a lesson there; never say you are sorry to people who hate you and want you dead. Imus was one of the first big scalps collected by the SJW Jacobins.

His kook wife now has what she came for: his money, sans him.

Imus was funny, and he put together a great team with Warner, Sid, Rob Bartlett, Charles, and Bernard. No, they were very funny.

He should have told everyone he was going on the air to apologize, and then closed out his career with an epic takedown of the entire industry. He would have walked away from radio a legend, a cowboy. Instead, he skulked off in ignominy. He got his settlement (some part of 40 million) but he lost his dignity. Maybe he was looking out for his team and for the kids at the ranch.

I would put Imus in the "vice-signaling" category. Too bad he didn't go all-in when it mattered. Still, there is no one like him on the radio anymore.

Sam L. said...

I never heard him. Of, yes; him, no. Never tried to find him.

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