Monday, December 16, 2019

Transgender Madness

This, from Paul Joseph Watson in Summit News (via Zero Hedge). The story comes to us from Great Britain, where political correctness has been forcing psychologists to approve hormone treatment for transgender children, despite what they may think. 

Given the current mania, any psychologist who refuses to affirm a child’s beliefs about gender can be accused of being transphobic. A number of psychologists have preferred to resign.

Watson writes:

Thirty five psychologists in London have resigned over the last 3 years alone as a result of feeling pressured to green light hormone treatment for children with gender dsyphoria.

One psychologist who wished to remain anonymous told Sky News that the developments represented a “medical scandal.”

“Our fears are that young people are being over-diagnosed and then over-medicalised,” the psychologist said.

He added that staff members were shut down by other clinicians when they tried to voice concerns and feared being labeled “transphobic” if they didn’t approve treatment.

As for Britain’s National Health Service, its transgender clinic has been treating children as young as three for gender dysphoria:

Earlier this year, it was revealed that five people working at Britain’s only NHS transgender clinic had quit after children as young as three were being through unnecessary gender reassignment treatment.

“Referrals to the clinic risen in recent years, with 94 in 2010, rising to 2,519 by last year, with the youngest patient aged just three,” reported the Daily Mail.

Some will claim that a rise from 94 to 2,519 is not a sign of a social contagion. Surely, these are the people who need to be treated.

Watson also reported on a case where parents lost custody of their 15-year-old daughter because they would not allow her to transition to male. The child was Finnish, but the events did not take place in Finland. The story does not specify where the parents live now.

The parents of a 15-year-old Finnish girl lost custody of their daughter after refusing to allow her to undergo a sex change.

According to a report by Svenska Yle, the parents prevented the girl from starting hormone treatments to “correct her gender.”

The names of the individuals involved were changed and the EU country in which the events happened were removed from the article to protect the identity of the family.
However, what we do know is that two summers ago after the family moved abroad, their daughter Nea met a new friend group.

She went from acting and dressing very feminine to dressing like a boy and claiming she was born into the wrong body.

Nea then demanded that her parents Kari and Niina allow her to begin hormone therapy and eventually breast removal surgery.

And then, after undergoing treatment, this was the result:

Her parents watched a video of the girl talking into a camera and saying, “This is how I sound six months after I started taking testosterone.”

She has apparently developed a deeper voice, put on weight and grown more hair, changes that are “irreversible.”

“Without over-dramatizing, you can say that as the voice, appearance and personality change, it is as if they had killed our child,” said the girl’s mother.

As we previously highlighted, the number of children wanting to undergo sex change treatment has exploded since the media and the culture began hyping transgender identity politics.

A civilization that countenances child mutilation is consigning itself to oblivion. 


UbuMaccabee said...

You destroy the Democratic Party by forcing them to discuss and take positions on mutilating children. Make them own it and defend it. Make sure normal black people understand what the party supports but cannot talk about. Hispanics, too. Get the parents on TV telling the truth. This is the hydrogen bomb of wedge issues. Drop it.

ErisGuy said...

A civilization that countenances child mutilation is consigning itself to oblivion.

International Socialism enslaved, oppressed, and executed millions. National Socialism, enslaved, mutilated, and murdered millions. Intersectional Socialism expands on both with its crackpot Lysenko-like science combined with Mengele-like treatment of the human body. Why would anyone expect anything different?

When the West chose socialism (“the USSR a New Civilzation?”) to replace Christianity, it chose suicide.

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why socialized medicine has run out of money.