Saturday, December 14, 2019

Notes on Boris Johnson's Victory

For your edification, I refer you to a couple of new commentaries on Boris Johnson’s game-changing election triumph in Great Britain. As noted yesterday, it should be a wake-up call to the imbeciles who are now controlling America’s Democratic party. Yet, since the results were so clear and obvious, so easy to read, the Democrats will probably fail to draw the obvious conclusions.

At which point, they will not only lose. They will deserve to lose.

Anyway, last week I quoted an excellent portrait of Boris Johnson, written by Andrew Sullivan. So I was especially keen to read what he would say about the election result.

Sullivan did not disappoint. He began by pointing out that people across Great Britain were revulsed by Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Can you think of any American politicians who provoke a similar level of nausea?

Anyway, Sullivan wrote:

The revulsion at Jeremy Corbyn was a big factor — especially, it seems, in the safest Labour seats in the north. The British people, after giving him the benefit of the doubt in 2017, turned on him. On his expansive, super-ambitious plan for massive investment in infrastructure and public services, they just didn’t believe the math. On his rancid long history of sympathizing with terrorists, they feared what he might do to the security services. On his anti-Semitism, they righteously humiliated the old codger. 

As for the British Liberal Democrats, not to be confused with liberal democrats, they destroyed their chances by campaigning on the notion that they would ignore the Brexit referendum completely. Not exactly a resounding vote of confidence in democracy. Anyway, the voters handed the Lib Dems a crushing defeat.

Better yet, the Lib Dems started talking like woke politically correct imbeciles, muttering on about the latest thinking about gender deformity:

The Liberal Democrats collapsed for two core reasons. They epitomized the London liberal elites. A key promise was simply: We will revoke Brexit altogether, you dumbass voters. No second referendum, just a parliamentary program to nullify the referendum of 2016. Hard to think of a more elitist project than that. Then they embraced wokeness. In the last week of the campaign, their leader, Jo Swinson, got caught in long discussions about what she believes a woman is. She didn’t just lose the election, she lost her own seat. It is clearer and clearer to me that the wholesale adoption of critical race, gender, and queer theory on the left makes normal people wonder what on earth they’re talking about and which dictionary they are using. The white working classes are privileged? A woman can have a penis? In the end, the dogma is so crazy, and the language so bizarre, these natural left voters decided to listen to someone who does actually speak their language, even if in an absurdly plummy accent.

Clearly, Sullivan is making the important point, point he has made previously, namely that the latest in radical gender theory is so absurd that no sensible person will ever deal with it. I would add that gender politics played an important role. Boris Johnson represented a more manly man than did Jeremy Corbyn, or even Theresa May.

You will recall that those who wanted to defend girl power insisted that Theresa May had done the best job that anyone could have done. They did not want Boris to succeed where Theresa had failed. What would that say about girl power?

Strangely, the issue did not seem to arise during the election campaign. Yet, I think it naive to think that it was not on voters' minds.

For his part, writing in the Daily Mail Piers Morgan also noted that the British public, in voting for Johnson, were voting for democracy. Fancy that:

Johnson's Conservative Party was the only one to run on a platform of delivering the result of the 2016 Referendum into whether the UK should remain in or leave the European Union.

17.4 million people voted then to leave, a 52 percent majority of Britons, but scandalously the losing Remainers – who were quickly dubbed Remoaners - launched a concerted campaign to stop it happening.

Rather like Democrats after Hillary Clinton lost to Trump, they wouldn't accept the result and have spent the past three-and-a-half years screaming their heads off about how unfair it all is - and demanding another vote.

Since Johnson, one of the key architects of the Brexit win, became Prime Minister in the summer, Remoaner fury has grown ever more hysterical as they've branded him a lying cheating racist scumbag with a tawdry history involving women.

And they've mocked all his supporters as thick, racist morons who are just stupid to know what they're doing.

So, the British public insisted that their will be respected by the politicians and bureaucrats. They were not happy when they saw the deep state undermine their decision. I suspect that they were also unhappy to see the weak sisters of continental Europe pushing them around.

And then, Morgan continued, savvy Brits decided that they would rather not be lectured at by brain dead celebrities. Fancy that:

Hollywood actors Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan led the way, backed up by the likes of grime artist Stormzy and pop singer Lily Allen.

Grant, who seemed to forget that playing a fictitious Prime Minister in Love Actually is not a qualification to be a real politician, spent weeks marching around ordering people not to vote for Johnson or the Conservatives because they had the audacity to want to act on the democratic will of the people.

'I don't want to sound dramatic,' he said, dramatically, 'but I really think we're facing a national emergency.'

The absurdly affected arrogant and pompous twerp believed he was the one to save us all from ourselves.

Instead, Britons responded exactly how I assumed they would to a jumped-up hectoring thespian trying to destroy democracy - and voted against everyone he supported.

And then there is the Twitterverse. As you know, the faint hopes that Labour supporters entertained were based on their Twitter retweets… where Labour was doing fairly well. Morgan defined Twitter as a “cesspool echo chamber:”

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren both share Jeremy Corbyn's socialist agenda and both appear to be as popular as him on Twitter.

But Twitter's not the real world.

It's become a cesspit echo chamber where many people only follow others who agree with their political opinions, thus creating a wall of partisan – and increasingly abusive - noise that bears little relation to reality.

Liberal Twitter was thus shocked when Trump won, stunned when Brexit happened, and is frothing at the mouth again now Boris Johnson's pulled off a huge success.
It was so blinded to the infallibility of its own beliefs that it never saw any of this coming.

And if Democrats don't forget about Twitter and base their candidate choice on cold, hard reality, they're going to get a similar drubbing to the Labour Party.

Hard as it is to believe, but Twitter is not the real world. 

As I said, from across the political spectrum, commentators are telling the Democrats to heed the flashing red lights. Instead, they are soldiering on with impeachment.

After all, it allows them to pretend to be patriotic, to pretend to venerate the Constitution, to pretend to uphold the rule of law, to pretend to venerate our founding fathers and to pretend to pray. 

So, they are playing a game of “let’s pretend.” We will see what reality has to say about that.


UbuMaccabee said...

Day 2 of strong inebriants to celebrate the Tory conquest of Hamas-aligned Labor. Cigars and bourbon tonight will make it day 3. We will toast the victory of civilization at the Battle of Ethandun in defense of Christendom against the heathens, and the victory of Boris against the raceclassgender savages and their grooming gangs and celebrity twits. Evil is eating a bowl of cold shit today in England.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

"Hard as it is to believe, but Twitter is not the real world."

Someone please tell our hopelessly insular and lazy Fourth Estate, please.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Our home has seen a significant uptick in popcorn consumption with all the IMPEACHMENT!!! nonsense going on. It's like watching a slow-motion train wreck. Didn't liberals always tell us they were the smart people?

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Sullivan: "The revulsion at Jeremy Corbyn was a big factor..."

Yes, that is indeed true. What is curious is the long line of Labour politicians who are boorish and angry. The party needs to change out the judges for their talent show.

Steve said...

And Jeremy Corbyn is declaring he won on the battle front of "ideas".