Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Signs of the Pending Cultural Apocalypse

In some ways America has never had it so good. In other ways, it has some serious problems. While America continues on an economic tear, it has been fostering self-destructive behaviors. I trust that this does not come as a surprise.

Michael Snyder takes the measure of a few of America’s aberrations. (via Zero Hedge)

He remarks:

In America today, the suicide rate is at an all-time high, we are fighting the worst drug crisis in our history, according to the CDC more than 110 million Americans have an STD, and we have the highest percentage of children living with a single parent of any nation in the entire world.

As for the evidence, I will share a few elements of Snyder’s list. They will, at the least, prevent you from becoming too optimistic about the future.

He begins with the ACLU:

#1 The ACLU has started a campaign to make tampons available in all men’s restrooms across America

One suspects that this nod toward the transgendered, inviting biological females into the men’s restroom-- why not the men’s locker room or shower room?-- will lead men to ridicule women. Surely, we do not want that.

And then there is inner city violence, generally dismissed by blaming it on white policemen:

#2 Senseless violence is on the rise all over the country. On Sunday, we witnessed the worst mass shooting in the city of Chicago “since at least 2013”

No list would be complete without a contribution from the woke contingent in California. Everyone in the state loves education, yet the sate is leading the nation in illiteracy:

#4 State legislators in California keep talking about how much they love “education”, but once again California has the highest percentage of residents that “have never completed ninth grade”

And finally, a word from the mentally challenged comedian Michelle Wolf. 

#9 In her brand new Netflix stand-up special, Michelle Wolf told America that getting an abortion made her feel like a “god”

Why did it not make her feel like a goddess? Perhaps it is a parapraxis. Perhaps she was affirming that getting an abortion made her feel like a man, like someone who could easily walk away from the consequences of sexual relations.

You've come a long way, baby!


trigger warning said...

All true enough, but the EU-niks are worse. Headline: "Chemical-free World Wanted by Nearly 40% Of Europeans".

A "chemical-free world" is, of course, a world-free world. Europe has run its course. Exhausted its raison d'ĂȘtre. We should give it to the Africans to tear down. Then we can start over.

Anonymous said...

The entire left agenda of creating Heaven on Earth is playing God.

Anonymous said...

Everything's turning into Skittles!

Walt said...

"Like a god" because God decides "who shall live, who shall die."

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Democrats love playing god, while expunging God from the public square. “Free exercise thereof,” my eye.

Meanwhile, the gun control madness in Virginia is what we have to look forward to with a Democrat agenda fueled by irrational fears. This acute hysteria seeks to make actual laws and policy based on the cosmetic features of inanimate objects. The Virginia Beach shooter is the rationale, while not one of the proposed laws would’ve stopped or prevented that murderer from acting. He used two pistols in his rampage, both purchased legally two years apart, with a background checks. Yet the clear target of the legislation is “assault weapons,” which will be banned and create tens of thousands of instant criminals should they choose not to comply with this ridiculous law, as there is no grandfather clause.

This is the empathetic Democrat Party — the party of feelings-based legislation. This is the party that tells us “These [fill-in-the-blank] issues are complex,” yet propose the most simplistic, mindless solutions. All the while, we must protect a minority of illegal aliens at all costs, while at the same time deprive law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms because some of those arms look scary. And make people feel icky. And produce irrational discomfort.

This is the party that believes in “science” so long as the purported “science” yields a massive dependence dividend.

We can see with certainty that “the science is settled” in Chicago, where Democrats are in complete control with draconian gun control laws. The science of mathematics shows a truly disgraceful homicide rate, with a disparate demographic impact on the Democrat’s’ most loyal voters in its most blighted areas.

Chicago and Virginia demonstrate what the Democrat Party has in store for you and your future. I guess we know who America’s grownups really are.

Merry Christmas!

UbuMaccabee said...

Politics is downstream from culture, and culture is downstream from religion.

Merry Christmas,


PS anon, are you on acid?

Anonymous said...

Nope, never heard of that either but I drank plenty of water though, which could possibly have a lower than neutral pH. I should measure it someday. Thanks for mentioning it.

Sam L. said...

"You've come a long way, baby!" And you've gone TOO FAR.

Chemical free, eh? Hows about H2O?