Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Truth behind the Impeachment Charade

As we watch the unfolding and increasing pathetic spectacle of the Trump impeachment, we are reminded of a line from Shakespeare. That would be:

What’s Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba?

Spoken by Hamlet himself, the line aims at the fact that an actor can become emotionally overwrought about a character he cares little about. The less he cares the easiest it is to become emotional.

Given the sanctimonious hypocrisy of Congressional Democrats, one is obliged to ask whether they really care about Ukraine, or whether they are just putting on a show.

Ask yourself this: when Palestinian terrorism-sympathizer Rep. Rashida Tlaib called to impeach the motherfucker… the moment she was elected to Congress… was she worrying about America’s Ukraine policy? Was she really torqued over Russian influence on the election?

Not a chance. Her concern was Israel. She hated Trump because he moved the American embassy to Jerusalem. She hated Trump for siding with Israel as against the pathetic band of Palestinian losers. And she hated Trump for pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal… and placing sanctions on the terrorist regime. After all, her great hope was that Iran gain nuclear weapons and incinerate Tel Aviv.

She and her squad mates could probably not locate Ukraine on the map. But they hate Trump with a white-hot fervor because he has exposed their sacred Palestinian cause as a loser’s bet.

And we should not overlook rumors that members of the Trump administration, like Rex Tillerson and John Kelly, opposed the Trump move. The deep state in action.

And let’s not forget that whistleblower Eric Ciaramella, deeply concerned about Trump’s Ukraine policy, was, while in college, markedly sympathetic to an anti-Semitic Islamist professor at Yale. What if Ciaramella comes forth to answer questions? What will he say about his terrorist sympathies? Is that why they are hiding his identity?

So, was Trump impeached because he was too sympathetic toward Israel? Or was it just because he was America’s first Jewish president?

Of course, I have been suggesting this for several months now. The other day Mark Levin, speaking at a White House Chanukkah celebration, also announced that Trump was America’s first Jewish president. As the saying goes, great minds think alike.

As you know, after that celebration, where Trump told universities that they would lose federal funding if they failed to crack down on violence against Jewish students, the liberal intelligentsia declared that Trump was supporting anti-Semitism. Then, one of their members declared that the Islamist terrorists who shot up a Jewish deli in Jersey City, NJ were really inspired by Trump.

The American mind has seen better days.

So, the hidden story about impeachment… the one that they are not telling you about. It's about restoring the Obama policy in favor of Iran and against Israel... and Saudi Arabia.


trigger warning said...

"Trump will change what the word 'impeachment' means to the country more than impeachment will change the Trump presidency."
--- Scott Adams

Stephen Taylor said...

Wasn't Harold Hecuba the one who left the castaways on the island?

UbuMaccabee said...

Trump should wear it proudly, like a political Purple Heart. He earned this wound fighting the leftist Jew haters, racists, and corrupt government swamp creatures in DC and the media. He should do what he does best: mock their faux solemnity. Impeachment = Honorable and Right Action. Ask the taxpayer how he feels about billions of his hard earned dollars disappearing into the pockets of Ukrainian oligarchs with zero accountability by DC. Ask how many Americans were in on the grift? Impeachment = Grift Warrior.

Just another skirmish the historians will note in their debates as to exactly when our great Second Civil War began and what started it.

It began many years ago at our universities, when the intelligentsia rejected God because they hated the idea that they would be held accountable for their actions. That’s why the world has always hated both the Jews and their monotheistic God—and always will.

Barbells, Krav Maga, and tactical weapons training for men and women of all ages. War is already here.

Anonymous said...

Israel is one reason but not the only one. They wanted to impeach him before he ever took office, moved the capitol to Jerusalem, or did anything. Hillary was supposed to win and no one else would be tolerated. The same thing would have happened to a RINO like Jeb. The attacks would have been massive.

After Obama, no Republican president will get any cooperation. Any Republican candidate will still be spied upon, evidence gathered against their friends who will be arrested, the media will attack them relentlessly, etc. I don't know who would want to be a Republican candidate but I suppose some people will brave it.

UbuMaccabee said...

Anon, agree entirely that they would have attacked any conservative who tried to govern as a conservative. Jeb would have crawled under his desk. Trump is such an egoist that the attacks barely phase him anymore. It must be quite a shock for a poor rube to go to DC and work for him. Sir, everyone hates me everywhere I go. Yes, son, they do, and it will get worse every day you are here.

But he did move the embassy, and he has defended Israel and Christianity, and he has gone to the mat with China (while securing a pretty good start to a trade deal formulated by the best trade team in modern history) and he has met the NORKS in person to sell them on breaking free from China, and he has cut taxes, cut a deal with Japan and India, and secured US energy production as the envy of the world, and he has presided over the biggest economic boom since Clinton, and he has gotten the Restructured trade bill with México done, and he called out EU BS on NATO, inspired Brexit and Boris and Hong Kong to demand their rights, rebuilt the US military, survived the biggest coup attempt in modern history (repeat that 3 times), pulled US targets from Syria, moved heaven and earth to get the wall built, reinvigorated a demoralized ICE agency, offered a killer deal to the Palestinians (who failed, as always), and other than having to fire a bunch of swamp do-nothings, he’s been largely scandal free (Ukraine call? More of that, please). And he did it with 100% opposition from almost every institution in America and a media so hostile they are indistinguishable from piranhas.

He added to the debt. That’s not good. And he doesn’t always speak in complete sentences, which seems to bother the NPR crowd a lot.

I’m going out on a limb here to suggest that maybe God sees something in this guy. Just a crackpot theory, but maybe he has protection.

Merry Christmas, Orangemanbad, you have exceeded expectations. I have a nice bonus in your Dec check.