Thursday, January 17, 2019

A Moveable White House Feast

Last year the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles decided that they would celebrate their victory by sending a delegation to the White House. Meaning, that those Eagles who had refused to attend would be allowed to express their feelings and boycott, while those who were not thusly offended would be allow to attend. The Trump administration responded by cancelling the event. It disinvited the Eagles and re-invited their fans, to celebrate a victory over the New England Patriots.

Anyway, it made news. Anything that makes the Trump administration look bad makes news. Even if it doesn’t make Trump look bad, the great minds of the media will make it look bad. It’s what they do.

This year’s college football national champions, the Clemson Tigers did show up, to a man, to celebrate their victory over Alabama. It was news that they attended, so naturally the media went into paroxysms over the menu. I am surprised that they did not call for a major protest about the lack of gender diversity on the team.

As you know, in the absence of White House staff, President Trump ordered a lavish smorgasbord of fast food, from McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King. He himself likes to eat such food. Warren Buffett likes fast food. College students live on fast food. So, it was a thoughtful gesture, one that Trump apparently paid for himself. The food was spread out lavishly, as though for a formal dinner.

Of course, great media minds had a meltdown. They sounded like they were having a brain hemorrhage. Powerline (via Maggie’s Farm) reports on one David Roberts, who writes for Vox. He lit out against fast food, especially hamburgers, because of all the suffering that all the cows undergo before they are murdered in a bovine holocaust. Roberts neglected to mention that bovine flatulence is contributing to global warming, so I happily include it. The planet is being destroyed by cow farts. Put that one in  your pipe and smoke it.

It only shows to go you—for those who have passed beyond everyday derangement-- everything Trump does is a criminal action, the worst thing that has happened on or to the planet since Hitler.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Trump managed to joke that he had thought to ask his wife and the second lady to prepare salads. You understand that football players need more protein than they need salads. Naturally, this triggered the feminist ideologues on CNN, because, how care anyone in this enlightened age, associate women with food preparation.

Roger Kimball reports on the appalling reference (via Maggie’sFarm):

I don’t know which offended the guardians of public virtue more, Donald Trump’s invocation of an activity they haven’t indulged in since grade school or his jest that Melania and Mrs Pence might have prepared salads for the athletes. THAT’S NOT FUNNY! One of CNN’s resident harridans called the remark ‘appalling’ and went on to wonder whether the President would not be satisfied until he had alienated every Republican woman voter in the country.

In fact, honey, he is just trying, and succeeding, in driving voters like you — all the losers that actually pay attention to CNN — bonkers.

Some facts: Trump’s burger fĂȘte was great theater. It was a magnanimous thing to do. It was a politically savvy thing to do. The president not only ate a bunch of burgers, he just ate the Left’s lunch, again.

I suspect that Trump was not even thinking about the media response. I suspect that he or a member of his senior staff was thinking of a good way to welcome and to honor a group of college football players. Would it have been better if he had served up fruits and vegetables-- the kinds that Michelle Obama wanted to feed to all of America's schoolchildren-- and that were mostly discarded when said children refused to eat them.

Surely, Trump offered a moveable feast, and a memorable one at that. It would nice if some people, for just one day, could put their derangement in a lock box.


Ares Olympus said...

idk, if the government was shut down under Obama, and he resorted to fast food at the White House, my bet is everyone on all sides would be mocking him for his explanations, whatever they were. OTOH, Obama never did McDonald's commercials, so it would be more surprising. Donald Trump + Grimace Commercial

Myself, was president I'd probably would have picked sub sandwiches, like those 5 foot longs, as many as needed. Somehow individually wrapped food products just look too wasteful to me, although I accept easier to take some home. And as a student there, I'm sure I'd be more interested in looking around or talking than eating anyway, so I could pocket my lunch for later. I'd not said anything mean about Trump for the invite.

Walt said...

All over fb, the Ladies Who Lunch are aghast at the lack of nutritional value. The fat! The salt! The grease! The non-organicness of it all! The Bad Example set for America! . The insult to athletes who need to stay fit! (I wish I were kidding about that. I'm not.)

Anonymous said...

FDR served hot dogs to King George.