Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A New Year's Resolution: Stop Whining!

Over at the Victory Girls blog, Marta Hernandez has a few thoughts that are guaranteed to brighten your day (via Maggie’s Farm).

Hernandez recommends that we all resolve to stop whining and complaining. Wouldn’t that be a giant contribution to social harmony? Assuming, of course, that you care about social harmony.

Hernandez writes:

... I have figured out my wish for society writ large: how about for 2019, everyone stops being a whining bitch? How about that? Stop thinking that your personal likes and dislikes, your sensitivities, and anything that chafes your lavender-scented labia places any obligation on others to act in contravention of their own needs or desires, merely because you pitch a shrieking fit.

How about we stop having tantrums every time things don’t go our way?

How about we quit violating others’ rights in favor of our raging hormones and emotions?

For example, maybe filthy, yapping, perpetually offended snot wads should respect others’ political choices instead of shitting their hipster panties and refusing to even remain in the same space with a Trump supporter, let alone do the job they were hired to do by taking care of said customer?

She continues to offer a few words of advice to those trans citizens who take immediate offense when someone calls them by what they consider to be the wrong pronoun:

Let’s get something straight: your gender identification doesn’t obligate anyone else to recognize whether you identify as a man, woman, raccoon, or a toaster on any given day. You don’t have a fundamental right not to be offended, no matter how much you claim your abraded sack entitles you to act like a jackass in public. Maybe if you acted like a “lady” and politely corrected the other party, instead of exhibiting exactly the kind of behavior that makes one believe you are an aggressive, testosterone-overdosed male, you wouldn’t have this much trouble convincing others that you’re a “ma’am.”

No one is obligated to figure out your preferred pronoun or use it. No one is obligated to take your feelings into consideration when addressing you. Basic human decency is nice and desirable, but the moment it is imposed by force, it is no longer kind or compassionate, but simply fear of violence – not decent and not gracious.

She concludes:

Focus on fixing your own faults, and stop trying to reverse reality by forcing others to accept your ugliness as virtue.


Sam L. said...

Bummer for you, whatever you are or think you are. (5000 words later...) I can only say that I hope you can GET OVER IT and HAVE A LIFE. Otherwise, eat your liver.

Sam L. said...

Nice sentiment, but good luck getting the lefties to do so, even a little.

jfmoris said...

I hope her wish is granted, but the narcissistic rewards of being a cloaca (combination pussy / ahole) will probably prevail. And there's money in it, too - they can sue for being offended.

I saw a couple young guys at the store, with make-up and dressed womanly. They looked to me like they were angry. I thought they looked like belligerent pricks out for a fight, but maybe they lost a bet. It was creepy.

Imagine being young and dumb enough to be persuaded into gay sex or transgenderism. I feel sorry for young people growing up in an environment of such perverse propaganda. And the hardest part about making a mistake is admitting it - they will be very angry, but spend a lot of time aiming it the wrong way.

Sam L. said...

Saw this somewhere, and decided my personal pronoun is "Your Outstanding Gloriosity". My friends can call me Yog, for short.

evelyn said...
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fieldengineer said...
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