Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Transgender Medical Complex

Our nation is up in arms about sexual abuse. It has sent out armies of the aggrieved to destroy the life of any man who has harassed a woman. Were it not for the fact that these armies are taking their inspiration from the nation’s leading enabler of sexual harassment—that would be Hillary Clinton—we would be more sympathetic with the process. And we would be even more sympathetic if the #MeToo madness was going to improve life for women in the workplace. All indications are that making women radioactive will not help their career prospects. Then again, why did you ever imagine that feminist nostrums would do anything but hurt women?

Anyway, a more important horror is currently infesting our culture. We as a culture have gotten into the business of human sacrifice. We have decided that it’s perfectly fine to brainwash and to mutilate children. As often noted on this blog, it’s precisely what Camille Paglia said it was: a sign of cultural collapse.

The current mania over transgender children is neither liberal nor progressive. It is radical and extremist. Sadly, it has been embraced as the latest cause by progressive parents, who apparently are being punished for their radical views by having to watch their children be sacrificed to the gods of political correctness.

In truth, and by all available evidence, many of the children who now have been brainwashed into thinking they are transgender, are really homosexual. But, it’s more fashionable to be transgender than to be homosexual—for reasons that escape me—and thus, more and more children are being induced to transition, to allow medical professionals to mutilate their bodies. The fact that the medical profession is completely on board with these horrors tells us how far our culture has been destroyed, and how little it respects human life or biological reality.

I have always thought that the current national discussion about transgenderism was designed to produce more and more transgendered people. After all, we have all been brainwashed into thinking that gender is merely a social construct, so why would we not want to allow children to change genders at will… in defiance of biology?

Abigail Shrier has rendered a good service by exposing the way that colleges are conspiring to sacrifice the lives of their students. She has shown the way the transgender lobby and the transgender medical complex works to destroy the lives of young people.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, she opens with a story sent by an anonymous parent of a college student:

A reader contacted me under a pseudonym a few months ago. She turned out to be a prominent Southern lawyer with a problem she hoped I’d write about. Her college-age daughter had always been a “girly girl” and intellectually precocious, but had struggled with anxiety and depression. She liked boys and had boyfriends in high school, but also faced social challenges and often found herself on the outs with cliques.

The young woman went off to college—which began, as it often does these days, with an invitation to state her name, sexual orientation and “pronouns.” When her anxiety flared during her first semester, she and several of her friends decided their angst had a fashionable cause: “gender dysphoria.” Within a year, the lawyer’s daughter had begun a course of testosterone. Her real drug—the one that hooked her—was the promise of a new identity. A shaved head, boys’ clothes and a new name formed the baptismal waters of a female-to-male rebirth.

This phenomenon is now called rapid onset gender dysphoria. It was so dubbed by Brown University researcher Lisa Littman. Shrier continues:

ROGD differs from traditional gender dysphoria, a psychological affliction that begins in early childhood and is characterized by a severe and persistent feeling that one was born the wrong sex. ROGD is a social contagion that comes on suddenly in adolescence, afflicting teens who’d never exhibited any confusion about their sex.

Before your head explodes, consider that medical professionals are willing to accept a young child’s word about his or her gender identity. And, keep in mind, research has shown that children who cross identify most often change their minds after reaching puberty. The number is upwards of 75% who change their minds.

Note well, Shrier continues, ROGD mostly affects girls. Having been brought up to be liberated, to be independent and autonomous, girls and young women in our nation are prey to appalling psychological disorders. Now they are being subjected to hormonal mutilation. This is not a good thing. It is a social contagion that afflicts the most vulnerable:

Like other social contagions, such as cutting and bulimia, ROGD overwhelmingly afflicts girls. But unlike other conditions, this one—though not necessarily its sufferers—gets full support from the medical community. The standard for dealing with teens who assert they are transgender is “affirmative care”—immediately granting the patient’s stated identity. There are, to be sure, a few dissenters. “This idea that what we’re supposed to do as therapists is to ‘affirm’? That’s not my job,” said psychotherapist Lisa Marchiano. “If I work with someone who’s really suicidal because his wife left him, I don’t call his wife up and say, ‘Hey, you’ve got to come back.’ . . . We don’t treat suicide by giving people exactly what they want.”

The level of medical dereliction—dare we call it malpractice—is breathtaking. Physicians who routinely hand out opposite sex hormones or puberty blocking hormones should be in jail.

It is yet another piece of craziness by our medical professionals. This one causes irreversible damage:

Like fashionable and tragic misdiagnoses of the past, this one comes with irreversible physical trauma. “Top surgery,” a euphemism for double mastectomies. Infertility. Permanent rounding of facial features or squaring of the jawline. Bodily and facial hair that never goes away.

You will be horrified to discover that Planned Parenthood is totally on board with this. I had thought that PP was designed to treat women’s health issues. Apparently, it has expanded the scope of its efforts. Might our representatives call it out for committing such abominations. Our best universities are also on board with this, up to and including paying for surgery:

Planned Parenthood furnishes testosterone to young women on an “informed consent” basis, without requiring any psychological evaluation. Student health plans at 86 colleges—including those of nearly every Ivy League school—cover not only cross-sex hormones but surgery as well.

Shrier spoke with parents whose daughters had been caught up in the mania:

I spoke with 18 parents, 14 of them mothers—all articulate, intellectual, educated and feminist. They burst with pride in daughters who, until the ROGD spell hit, were highly accomplished, usually bound for top universities. Except for two mothers whose daughters have desisted, all insisted on anonymity. They are terrified their daughters will discover the depth of their dissent and cut them off. They are determined to use whatever influence they have left to halt their daughters’ next voluntary disfigurement.

Perhaps they did not realize, while they were preaching the gospel of socially constructed gender, that their children might take it all seriously.

The culture has aligned itself against anyone who would say a discouraging word about the notion that your gender is what you believe it is.  It is against the law to dispute a teenager’s self-identification. The extent of this madness is deplorable:

Nearly every force in society is aligned against these parents: Churches scramble to rewrite their liturgies for greater “inclusiveness.” Therapists and psychiatrists undermine parental authority with immediate affirmation of teens’ self-diagnoses. Campus counselors happily refer students to clinics that dispense hormones on the first visit. Laws against “conversion therapy,” which purports to cure homosexuality, are on the books in 14 states and the District of Columbia. These statutes also prohibit “efforts to change a patient’s . . . gender identity,” in the words of the New Jersey law—effectively threatening counselors who might otherwise dissuade teens from proceeding with hormone treatment or surgery.

As it happens, roughly a quarter of those who under gender reassignment surgery commit suicide. Many of the others, as reported on this blog, find themselves ostracized and alone. Once the fad wears thin, they are lost and bereft. For now, however the propaganda campaign is in full swing. And children are constantly being told that changing genders is great fun and totally liberating:

Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube host an endless supply of mentors, who cheerfully document their own physical transitions, omitting mention of dangerous side effects and offering tips on how to pass as a man and how to break away from unsupportive parents. For anxious teens who tend toward obsession, these videos can be mesmerizing. Though the stars are typically pictured alone in a bedroom, they project exuberance and social √©lan. As one female-to-male YouTube guru who goes by “Alex Bertie” puts it: “Taking testosterone is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m so happy within myself. It did not solve all of my problems, but it’s given me the strength to make the most out of life and to battle my other demons like my social issues.”

Somehow or other the problem seems to afflict the children of progressive, feminist parents. Note well that many of these transitioning young women are lesbian. And they are accepted by their parents as such. Their parents, deluded as they are, never imagined that the claptrap about social construction of gender would so thoroughly damage their daughters:

Brie Jontry, a spokeswoman for Fourth Wave Now, an international support network for these families, is one of the two mothers who spoke on the record. She tells me ROGD teens often come from politically progressive families. Many of the mothers I spoke with say they enthusiastically supported same-sex marriage long before it was legal anywhere. Some of them describe welcoming the news when their daughters came out as lesbians. But when their daughters suddenly decided that they were actually men and started clamoring for hormones and surgery, the mothers begged them to reconsider, or at least slow down.

Of course, injecting a female with overdoses of testosterone does not make her into a male. Shrier describes what happens:

Under the influence of testosterone and the spell of transgression, ROGD daughters grow churlish and aggressive. Under the banner of civil rights, they assume the moral high ground. Their mothers take cover behind pseudonyms. As ROGD daughters rage against the biology they hope to defy, their mothers bear its burden, evincing its maternal instinct—the stubborn refusal to abandon their young.

It is the logical result of the gender bending, gender neutering madness coming to us from the radical left. These parents have a lot to answer for... however horrified they are to see the ill results of their politically correct thinking. 

And you were worried about Donald Trump.


Anonymous said...

Somehow it seems similar to eugenics movements, Lycenkoism and the "Great Plan for the Transformation of Nature." Marxist biology, what could go wrong?


Ares Olympus said...

I've not heard of ROGD before, and not sure what to make of it as social contagion. It makes sense that if a child feels alone and different, she might just assume she's a freak and keep quiet, but if a narrative is created that explains a feeling of freakiness, one kid will bravely step forward relieved, and others will suddenly wonder as well, especially if they see a sense of acceptance. And dangerously all cults work that way, love bombing for new recruits. Crazy things can happen when affinity is rewards, like chess club! You might join just because it looks cool!

It reminds me of Dr. Seuss's Star bellied sneetches. Where ever it starts, people want to be different and they want to be the same, and someone else is ready to help you on whatever you goal for their own reasons. Star Bellied Sneetches

trigger warning said...

These girls have been well and soundly ROGD, pronounced "rogered", by the prattling Proglodyte pillocks they pal around with.

Can't say I feel any sympathy, though, just as I feel no sympathy for individuals who disfigure themselves with garish tattoos and hardware. Stupidity has consequences. The cosmos is always making omelettes.

Anonymous said...

The screwed up, liberal kids of screwed up, liberal parents are self-mutilating and commiting suicide at alarming rates. As Instapundit would say... faster, please.

I don't see a problem here. Sorry, not sorry.

threeLegDog said...

"[She] spoke with 18 parents, 14 of them mothers — all [...] feminist."

I think we found one of the problems.

Sam L. said...

Women HATE other women. Well, some do, more than others.

Leo G said...


Thin edge of the wedge

Life has no value.

2flathat said...

Conservative mother here. My daughter was convinced by her friends that she was transgender. Her friend's mothers, mostly, single or divorced, were very supportive.
Her father and I refused to believe it was true and spent nearly a year trying to find a counselor that would support our belief that this was not who our daughter really was. After being diagnosed with ADD and depression she promptly found a wonderful young man that she has been dating for 3 years. This was the most painful thing I have ever dealt with in my life. We blamed ourselves and felt so alone because we were bad people for not accepting her delusions.

Anonymous said...

Over here in London exactly the same thing is happening. My brother, a senior executive in a social care and housing company, says he thinks that there are going to be a lot of law suits in the next thirty years against the medical profession and others who allowed children to change gender whilst they were still otherwise considered too immature to participate in other adult decisions before the age of majority.