Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Afghan Refugee Assaults German Schoolgirl

File this story with the previous post about Denmark’s treatment of Muslim migrants. If you want to feel some empathy for the Danes, consider what one Afghan refugee did to one high school girl last Saturday night in the German city of Minden.

The Daily Mail has the story:

A teenage girl was run over by a bus and left seriously hurt while trying to escape being harassed by a drunk Afghan refugee in Germany. 

The girl, 17, was waiting at a bus terminal in Minden, 45 miles from Hanover, with her 14-year-old friend around 9pm on Saturday when the 22-year-old man approached.

The man repeatedly harassed the 17-year-old so she and her friend fled towards a nearby bus, and the 41-year-old driver opened the doors to let them on.

But the refugee and his companion, 21, jumped on board the bus - which had started moving - and dragged the girl off by her hair, Junge Freiheit reports.

The girl slipped and fell into the road as she was dragged off the bus, causing it to roll over her legs, leaving her with serious injuries according to Behoerdenstress.

You can thank Frau Merkel for this assault on a high school girl. Again, if you were Danish what would you do?


Sam L. said...

Germany is supposed to be all for law and order. Muslims seem to be exempt from that.

Sam L. said...

One wonders who will replace Merkel, and if said person will replace Merkel's exemption of the Muslims.

Anonymous said...

I’m half expecting they’ll charge her with fleeing the scene.


Anonymous said...

Europe is chasing out its Jews by introducing a virulent form of anti-Semitism through the introduction of millions of Muslim arrivals. The Muslims will not be acculturated any time soon. So the stupid Europeans will have traded educated, law-abiding, high contributors in exchange for 8th century tribal savages with terrible manners, customs, and inclinations. And the barbarians will be having lots and lots of children. Maybe some of the old debts are being repaid.

Freddo said...

Most of Europe is fed up with mass immigration, except for the elites who seems to have a divide & rule mindset towards their own citizens. I wonder why Jews generally still support the left-wing political parties and immigration policies (in Europe and also in the USA). I think the most benign explanation would be cultural inertia, as otherwise there is the danger of straying into conspiracy theory territory.