Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Truth about Transgenderism

A month ago I posted about Leanne Mills, a transgender woman who has been telling her story to the media… in order to discourage young people from transitioning. Considering that the media narrative has portrayed transgenderism in glowing terms, it is valuable for at least one person to expose the truth.

Now, Mills has written an open letter to young trans people and has kindly send it along to me. Some of it is gruesome; some of it is grotesque. Some parts of the letter appeared on the BBC. Mills informs me that certain parts were censored. 

Mills begins by explaining the biology will out:

I use quotes here, for the most profound lesson I’ve learned is that I can NEVER be a ‘real’ woman. This is not born of opinion, but of cold, indifferent medical and scientific evidence. I realise that statement is crushing to all trans women (or transmen if going the other way), regardless of how breath-takingly convincing your transformation might be. But simple logic dictates that I can never escape the male body which Nature imposed on me at birth. Though I’ve permitted drastic and intrusive surgical modifications it shall forever be male. I’m reminded by the evidence on a daily basis. For example I still find it necessary to shave off facial hair despite having had laser treatment. I must continue to take female hormones for the rest of my days or my bones will start to decay and fracture. And that’s not all – the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis, heart attacks or strokes is ever present.

It gets worse. I trust that you have never believed that transforming a penis into a vagina is a simple matter, like cosmetic surgery. I trust that you have done your best not to give the matter any thought. The media has scrupulously avoided the topic. Mills recounts the experience; it should tell you why:

I am unable to experience love as a woman because my vagina is artificial, a mere tube of penile skin that lacks feeling. When I came out of hospital in 1995 I was handed a collection of glass dilators which were required to keep it from shrinking; This happens because Nature resents Mankind’s meddling and fights back, attempting to close a space between my thighs that really shouldn’t be there. As a consequence also I am beset by messy post-op complications, causing a painful burning sensation which sometimes is excruciating. Some individuals even suffer prolapse, finding themselves on and off the operating table. Vaginal reconstruction is in itself a risky affair, any wrong move on the surgeon’s part can lead to lasting damage to the bladder or rectum. Others find they cannot pass water, requiring an emergency visit to the hospital. Tragically none of this will be found referenced on the Mermaids website.

Of course, there’s more to gender than genitalia… even simulated genitalia. Other aspects of the male body do not change:

When out in public I feel I must always be on my guard lest someone ‘read’ me, that is to say see through the illusion of femininity that I project. For example characteristics like jaw-line, large hands, tallness, especially the adam’s apple can be tell-tale signs that one is not what one appears to be. Indeed in the final analysis all I can ever hope to be is a facsimile of a woman. I was born trapped in a man’s body. The only way I will ever leave it is when I take my last breath. All I can truly claim to be innately feminine is my demeanour, my emotional responses, my self-expression, my interaction with others…

Then Mills takes out after the media propaganda mill that is hard at work trying to produce transgendered children and adults:

There will be those (influenced by social media) who see it as cool, merely swept along with the many trends and fads that mark our modern age. Others are inspired by the glamour, competing with their peers for those coveted ‘likes’. The trans celebs must take responsibility here, placing too much focus on beauty rather than pragmatism, after all excuse me if I suggest that none of them ever seem to look like ‘the back end of a bus’. And their encouragement of young followers to purchase hormone pills over secret sites on the web is dangerous in the extreme. More will be transitioning in the belief that ‘the grass is greener on the other side’, an answer to inner feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy, or simply searching for love which you feel lacking in your lives.

You might say, forewarned is forearmed. You will surely say that one individual will not suffice to push back the rising tide of transgenderism. And yet, Mills has taken a good step in the right direction. Kudos.

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Anonymous said...

I admit I have not been able to get much traction wit this idea, but here goes...

From what I see, the fundamental cause of the insanity and sadness in transgender women is that they are attempting to transform themselves into someone who is attractive to a strong male provider. I believe that somewhere along the line in early childhood they perceived that their life situation was basically unsafe. A young boy may take the turn of thought that being girl like is safer since he sees that females are treated with more deference and are more likely to be protected.

Now, the problem is that the usual man "she" can attract is not an alpha male protector, but a gay male who is usually not all that rich (unless much older). This is the circle that can't be squared. Plus, in order to pay for all the medical stuff, she likely has to resort to prostitution and/or porno films. The other really big problem is that most transgendered males are not porno stars but are, in fact, quite homely.

This impossible set of desires is truly crazy-making.