Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Queen of Senatorial Impropriety

Speaking of decorum, the great state of Arizona's new senator, duly elected, has managed to embarrass herself, to disgrace her office and to make the people who elected her look like complete fools. No one should have been surprised at Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's lack of decorum.

As it happens, Sinema's sense of fashion counts as an insult to the august body called the United States Senate. Naturally, the mainstream media is not reporting it, because what good is it if not to cover up the Democrat derelictions?

So, we turn to Gateway Pundit for the story (via Maggie's Farm). And we note that the commentary runs the gamut from, she looks like a stripper or a hooker, to her dress clashes with her boots. One understands that the latter is far more disgraceful than the former. The latter was taken on the floor of the Senate.

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The new queen of impropriety. Remember, Sinema is there for six years. Will the people of Arizona take notice, or are they simply too far gone. 


UbuMaccabee said...

From the comments on Gateway Pundit: "She looks like Julie Roberts in the before part of "Pretty Woman." Indeed she does. Except Julia Roberts had the body to carry that look, Sinema is a potato sack by comparison..

Her fashion sense is jarring, even on the terms she is defining: the over 40 woman who has hit the wall hard and has just arrived at the x2 divorced club in South Tuscan where it's ladies drink for 1/2 price night.

I disagree about the Senate; I think she fits in perfectly with our new third-world government; she is emblematic of everything that we have become as a nation of liars and attention whores. Doesn't every corrupt Latin American and Italian government have a prostitute or a porn star seated in their legislature?

sestamibi said...

Imagine what Martha McSally must feel now, both for having lost to this embarrassment, and now having gotten the consolation prize appointment to the McCain seat for two years and serving along side her.

At least Martha got to become Arizona's senior senator, having been sworn in just before Sinema.

We have to realize that this is today's electorate: one that will chooses Keith Ellison and Bob Menendez as well.

trigger warning said...

Well, you gotta admit that the "hooker look" is light-years better than the "Tinkerbell in a pink tutu look". More authentic, too.

UbuMaccabee said...

I have a thing for women who own their sexuality. It doesn't bother me in the least for a women to want sex and enjoy sex. I like erotically aggressive and confident women, always have.

That said, I wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole. She is bad juju and she triggers every red flag I have. She is a narcissistic spectacle, and is a guaranteed ticket to a lawsuit or a jail sentence. Any man dumb enough to pursue her deserves what he gets. She is #metoo bait right into the poorhouse.

My wife, who has even better crazy-lady radar than I do, thinks she is completely bonkers. Quote, "She thinks that wearing a pair of thigh-high boots makes her dominant; it just makes her a little girl in silly boots." That's from a woman who can put 16 rounds down-range in 2" clusters and can skin a squirrel (they don't taste that great, so don't bother).

The United States Senate. The horse will be sworn in at noon, and the orgy will follow shortly.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

To follow-up my bit from yesterday, Sinema is perfect for today’s cosmopolitan elite: the way she conducts herself is flipping the bird to accepted customs (favoring social anarchy), and ihas stridently expressed her opposition to capitalism on moral grounds. Her candidacy was endorsed by the Communist Party. Awesome. You go, girl!

All that, and she is labeled by the media as a “centrist” and “moderate.” And what could be cooler than having a bisexual Senator? And she’s really, really smart. And a social worker with a PhD in Justice Studies. And she’s anti-war. And she’s non-theistic. In her first run for Congress in 2002, she ran as a Green.

In other words, she’s perfect for our media culture. She’ll get eyeballs, and annoy conservatives. Of course they wouldn’t cover her strange sense of fashion. She’ll fit in great in Washington, D.C. Not the least bit normal, and proud of it!