Friday, January 11, 2019

Legal Emigration

Last I heard, Germany is already trying it. But that does not make it an intrinsically bad idea. Being overrun by Muslim migrants, Germany is offering to pay them to leave. It’s more humane than deportation.

It resonates with the solution to America's immigration dilemma, found on Don Surber’s blog (via Maggie’s Farm) is: legal emigration.

If people are unhappy about living in the United States, shouldn’t we encourage them to live where they will be happy? Let them pursue happiness over the border. We could give them a check and wish them well. It makes perfectly good sense. For your interest, the percentage of Americans who want to hightail it out of Dodge is 16%. During the Bush and Obama administrations the number was more like, 10%.

Of course, the problem is: would any nation take them in? In most nations immigration laws are far more restrictive than are ours. Do you think that China would open its arms to a massive number of American migrants? Are you kidding? Do you think that Argentina, home to the current pope, would be open to an influx of North Americans? Not a chance. 

As for Western Europe, it will only accept migrants who are fleeing oppression. Unless America’s emigrants are fleeing oppression, they will not be allowed to sneak into Spain or France. So perhaps with their emigrant visas we could provide them all with a document signifying their status as oppressed. Isn't it what they learned in college? You wouldn't want to think that all the indoctrination was for naught.

Sounds like a plan.


trigger warning said...

Instead of money, give 'em a boat equipped with NGO drones. That seems to work in a lot of places. Cuba, by all accounts a tropical paradise, is a scant 90 miles away.

Sam L. said...

tw, I like the way you think!

Ares Olympus said...

Canadian culture is similar to Minnesota in many ways, so that would be my plan. Still, I wouldn't mind just staying where I am, and shifting the Canadian boundary south, a sort of Minnexit into a new 11th province, although even our murder rate (2.4 per 100k) is a bit high for them. Wisconsin and Upper Michigan might want to join our exodus - they make good cheeses and beer.