Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Grooming Gangs in Finland

It’s not just Once-Great Britain. Migrant grooming gangs have also been plying their trade in Finland.  For reasons that do not defy reason the Daily Mail report does not identify the ethnicity of the gang leaders. For the record, the victimized girls were between 10 and 15.

The Daily Mail reports:

The President of Finland has expressed his 'shock and disgust' after police identified more suspects in connection with a foreign grooming gang targeting children in a town in the north of the country.

Police suspect 16 foreign-born men of rape or other sexual abuses of girls aged between ten and 15 in Oulu, northern Finland, adding another four men to the investigation today.

In addition, police in the capital Helsinki said on Sunday they had arrested three foreign-born men on similar charges.

As of now, we do not know how long the local authorities were aware of these activities. And we do not know what, if anything, they did about it. We do recall that the police in Once-Great Britain, upon learning that grooming gangs were operating in their jurisdictions, at first did nothing… lest they be accused of being racists. Lately, the public outrage has forced them to prosecute and convict the perpetrators.

We await further details about the situation in Finland. 


trigger warning said...

Hm. "Foreign-born men." Not clear where they're actually from, but I'm assuming they're from the American southeast, an epicenter of white toxic masculinity, genderism, and chromophobia.

Unknown said...

I hope you are joking.