Monday, July 27, 2020

An Effective Treatment for the Coronavirus

Now they tell us.

Apparently, hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment of coronavirus. So says Yale professor Harvey Risch:

An Ivy League epidemiology professor is claiming that hydroxychloroquine — the drug that has been at the center of a politicized medical debate for the last several months — is "the key to defeating COVID-19," and that medical officials should be widely prescribing it to save the lives of thousands of coronavirus patients. 

Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at Yale as well as the director of that school's Molecular Cancer Epidemiology Laboratory, argues in a Newsweek op-ed this week that "the data fully support" the wide use of hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment of COVID-19. 

"When this inexpensive oral medication is given very early in the course of illness, before the virus has had time to multiply beyond control, it has shown to be highly effective," Risch argues in the column. 

If only the drug had not been politicized by… you know who. In truth, when Donald Trump touted the drug, he made it a political issue. Considering the fact that he has no qualifications to recommend or not any medication, he should have allowed someone who has such qualifications to present the story.

It’s all about a failed communications strategy. 


Giordano Bruno said...

Didier Raoult and Zev Zelenko are looking like champions. Our media eats shit. Utter garbage, lying, dishonest, know-it-all, murderous media. If they could smear orangeman and murder 100k in the process, they'd do it. The "news" is still pouring in claiming hydroxychloroquine does nothing--at the top of their voices and with the most irresponsible language. Zelenko just calls them "stupid." Prager calls them murderers. Love that this new advocate dropped a truth bomb on them all.

Worth a read even if it is the NYT:

Giordano Bruno said...

It is about hatred for DJT eclipsing all reason, even to the point where you actively encourage banning a treatment that has overwhelming evidence for positive results--and has had evidence for quite a while now. And no meaningful risk to try it--none. Zelenko and other doctors were touting their success for some time. Raoult pre-dated Trump on this--and they tried to ruin him also.

It is one thing to be neutral, it is another to be skeptical--but this was hostile. And the media, along with the Democrats, and a lot of medical idiots got thousands of people killed out of sheer stubbornness and know-it-all-ism. And they still lie about it. They are still gaslighting us all on the subject. Just type it in Google and see what comes up. Better that people die needlessly than we say we were wrong. Beneath contempt.

Check out interviews with Zelenko; he is not having it. His hostility to the braying mob was palpable. He was right and he knew he was right and his numbers and grateful pat said he was right and he didn't budge an inch. The guy is a hero.

This is a MUCH bigger story than DJT didn't communicate properly. That might have been true very early, but now in the weeks since. DJT was correct. The whole shit-complex was wrong, and they murdered a lot of poor people around the world because of their low-life vanity. They will be judged for this.

BTW, Dennis Prager came out early on this and even took a very public bet that he was right and the treatment did work and the media was lying. He called out everyone for over a month. He knew because once you understand the taste of the way the Left lies, then you can know the truth. It's like reading Pravda back in 1955.

RonF said...

Whether or not Trump communicated effectively should be moot. If the Democrats are,truly the “party of science” they would have ignored Triumph, supported double blind studies, figured this all out and advocated using the drug in an effective manner. Buthtey, not aTrump, politicized it, because they viewed fulfillment of his publicly expressed hope as a political issue instead of a human one and reacted accordingly,

Illuninati said...

If only the drug had not been politicized by… you know who. In truth, when Donald Trump touted the drug, he made it a political issue. Considering the fact that he has no qualifications to recommend or not any medication, he should have allowed someone who has such qualifications to present the story."

Most of your ideas are good, but that is a stupid statement.

Everyone who has done any research knows that hydroxychloroquine is generally safe especially in short doses. Trump made his statements about hydroxychloroquine early on in the pandemic when thousands of lives were at stake. There was already strong preliminary evidence which indicated that hydroxychloroquine could save lives. Trump spoke up. Good for him. Mr. Expert, Dr. Fauci was more concerned with his reputation. He didn't want to risk being wrong, so he stood by and said nothing while thousands of people died.

The fact that Fauchi wanted more research isn't bad. Everyone wants more research but people are dying. Trump was correct, his critics were completely wrong and deliberately lied about the safety of hydroxychloroquine. In an emergency when people are dying, you have to act on the information available not what you wish you had. Trump's opponents think that mass casualties benefit them politically so the longer they can block the medicine the better off they are. Cuomo presides over one of the highest death rates in the country and he is their hero.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Smokers have shown resistance to COVID-19. Get your mind around that.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. And yes, that's unusual for you. Hydroxychloroquine has been used in countries where malaria is common for a result, there is not much of a problem in Africa, for instance.

It is absolutely correct for the president to give us news about what is proven effective during this (hyped-up) "crisis." That's all he did. Saying this looks promising is no different than saying the economy looks good when he is not an economist, saying relations are worsening with Germany when he is not an international affairs expert, or saying that that we are starting the Space Force when he does not work at NASA. Let's add one more---he can speak of the success of charter schools, even though he has never worked at a school.

Just as a CEO does (and that's his job title, we all know), he holds meetings and pressers and announces "the state of----" whatever the topic of the day is, according to the experts he consults with.

Otherwise, keep up the good and always entertaining work.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Speaking of wrong, you are wrong, whoever you are. A non-physician should not weigh in on medical matters, especially when it comes to competing studies about the effectiveness of medicine. And certainly not about prescribing medicine. The problem is ineffective communications-- instead of bringing out physicians who can debate the issue, Trump made it about him. A mistake-- like suggesting that we delay the election and then saying that he does not want to delay the election.