Friday, July 10, 2020

When All Else Fails, Sue

Remember all of those non-violent Black Lives Matter Protests. You know, the fundamentally peaceful protests that looted, pillaged and burned down stores and shops and even homes.

As you know, New York’s dumb-ass mayor has just declared that he is banning all public demonstrations, marches and protest meetings, unless they are conducted by Black Lives Matter. In the interest of public health. Do you know why? 

Allow me to enlighten you: the people most likely to catch and be killed by the coronavirus are-- minorities. Now, comrade de Blasio has now found a way to expose minority group members-- and their Antifa enablers-- to the disease. You would think that he has it in for them, and that he wants them to get sick.

Now, some good news from the lawyering front. Our barrister buddies have figured out a way to profit from the riots. They are going to sue the city. They are going to sue the state. You wonder why they are not also going to sue China, but alas, not for today.

They are going to sue for damages, for the damages inflicted on Madison Avenue businesses during the peaceful demonstrations. Via Hot Air, via Maggie’s Farm.

Business owners are suing the Mayor, the Governor and the police department for failing to protect businesses. You see, when Comrade de Blasio thinks your protests are righteous, he will do nothing to stop them. Why, yesterday, he was out on the streets with one of New York’s leading anti-Semites painting a slogan in front of Trump’s Fifth Avenue Address. 

Let’s not forget, after begging for extra beds-- swiftly granted by the federal government-- for coronavirus victims, in a Navy Hospital Ship and in the Javits Center, our great governor Andrew Cuomo decided to send recovering patients to nursing homes, where they managed to spread the infection to the most vulnerable population.

Thanks to Cuomo, New York State is leading the nation in coronavirus death, by a lot. In that it is joined by New Jersey and Michigan… blue states. Now, if only Michigan Gov. Whitmer would let some of that Botox wear off, she might have facial expressions and she might even have some feelings.

Tyler O’Neil sums it up the basis for the current lawsuit:

On May 29, George Floyd protests in New York City devolved into looting, riots, and arson. Between May 29 and June 9, looters and rioters damaged more than 450 businesses. During that lawless destruction, the NYPD union president blamed Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) and Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) for publicly attacking police and for not sending reinforcements to restore order. Now, at least one business is filing a lawsuit to hold them accountable.

Domus Design Center (DDC) on 134 Madison Ave has filed a lawsuit claiming that Cuomo, de Blasio, the NYPD, and others failed to do their jobs to protect the people of New York from lawless looters and rioters, The New York Post reported. Sal Strazzullo, the lawyer who represents DDC, predicts the case will become a class-action and the damages will reach $100 million.

“Cuomo should have worried about hospital reform instead of bail reform. Getting a free pass, some criminals were not able to be detained pending trial and now we have looters. Who’d have imagined we’d have to board up our stores? We’re not in Afghanistan. Places like Saks Fifth, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Rolex being bombed out?” Strazzullo told the Post.

“Where are our tax dollars going?” the lawyer asked. “Rocks, bricks thrown? Glass smashed? Merchandise stolen? Thrown out? People hurt? Millions lost? Businesses destroyed? Lives crushed? Not protecting commercial properties is negligence of duty. It’s looters against New York City and state.”

“Paying taxes that help pay the salary of the NYPD, we expect protection in return,” Strazzullo insisted. “Where was the city? The state? Officials failing to protect their residents? Government is responsible to protect its citizens and businesses against criminals who want to do bad.”

Protection… what a quaint notion. And I had been led to believe that the only protection you need is a condom.

As you know, this is not the first lawsuit arising from the ashes of the Black Lives Matter insurrection. Several business owners in Seattle sued that city because the dumbass mayor allowed CHAZ or CHOP-- led by an army of illiterates-- to take over part of her city and to do whatever they wanted.

Last month, sixteen residents and businesses in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle sued the city for violating their rights by supporting the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) Occupied Protest (CHOP). The case against Seattle over CHOP may be stronger than the case against Cuomo and de Blasio, but both involve the same principle. When governments fail to uphold the rights of their citizens and allow lawless rioters to destroy people’s livelihoods and endanger their lives, those governments need to be held accountable.

You know and I know and everyone knows that these lawsuits will have no chance of succeeding. After all, if the cause is just, all means are permitted. And yet, they do make a statement and they call out the dereliction of local authorities, of people who so fully hate Donald Trump that they are more than happy to see their cities burn, as long as it does not affect them and as long as it tanks Trump’s poll numbers.


trigger warning said...

It'll be interessting to see whether this succeeds. SCOTUS has already ruled that the police have no duty to provide police services to citizens (Warren v. DC). NY state courts may differ, though. Fun times.

While the lofty standards of the legal profession are being admired by all, I find it noteworthy that Ghislane Maxwell was arrested immediately after the firing of Jeffrey Berman (US Attorney for the Southern District of New York). :-D

urbane legend said...

There is no such thing as a public entity, a city, for example, paying damages. I pay them, you pay them, my neighbors pay them. Having said that, I would be as thrilled and excited as if it were Christmas to see de Blasio, Cuomo, Whitmer, and the other officials of all the riot destroyed areas bankrupted after this.

Sam L. said...

"And yet, they do make a statement and they call out the dereliction of local authorities, of people who so fully hate Donald Trump that they are more than happy to see their cities burn, as long as it does not affect them and as long as it tanks Trump’s poll numbers." It won't tank Trump's poll numbers, it will INCREASE them. Mayors and governors will tank.