Monday, July 6, 2020

Vehicular Homicide in Seattle

We remember reading about the horrific accident that occurred in Seattle this Saturday morning. A suspect drove a white Jaguar into a group of demonstrators, hitting two and killing one.

The Australian press has the story (via Instapundit):

One Black Lives Matter protester has been killed and another seriously injured by a car driven through a small group of demonstrators in Seattle.

A 27-year-old man is alleged to have driven a white Jaguar through a closure blocking a freeway and into the crowd at 1:40am on Saturday (local time), hitting the two protesters.

Have you noticed that no American news outlet has identified the suspect. Thus, we have all concluded that some white American racist was responsible.

In truth, such is not the case. The Australian press reports that the suspect was black. Thus, the news black-out in America. Isn’t it great to have a free press:

The suspect was later identified as Dawit Kelete, a black man from Seattle who studied business and commerce at Washington State University between 2011 and 2017.

Mr Kelete was charged with two counts of vehicular assault on Saturday and denied bail.

Local officials were trying to determine the motive for the attack on the freeway, which has been shut for the last 19 days due to protests.


Giordano Bruno said...

I have news for you; a very large portion of America did not find this horrific at all. We watched it over and over on Twitter with sadistic relish. That was some nice driving. He almost spun out and he would have been murdered if he did. "About time," is what 70% of America said inside. 30% lied that they said that to themselves, and are now seeking therapy for their thoughtcrime. And the driver was a (must not say) immigrant. Nicely scripted. Intersectional hierarchy semi-finals coming up: (must not say) male immigrant vs they/them.

Horrific is what happens when you stop your car for these terrorist criminals and they get too close.

You want to be the guy in the semi-truck? The one who slows down so as not to hurt anyone and the mob pulls him out of the cab. Not me. I'm going out blazing with my foot on the gas.

This case is an example that the best defense is a good offense. I'm 100% behind what this man was forced to do, and I have no sympathy for the white trash anarchist terrorists who got bit. It's like being concerned with a bombmaker who blows himself up. I recommend getting this in response, so that next time the blow doesn't scratch the paint:

and this for the car:

Toss in a couple of those 50 round magazines. That's 130 rounds from one hand. One hand on the wheel, one on the KP-9. Now you are ready to go to the opera.

Another piece of advice that solves this. Do not go to the cities. Do not leave the rural and suburban islands. Do not go to the city. Look at a map of demographic concentration and do not go where certain clusters are. Cancel your opera and symphony tickets. Tell them it is no longer safe to be on the roads in the city. Don't go there, don't spend money there; let them eat each other and the white leftists who think they are untouchable. Every leftist who gets savagely beaten is another potential convert to civilization.

Sam L. said...

Motives? Don't NEED motives; idiocy is more than sufficient in dark clothes on highways/interststates at NIGHT.

n.n said...

Charlottesville 2.0, except Antifa did not entrap a lost driver and open an abortion... kill-zone for a national spectacle. So, who's responsible, is it Durkan or Inslee, or can they share responsibility with the protestors, the driver?

That said, there was a much better outcome in Miami, when protestors trapped a police car, but failed to intimidate the officers inside and their colleagues were nearby to offer support.