Monday, July 13, 2020

Now, Palestinian Lives Matter

First they suck in gullible liberals with lofty ideals. Join their movement and you will be on the record against racism and sexism and every other form of bigotry.

Exception given for anti-Semitism. The one bigotry that no one cares about. The one bigotry that will not get you canceled.The bigotry practiced by Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson… that bigotry. 

One notes the absence of an outcry about Jackson’s fulminating over Hitler and Louis Farrakhan. One notes that, instead of Jackson being canceled or suspended, well-intended useful idiots have come forward to say that he needs to be educated. The Eagles ended up fining him-- one suspects that he can easily afford it.

It has gone beyond pathetic.

The Black Lives Matters movement has actively consorted with terrorists. It has its roots in the Marxist aspiration toward the destruction of free market capitalism. It is closely associated with Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. And it has also aligned itself with the anti-Semitic Boycott Divestment Sanction anti-Israeli movement.

At a time when students are being threatened with expulsion from universities for saying the least encouraging word about President Trump and when conservatism has become a four-letter word, a rising Harvard senior led a small march in Washington to connect Black Lives Matters with anti-Semitism.

Naturally, American Jews do not care. Was it reported in the New York Times?

Protesters on Wednesday marched from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol building in a demonstration intended to tie the cause of Black Lives Matter to the Boycott, Sanctions, and Divestment movement against Israel.

The march, led by Harvard University rising senior Christian Tabash, attracted about 200 people who carried signs with messages either supporting the Palestinian Liberation Organization or Black Lives Matter. The event, although independently organized, was held in tandem with a series of "Day of Rage" demonstrations against Israel's territorial claims on the West Bank.

As the march progressed, Tabash led his followers in alternating chants about Israel and racial justice.

"Israel, we know you, you murder children, too," the crowd chanted at one point.

Anyone who did not see this coming has not been paying attention:

The crowd immediately followed that chant with alternating rallying cries of "Black lives matter!" and "Palestinian lives matter!" Many more shouted criticisms of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A woman waved a sign that on one side bore the Palestinian flag and, on the other, the phrase "Black Lives Matter."

Tabash also led the group in the reading of poetry detailing the crimes of Israel against Palestinian Muslims. One poem entitled "Mr. War" decried the Israeli government: "Curse thee, the corrupters of Zion. F--- this occupation!" The poem later referred to the Jewish state as the "puppet master of continents," a reference to a centuries-old conspiracy that Jewish people secretly rule the world.

While Tabash walked out in front of the marchers, he paused several times to say that the Palestinian movement is "intrinsically tied to Black Lives Matter" and calls to defund police departments. Tabash said that "American capitalism" and the Israeli state were built on the same principle: repression of minorities.

There you have it, fans. BLM is exposing one of its truths-- hatred of white people, hatred of Judeo-Christian civilization, hatred of America, morphs easily into hatred of Jews.


Anonymous said...

I will not stop mentioning that in my Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in L.A., I see lawn signs on frum houses: "Jews for Black Lives Matter." The left noticed that Orthodox Jews were recalcitrant and infiltrated their parochial schools. Their teachers of secular subjects are regular teachers, not Orthodox Jews. The Chasidic children don't realize that (a) BLM is totally anti-semitic; and (b) the left forces acceptance of abortion. You'd think their parents would know it, though.

Sam L. said...

Well, as I keep saying, the Palis never miss a chance to "miss a chance". Now, if they'd riot against their "leaders"...but they won't. They apparently like being oppressed by their "leaders". The phrase "dumber than dirt" comes to mind. Did they sign a pact to be this way?

Giordano Bruno said...

Where is “ If Hitler was black...? It’s true, though, sadly.