Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Kipp Academies Self-Deconstruct

As it happens, I only reported part of the Kipp Academy story in my prior post this morning, entitled: "Charter Schools Go Woke." 

Joanne Jacobs has the rest:

In a letter to alumni, [Kipp] co-founder Dave Levin apologizes for a culture that “perpetuated white supremacy and anti-Blackness.”

The most common example of this is discipline practices that center on compliance and control and have not consistently and constructively affirmed, uplifted, and celebrated your identities, your families, your communities, and our Black and Latinx staff.

So, discipline is a sign of white supremacy, And yet, without discipline no one ever learns anything.

Jacobs continues, explaining that Kipp schools no longer expect high achievement. They have adopted the therapy culture idiocy about being authentically oneself. Whatever does that mean?:

Levin also apologizes for pushing college too hard, sending a “college or failure” message. Some graduates have told him they “felt unable to authentically be yourselves, unable to receive professional development designed for your needs, and haven’t had your career aspirations met.”

So, Kipp students have notably done very well. But, in today’s cultural environment, we can’t have that.

Most KIPP students — 95 percent black or Latino, 88 percent from lower-income families — outperform students in district schools, the network reports.

For low-income students, attending KIPP and other high-performing charters quadruples their odds of earning a bachelor’s degree, writes Richard Whitmire, author of The Alumni, in LA School Report.


whitney said...

To be fair white people need to promote that also. You don't have to go to college and be indoctrinated by the enemy. White people will always have more discipline. It's part of our biology

Sam L. said...

WHY do some people want to prevent Blacks and others from learning and becoming smarter?
Because they're RAAAAACIST, maybe?

Anonymous said...

The left couldn't get rid of charter schools so they had to infiltrate them.

Anonymous said...

The original reason these higher education schools proliferated was that industry and government were using graduation from such places as nearly automatic accreditation and screening for suitability as new(ish) hires.

The tuition fees jumped in proportion to the ease of getting student loans and the historically low interest rates on the student load debt. The tuition has hit breaking point for most families and the value of the degrees is becoming suspect.

Now that a lot of these "institutions" are being exposed as clown colleges, I wonder if hiring employers are having a rethink in giving undue weight to the value of the training and filtering of unfit students.

It used to be that university only took the most suitable candidates out of high school. Now, with diversity requirements and considerably dumbed down arts curriculae degrees are worthless and trades are more valuable. As soon as silly females appreciate a plumber making big coin, trades will attract more good men.

Giordano Bruno said...

The left kills everything is touches. It really is like a cancer. Kill it or it kills you.

Ben David said...

What is the response of the alumni? That should be verrrrry interesting.

How many alumni got into college, then were radicalized?

Any bets on a split response between STEM and liberal-arts alumni?