Monday, July 27, 2020

Can New York Recover?

As though to rouse New Yorkers from their torpor Karol Markowicz has offered some advice for how to revive the city. Consider this post a complement to the prior post about the downfall of Midtown Manhattan office buildings.

Markowicz proposes that our political leaders take charge of the situation. An amusing, though slightly unrealistic option.

The minimum that needs to be offered to New Yorkers hoping to return is security and stability. Instead, we have a hapless mayor, a preening governor and no path forward. Workers can live anywhere right now. Why would they choose the Big Apple?

As the media breathlessly reports on the wondrousness of Gov. Cuomo-- whose state is second to New Jersey in per capita coronavirus fatalities-- neither he nor the mayor seem to have anything under control.

Markowicz begins sensibly by suggesting that New York needs first to open the schools:

First, we must reopen schools full-time. So many New Yorkers are waiting to hear guidance on what schools will look like in September before planning their ­return. But last week, the mayor said it might be September before a decision is made. That’s far too late. New Yorkers see their governor on TV hawking a poster proclaiming victory over the coronavirus, yet schools, previously in Phase Four, have moved off the chart completely.

Schools bring stability to a city, and New York needs to be stable right now. If parents don’t have full-time schooling for their kids, and need to keep their kids at home, they will opt for more space outside the city, and it won’t be a difficult decision.

Point well taken.

The second proposal is simply for a return to law and order. The police must put down the rioting. Duh.

Second, the protests have turned into riots. They must be put down. This is no longer about free speech. The “protesters” wreak havoc. There hasn’t been a sign with George Floyd’s name on it in weeks. A violent, radical fringe has consumed the well-meaning movement. The Commie tent city next to City Hall can’t be allowed to return.

Third, Gov. Cuomo keeps changing the rules about business reopening. He has already inflicted more damage on the state economy than has any other American governor.

Last, Cuomo needs to stop harassing already-struggling businesses. Business owners tell me how the rules keep changing, whether about how they can open or, if they’re open already, how they can stay that way. Two weeks ago, Cuomo demanded that bars serve food with drinks; then, last week, he added that the food needed to be “substantial.”

If you want to have wings and some beers, that isn’t enough. This kind of thing will drive owners to madness and impel them to flee our state. People need to ­return to a functioning, confident city. Lay off, Cuomo.

We need to give our elected officials two choices: Bring back New York City — or get out of the way.

As for the Cuomo economic record, the Wall Street Journal has the story:

Job losses in Northeastern states have been more severe than in the rest of the country. But New York stands out even in the Northeast for the size and scope of job losses, which have resulted from Mr. Cuomo’s reluctance to ease his lockdown orders even now that new infections are under control.

Over the last year employment has declined by 15.3% in New York compared to 14.4% in Massachusetts, 13.4% in New Jersey, 11.8% in Rhode Island and 10.3% in Connecticut. The only state that has lost more jobs than New York is Hawaii (16%), but its economy relies mostly on tourism and travel.

So, in order not to become too despairing, we now have a program for restoring New York, if not to greatness, at least to functionality. At the least, Markowicz analyzes the situation and shows how our leftist mayor and our liberal governor have botched the pandemic. She even gives them a road map, one that they are most likely to ignore.


urbane legend said...

Everyone in the governorship and mayor's office since at least 1955 has had the opportunity to make New York City the premier city in the world and keep it that way. DeBlasio for several years now, and Cuomo since the Covid-19 panic started, has decided that means nothing, and they don't care. New Yorkers bought this attitude; let them pay for it.

Sam L. said...

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the people with money can leave NYC. Or the state.

Giordano Bruno said...

Idiots. The author and New Yorkers. Idiots. The first rule of a thriving city, or any social contract: self-preservation. If the police will not enforce it, I'll do it myself. If I cannot do it myself, I'm leaving. NYC lied to themselves about who commits the violent crime and they still do. The numbers are clear and unambiguous. New York is an experiment in socialist, woke ideology, and it will fail and fail badly at every level of society, through the institutions and through the bureaucracy and the education system. The woke sickness is everywhere with hundreds of new infections every year. Run. Get out.

David Foster said...

Once an entity--a corporation, a city, an entire society--starts falling apart, it is rarely turned around. It sometimes has been with Giuliani's mayorship of NYC...and often the deep problems remaining after the turnaround mean that the total collapse is just being pushed out for a while.

Sam L. said...

Clearly, not with the current Mayor and Governor.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Coumo will be resoundingly re-elected. Democrats believe in shared misery as a desirable lifestyle.

Ace said...

Cuomo is not only intentionally crippling the economy, he's a murderer also, responsible for over 6,000 nursing home deaths. He should be hung from a lamp post.