Monday, July 13, 2020

Teachers' Unions for Biden

What do the teachers’ unions really care about? If you thought that they cared about educating children, you are dead wrong. They are an arm of the Democratic Party. They want now to disrupt society and cripple business by refusing to go back to work, thus keeping schools closed. In that way they will advance the Biden campaign by undermining the American economy.

The teachers’ union in Los Angeles began by demanding social distancing in the schools (via Lucianne via Maggie's Farm):

United Teachers Los Angeles, a 35,000-strong union in the Los Angeles Unified School District, made those demands in a policy paper it released this week. The organization called on local authorities to "keep school campuses closed when the semester begins on Aug. 18."

The union outlined numerous major provisions it says will be necessary to reopen schools again, including sequestering students in small groups throughout the school day, providing students with masks and other forms of protective equipment, and re-designing school layouts in order to facilitate "social distancing." 

But, that’s not all. The union has hopped on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon and is now proposing that we shut-down of charter schools and defund of police departments. Charter schools, we note, have always been a thorn in the union side, because they are so much more successful at teaching children. As you know, we can’t have that.

Yet the union goes even farther than those requests, calling for "local support" in the form of defunded police departments and the shuttering of charter schools. 

Police violence "is a leading cause of death and trauma for Black people, and is a serious public health and moral issue," the union writes. The document calls on authorities to "shift the astronomical amount of money devoted to policing, to education and other essential needs such as housing and public health."

"Privately operated, publicly funded charter schools," meanwhile, "drain resources from district schools," the union states. The practice of "colocating" charter schools in existing structures, it continues, "adds students to campuses when we need to reduce the number of students to allow for physical distancing."

To say that police violence is the leading cause of death and trauma for Black people is disingenuous, to say the least, What about black on black crime? What about out-of-wedlock births, single parent households and social disharmony? What about gang violence?

But, the teachers’ unions don’t stop there:

The union also demands the implementation of a federal Medicare-for-All program, several new state-level taxes on wealthy people, and a "federal bailout" of the school district. 

"The benefits to restarting physical schools must outweigh the risks, especially for our most vulnerable students and school communities," the document continues. 

"As it stands, the only people guaranteed to benefit from the premature physical reopening of schools amidst a rapidly accelerating pandemic are billionaires and the politicians they’ve purchased," it adds. 

Yes, indeed. These are the Biden campaign policy proposals. As noted, these unions understand that they can do what they please, regardless of the effect on children, but that they will be rewarded by the Democratic politicians they elect. It’s corruption, all the way down.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the LAUSD teacher's union is being so outrageous. It might alert people to the fact that they are insane leftist loons, in case they didn't already know. However, they may get these demands met because of the loons who cater to them.

Sam L. said...

The L.A. teacher's union should be broken up and their administration be hauled into court.

Linda Fox said...

About Medicare for All?

Giordano Bruno said...

This is a blessing in disguise. The schools are poison, they are so corrupt they cannot even distinguish between a boy and a girl. Abandon them; run as fast as you can. The alternatives are everywhere--and growing. I hope no student attend public school this year; it will do less harm if the remain at home.