Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Is Biden a Trojan Horse?

Is Joe Biden a modern Trojan Horse? Is he a convenient puppet, incapable of doing the job of president, induced into yielding power to his vice president and to the radicals in his party. 

Victor Davis Hanson predicts that once Biden is elected, the commentariat will begin to call for him to do the right thing, to do the noble thing, and to resign his office.

It will be far more insidious and successful: leaked stories to the New York Times and Washington Post from empathetic White House insiders will speak of how “heroically” Biden is fighting his inevitable decline—and how gamely he tries to marshal his progressive forces even as his faculties desert him. We would read about why Biden is a national treasure by sacrificing his health to get elected and then nobly bowing out as he realized the cost of his sacrifice on his person and family. 

When that happens, we will not have Odysseus leading his Greek warriors on a mission to destroy Troy. We will have our very own social justice warriors, led by Biden’s vice president, setting out to destroy what remains of America. 

Hanson proposes that the radical left lusts for power, but the issue is, what does it want to do with that power? Does it want to rebuild America? Does it want to recreate America to fulfill its ideals? If the past few years are any indication, the left is ambivalent about the exercise of power. It is happy to destroy but terrified of the duty to rebuild. 

If Biden resigns then the left will be granted power. What will it do with this power. Hanson remarks that today’s American left is suffering from virulent anti-Semitism:

What should we expect then if Biden wins and either steps down or more or less is left as a diminished figurehead controlled by the hard Left?

First, there is one theme that unites “the Squad,” Black Lives Matter, the globalist technocracy, and the international Left: unapologetic anti-Semitism. We will see overt anti-Semitism in a way this country has not seen since the early 20th century, all couched in ideological and politically correct attacks on “Zionists” and “the rich” and “Wall Street”—and why Israel has no business being a “Jewish state.” 

It has already begun with an NFL player voicing Hitlerian tropes and praising Louis Farrakhan, and then being seconded by an array of rappers, woke Black Lives Matter activists and “Free Palestine” demonstrations. To smear “the Jews” no longer is grounds for an immediate and expected apology, but more “So what are you going to do about it?” Anti-Semitism is deeply embedded within the DNA of the BLM movement—and professional sports as well, as we saw recently from the warnings of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Charles Barkley.

American Jews will be cheering as the new American president sells out Israel and goes all-in to help Iran develop nuclear weapons.

Taxes will rise, just as handouts increase. The high tech oligarchs of Silicon Valley will be exempted from the tax hikes, as will lawyers and professors. The self-employed business class will not. Hanson continues:

The real enemy in 2021 would be the upper-middle-class as it always is, the kulaks—and not really the professionals such as the lawyers, media grandees, and professors—although many should expect to become collateral damage.

The special targets will be the self-employed successful business class. The enemies of the people will be mostly those striving to be millionaires who run local insurance agencies, the store owners, salespeople, the successful medical practices, car dealerships, large family farms, the millions who keep the country competitive, innovative, and prosperous.

As for race, meritocracy will finally be buried. Diversity will be the only criterion for college admissions and job opportunity. We will continue to produce young people who know nothing about science, math or engineering, but who know everything there is to know about burning the businesses that others have built:

Race? We already see the new contours of the always changing commandments of the anointed posted on the Animal Farmbarnyard wall. A new segregation and apartheid will be sold as needed justice and enlightenment. Admission quotas and hiring on the basis of race will no longer be subtle but overt and triumphant. Separate facilities predicated on race will be common on campuses. What will happen if someone of the wrong race drinks from a fountain in a racially-segregated safe space?

And, of course, reparations will be paid to all minority group members, to no real effect.

Equality or superiority of result for the favored will be “justice.” Reparations will follow. The sort of creepy anti-white propaganda we saw at the Smithsonian Museum of African-American History and Culture will become orthodoxy. Some of the U.S. GDP won’t be devoted to production but rather toward ferreting out “racism” as they reconstruct society in order endlessly to punish “racists.” 

America’s borders will be open to anyone and everyone who wants to enter the country. Immigration law will not be enforced, and citizenship will be handed out on the basis of nothing in particular.

Borders? The wall will stop dead in its tracks, and what has been built likely dismantled. Citizenship and residency will be further blurred, with the rights of citizens insidiously transferred to resident aliens. Perhaps the word “citizen” will disappear as discriminatory. Illegal immigration will be favored over legal immigration, in that the latter is too diverse, too meritocratic, and too politically unpredictable.

As had begun to happen during the Obama administration, the military will be reduced to a social justice experiment. It will no longer matter whether the military can win wars. What will matter is whether or not our armies are diverse:

The military? A progressive’s dream. It will transcend its current race and gender edicts in a way no elected slow-coach legislature could imagine. Virtue signaling and quotas will be the quickest route to flag-officer rank, and with it a nice retirement as a woke lobbyist, a wise-man member on an enlightened defense contractor board, a Wall Street “security analyst,” or a cable TV paid woke pundit. How a colonel handled “diversity,” not whether he understands tanks, planes, choppers, or guns will determine his chances at generalship. The Pentagon budget will be rebranded, as “national security” is no longer defined in anachronistic terms like hardware, missiles, ships, and planes, but by diversity and ending implicit bias—a sort of vast ongoing city of Seattle training session.

Is Hanson being too alarmist? Stay tuned.


trigger warning said...

No. Hanson is right. I floated this notion here weeks ago. I doubt Biden resigns, but he will serve as President Sock Puppet (like his former boss, President Lightworker), animated by the DNC. The Executive Branch and the military will, naturally, be loaded up with hard left appointees, who will then, over time, burrow into civil service roles.

Anonymous said...

Question: Is Hanson being too alarmist?
Answer: No.

Peter B said...

Hanson is not alarmist.

Our host's language is, however, unfortunate. The Left is not "suffering from virulent anti-Semitism." It is excited by it, enjoys it, promotes it and embraces it.

Sam L. said...

I agree with Anon and Peter B.

Giordano Bruno said...

I agree with all of the above. But is doesn't matter who is elected from the left, every last one of them would do what the movement requires. They are all clones; it is all party, no people. The only person in charge over there is Nobodaddy.

My prediction, Biden will get 60% of the Jewish vote.

I support Franco/Napolean to move the Overton window back to sanity and self-preservation. I know the risk and it is still a better option than losing Civilization entirely.

The Republic as we knew it is dead.

Michael in Pennsylvania said...


I agree with you.

Regarding the Jewish vote, I intuitively feel that - based on conversations, observations, and personal interactions - it'll probably be 70% or higher.


Inspired by Talleyrand, an apt characterization of such behavior would be, "They had learned nothing and forgotten everything.” Which, of course, calls into question if they had ever actually learned anything to begin with.

Otherwise, see: https://amgreatness.com/2020/07/19/will-2021-be-1984/

C'est la vie.

ga6 said...

see Edith Wilson

Peter B said...

On second reading, I disagree with Victor Hanson on something. He wrote in perfect storm and black swan fashion, the coronavirus, the lockdown, the riots, anarchy and looting....

But the PRC let coronavirus loose on the world and used its puppet WHO to steer the world's response. If the financial support for the organizers and materiel suppliers for the riots and anarchy, not to mention the years of organization, rehearsal and planning by black bloc thugs and their allies, escaped Russian and Chinese notice, there are some agents with some explaining to do back in Moscow and Beijing.

And the CCP is certainly aware that Trump is facing reelection.

I'm not assuming SARS-CoV-2 is deliberately released, accidentally escaped, manmade, or natural. I'm saying that once it got loose, the Chinese use of the outbreak was deliberate.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Giordano. I had been thinking when all the rioting started, where is General Bonaparte when you need him (9th vendemiaire when he fired artillery on counter-revolutionists in Paris).