Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Ongoing War against Iran

Let’s see. The Obama administration worked long and hard to advance the Iran nuclear program. It worked long and hard to save the Iranian regime from financial collapse. And, for good measure it sent a planeload of cash to Iran, so that Iran could distribute it to Hamas and Hezbollah-- the better to kill more Jews.

For that, Jewish Americans are lining up to vote for Obama’s vice president, the senile and demented Joe Biden. Go figure.

In the meantime, the Trump administration has not only walked away from the calamitous Iran nuclear deal. It has driven Iran toward economic ruin. And it has given Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu the green light to attack Iran’s nuclear program.

Now, in fact, Israel has done just that. The New York Times reports, via David Hornik:

A fire ripped through a building at Iran’s main nuclear-fuel production site…, causing extensive damage to what appeared to be a factory where the country has boasted of producing a new generation of centrifuges….

A Middle Eastern intelligence official…said the blast was caused by an explosive device planted inside the facility. The explosion, he said, destroyed much of the aboveground parts of the facility where new centrifuges…are balanced before they are put into operation….

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo…told the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday that Iran’s advanced centrifuges posed a threat.

“Iran is also accumulating dangerous knowledge,’’ he said…. “Late last year, Iran announced that its scientists were working on a new centrifuge — the IR-9 — that would allow Tehran to enrich uranium up to 50 times faster than the IR-1 centrifuges allowed” under the Obama-era deal.

There have been other attacks in recent days:

Other apparent attacks appear to have targeted civilian facilities. They include an explosion on June 30 at a medical center in northwestern Tehran, a huge fire on July 3 in the city of Shiraz, an explosion at a power plant on July 4 in the city of Ahvaz, and — the latest — an explosion today at a factory in Kahrizak south of Tehran. It can’t all be a coincidence — but what’s going on? Why would Israel — or the U.S. — attack civilian sites?

The abovementioned Israeli analyst Ron Ben-Yishai hinted at one possible explanation: “The Islamic Republic has already carried out some of its nuclear activities in civilian institutions and in the heart of residential areas and buildings in Tehran.”

Of course, Israel is not the only candidate for the sabotage. Anti-regime groups in Iran are also claiming credit.

While the weak sisters of Western Europe are hard at work trying to maintain business ties with Iran, Israel and the United States are continuing the war against Iran:

The ayatollah regime is taking the heat from all sides — foreign and possibly domestic sabotage, sanctions, a steadily worsening COVID-19 crisis, a tottering economy. That even amid such travails the regime keeps investing so much in weaponry and foreign expansionist adventures tells something about the fanaticism of its ideology. But Tehran’s adversaries have it in their power to stop the juggernaut in its tracks.

It’s a long way from the Obama policies of submission and appeasement. For now the American people and the American Jewish community seems to want to return to the Obama years.

As the old song goes, When will they ever learn....


trigger warning said...

As the old saying goes...

when the cat gets droned the mice will play. ♫

Sam L. said...

Too bad, so sa.., ummmm, NOT BUMMED!

Anonymous said...

My Jewish family would vote for Biden even if he announced he'd nuke Israel with Iran's help.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Iran is our single greatest enemy on the planet.

How people cannot recognize this is beyond me.