Thursday, March 21, 2019

Anti-Semitism Is Alive in France

Speaking of hate speech, only one kind is currently acceptable in polite circles. That is, anti-Semitism. Witness the situation in France. 

You know France, a nation that opened its arms to millions of Muslim migrants, even before German Chancellor Merkel chose to open her nation to a similar scourge. With the utmost in Gallic charm and insouciance the French segregated their Muslim neighbors into ghetto-like areas in the Parisian suburbs. These have become no-go areas, places where firefighters and ambulance drivers and delivery services dare not go. As noted in a previous post, the ever-so-empathetic country of Sweden now has its very one no-go areas, places where event postmen will not deliver the mail.

As for French anti-Semitism, it is alive and well on college campus. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has the story:

Nearly 90 percent of French Jewish students said they have experienced anti-Semitic abuse on campus, a poll found.

Nearly 20 percent of the 405 respondents in the Ifop survey said they have suffered an anti-Semitic physical assault at least once on campus. Of those, more than half reported suffering violence more than once.

More than half of the students who reported experiencing anti-Semitic incidents on campus said they did nothing about it. Only 8 percent complained to faculty. Nearly 20 percent said they did not report the incident or incidents for fear of reprisals, according to the report.

The results of the survey taken this month were published Tuesday by l’Express.

In October, the French media reported that students at Paris 13 University listed and ranked Jewish classmates according to their level of affiliation as part of a string of jokes online and on campus featuring anti-Semitic hate speech. Their initial target was a 19-year-old Jewish medical student.

There you have it. Liberty is dying in France. Persecution of minorities is on the rise. The perpetrators are invariably Muslim students, though the story does not specify it. In that case, as you already know, no one will say or do anything to stop it.

Thus does a civilization die. Not in darkness, but in the light of day. 

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UbuMaccabee said...

Message to Jewish students in France, look up Imi Lichtenfeld. Get busy.