Saturday, March 30, 2019

Barack Obama Embraces an Anti-Semite

Just in case you had any doubt about it, the unmoved mover behind the Democratic Party’s move toward anti-Semitism is none other than Barack Obama. Just in case you thought that the Obama administration policy toward Israel, its contempt for the Israeli prime minister, its willingness to fund anti-Israeli terrorism and its unseemly willingness to ensure Iran’s eventually access to nuclear weapons was an aberration, think again. It was part and parcel of administration anti-Semitism.

Want more evidence? Recently, former president Obama embraced notable anti-Semite Rep. Rashid Tlaib and told her: “I’m proud of you.”

From the Daily Mail:

A Democratic congresswoman who vowed in vulgar language to impeach President Donald Trump and later suggested pro-Israel Jewish members of Congress have dual loyalties got a thumbs-up this week from Barack Obama.

The former president 'met with us new members of Congress and we had a thoughtful discussion about serving our country,' Rep. Rashida Tlaib wrote Thursday on Instagram and Twitter.

'The best part was when he looked straight at me and said, "I'm proud of you".'

The posts included a photo of Tlaib and Obama grinning, with the former president's arm around her. Tlaib spokesman Denzel McCampbell told that it was taken Monday night.

What is it about Tlaib that makes Obama proud of her? The Daily Mail counts the ways:

Tlaib is one of just three Muslim members of Congress.

She was photographed at an event in January posing with Abbas Hamideh, a Palestinian activist who has praised the Hamas and Hezbollah terror organizations, equated pro-Israel Jews to Nazis and claimed Israel has no right to exist.

'Yes, I am Muslim and Palestinian. Get over it,' Tlaib tweeted amid that controversy.

She also supports the 'Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions' (BDS) movement, which aims to economically isolate Israel.

Want more? Here it is:

Tlaib has also been criticized for following an Instagram account called 'free.palestine.1948,' a name referring to the year of Israel's founding.

That account routinely posts anti-Semitic memes that compare Jews to rats, call them a 'plague' and suggest moneyed Jews control the U.S. news media.

One image on the account directly compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler and suggested he was behind the 9/11 terror attacks.

When challenged about the account's content this year, its owner responded: 'Haha make me laugh f**k you and f**k israhell […] you wankers will never like the truth.'

It makes Barack Obama proud. Don’t pretend to be surprised to see that the Democratic Party is now embracing anti-Semitism overtly. The Obama administration made it safe to be anti-Semitic, but covertly. Those who supported him can count themselves as duped. 

How many American media outlets had the story?


trigger warning said...

Let us not forget that Barack is a variant spelling of the Arabic Buraq, the mighty Hadithic steed who carried Muhammed from Mecca to Jerusalem.

Pity he turned out to be Pokey instead.

And no, I'm not claiming he's Muslim. He's obviously a member of the Church of the Holy Grifter, having studied under Rev Jeremiah Wright and received spiritual guidance from Rev Al Sharpton.

Sam L. said...

I've always been told that Jews are smart. So how come so many support the Democrat Party, and haven't deserted it?

Sam L. said...

Is anyone surprised by Obama's choice of whom to embrace? Not I, say I.

Michael in Pennsylvania said...


There's a difference between intelligence and wisdom.

autothreads said...

Rashida Tlaib claims to be representing the interests of Palestinian Americans. So far, she has been silent about the case of Isaam Akel, a Palestinian American resident of east Jerusalem. He is now serving a life sentence at hard labor. Tlaib has no interest in publicising Akel's plight because he's not in an Israeli prision. He's in a Palestinian Authority prision for the crime of selling land to a Jew. It could have been worse, it's considered a capital crime, so he got off easy.

Think about Akel the next time someone calls Israel an apartheid state.