Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The New York Times Echoes David Duke

When the New York Times echoed David Duke. (Via Instapundit)


Sam L. said...

I am totally, 10000%, bot surprised.

UbuMaccabee said...

I was in DC when the Congressional Black Caucus walked out on Netanyahu. Nobody said a word about it. It was a blatant show of contempt for a democratically elected leader of a key US ally. And they had the balls to claim Netanyahu was the racist! That was the last straw for me. I was seeing clearly what I had been observing for a long time.

I have zero respect for anyone in the CBC. It has been my direct personal experience that the most virulent anti-Semites I have met in the US were/are black, Muslim, or both. A substantial number of black Americans are hostile to Jews, and very hostile to Israel. Omar is just saying openly what substantial portions of the radical black left have been saying for decades.

And leftist Jews react to this by thinking that they must be in the wrong, they must not be ideologically pure enough, and so they run around trying to apologize for imaginary grievances, especially black grievance (that describes almost every writer at the NYT). Crazy anti-Semitic blacks and the self-hating Jews who love them--no matter how openly they talk of killing the Jews in Israel; together, they comprise the two core pillars of leftist ideology in America.

So no surprise that when black Muslims shit on Israel, the BDS Jews at the NYT join in the chorus. Sick, completely sick. The Israelis don't grovel and have no time for victim politics, so leftists hate them for it. Leftists hate Israel, period. And the more successful Israel becomes, the more they hate Israel. Sound familiar?

David Duke is not now, nor has he ever been relevant to anything going on in America in my lifetime. He is just a stage-prop for fake news. At this time, the Jews in America have nothing to fear from the right, nothing. But as more and more leftist Jews join in the public destruction of the United States, that could change, and quickly. Irving Berlin seems like a long time ago.

Sam L. said...

Duke is a lot like the SPLC: an agitator. I don't understand why there's money in agitation, but there is. Not mine, though.