Sunday, March 3, 2019

Arrested for Kissing in Public

Dial up the moral outrage. Ready or not, here it comes.

It comes from Oklahoma. That is, not from that moral cesspool of New York City. The story concerns a 29 year old woman and an 18 year old man. Note that an 18 year old is an adult. He can vote. He can serve in the military. We will mention that the older woman is married.

Now, these two people went to the movies together. And, you will not believe what they did. They kissed in the theatre. And they exchanged another kiss in the car outside of the theatre. The kiss lasted for what seemed to be an eternity, for fifteen seconds. 

Horror of horrors. Have you, in our pornified world, ever heard such blatant criminal sexual activity?

Well, the Oklahoma police were just as horrified as you. They arrested the woman, by name of Jill Arthur. You see, Arthur was a teacher at Bixby High School. The 18 year old was a student at Bixby High School. And we cannot have that. 

Besides, Arthur has four children with her husband.

The Daily Mail describes, in lurid detail, this  appalling instance of criminal behavior:

A former Oklahoma teacher has been detained after she was accused of kissing an 18-year-old student. 

Jill Arthur, 29, was charged with sexual battery on Thursday as a result of investigations that began on January 9. 

An unidentified witness told police that Arthur admitted to going to the movies with the young man on December 26 and kissing him afterwards, News On 6 reports. 

During police interviews, the teen claimed that the relationship started after the former Bixby High School teacher gave her number to him and asked him out.  

The young man confirmed to authorities the incident that allegedly took place at the movie theater, adding that the two had kissed in the car afterwards.  

Are you sufficiently outraged yet?

The Bixby Public Schools released a statement indicating that the teacher was no longer employed with the district. 

'Jill Arthur is no longer employed by Bixby Public Schools. She taught special education in Bixby for approximately three and a half years,' the district said.

'The district received a concerning report about the employee's alleged behavior in late December. We immediately notified the Bixby Police Department and shared the results of our investigation.

'The alleged incident involved possible inappropriate conduct with an 18-year old Bixby High School student.

'Our district takes all reports like this seriously and does not tolerate any inappropriate conduct between employees and students. All employees are subject to an annual criminal background check and training is provided to staff members relative to professional boundaries and out-of-school contact with students.

For her action Arthur was arrested. One assumes that she faces prison time. Can’t be too careful, can we now?

To allow you to appreciate the horror fully, here's a picture of Jill Arthur.

 Authorities interviewed Arthur, and claim that she admitted to kissing the student for roughly 15 seconds


UbuMaccabee said...

I agree this is much ado about nothing; mere hysteria. OMG, kissing! OMG, kissing between a young man and a lonely older woman. And she is a teacher! Call in the grandstanding busibodies to compete with one another to denounce her. What is it about the human love for denouncing others over moral weakness?

But what if the teacher were male and the student female? It would be even worse. So while I have sympathy for all parties caught in this national mass-psychosis, I am reassured that at least it now seems to be applied uniformly. Women are no longer getting a pass. Only after enough people are sent off to have their lives ruined on all sides will this lunacy abate.

Sam L. said...

Can I say OMG 1000 times without breathing? Tempest; teapot; some assembly required. There are many strange things happening in our land, and this, THIS, be but one of them.
Now, if she's kissed TRUMP, all HELL woulda broke loose. Ub's second para nails it.

DocVinny said...

It's not about kissing. It's about professional boundaries. If she wasn't a teacher in his school, and while in that roll gave him her number and asked him out, there would be no story here.