Saturday, March 9, 2019

Debating Transgender Restrooms in Germany

First, to address the elephant in the room. The name of  the incoming leader of Angela Merkel’s  Christian Democratic Union is simply too long. Hyphenated names are often too long. One imagines that they come about when parents decided that they want to merge their surnames, the better not to discriminate against either of their fathers. 

But, seriously, when you pass a hyphenated name to your child and said child marries another woke individual who also has a hyphenated name… well, you see the problem. If the happy couple decides to retain all four names… the composite name will be too long to fit in a box on any application form. It’s a complete absurdity.

Anyway, the new leader of Merkel’s political party is Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. We will abbreviate to AKK, because we do not want to have to keep identifying her by her kramps.

Now, AKK has gotten herself in some trouble over that great political issue, on the forefront of human rights, which is: transgender restrooms. Or better, gender-neutered restrooms. Apparently, the German Green Party has wanted to mandate third-gender restrooms in public buildings in Berlin.

To which AKK made a joke, via Legal Insurrection and Maggie’s Farm:

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s successor, has come under fire for make a joke about gender-neutral bathrooms. Her remark was in response to a campaign waged by the left-wing Green Party to introduce gender-neutral bathrooms in official builds in the state of Berlin.

She said the third-gender toilets were for “men who cannot decide if they want to sit or stand when they pee” on a carnival-themed TV show.

As you know, making jokes is strictly verboten these days, even or especially in woke Germany.

Ridiculing men who think that they should pee sitting down is seriously out of line. And this is so even if, in feminist Sweden, home to no go zones and Muslim rape culture, they are trying to force schoolboys to learn how to pee sitting down… the better to have them feel empathy for the females who suffer the indignity.

Legal Insurrection reports on the hubbub:

German weekly Stern published an open letter by the Green Party politician Sven Lehmann titled: Your jokes “show ignorance and discrimination.” Kramp-Karrenbauer “clearly crossed the line,” commented the public broadcaster SWR.

The foreign press also chimed in when Politico complained that a German politician was “making fun of minorities on TV.”

“She was sold as a ‘mini Merkel,’ a centrist in the same liberal mould as her predecessor as leader of Germany’s Christian Democratic Union,” lamented the British newspaper Guardian. “But Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has worked hard to court the conservative wing of her party since taking the top job.”

Apparently, AKK is not quite as liberal as the left leaning world would have liked.


Sam L. said...

"As you know, making jokes is strictly verboten these days, even or especially in woke Germany." Are you claiming that Germans CAN tell jokes?

The only gender-neutral restroom has one toilet.

Anonymous said...

Germans have a great sense of humor and a wonderful Carnival. They also make beautiful floats for their parades. Google "Angela Merkel Karnaval" and you will find quite a few daring interpretations, among them Merkel as a tarantula, and a chubby naked runner with perky breasts. ( )
There have been plenty reasons to be upset in the last centuries, but that is what Carnival is all about: for three days, the jesters get the keys of the city. The order of things turns upside down, making jokes and stepping on toes is part of the game and generally having a good time with lots of beer and wurst.

Everybody knows this, but for some reason, the woke people have 'discovered' Carnival.

As the 'Bild' editorial put it:

,Guys, guys, guys! Carnival of the Policitcal Correct Ones is no carnival.

If you can't even make a joke about unisex toilets in a carnival speech - then where? Not for nothing the freedom of fools exists.

You don't have to like it, but unfortunately you have to fight for it anyway:
Save the carnival!

n.n said...

Sex-neutral. Gender-neutral. She's matching sex-correlated gender attributes with function, but progressive liberals also recognize mental attributes and the dignity of self-identification. Curiously, both exclude politically congruent ("=") attributes when they are deemed to be socially profitable (e.g. democratic leverage) and revenue positive. Pro-Choice is a living, divergent moral philosophy. She made the mistake of forgetting her religion. That said, there is a schism in progress that threatens the viability of the unreconciled, diverse factions of her Church.

n.n said...

She's Pro-Choice. They're Pro-Choice. The religion is notably selective and opportunistic. She just happens to set a different threshold for normalization of transgender mental (e.g. sexual orientation) and physical attributes.