Thursday, March 21, 2019

Desecrating Catholic Churches in France

Here’s a story from Breitbart which no one else deems fit to print. (via Maggie’s Farm).

It’s about France. Don’t we all love France. And its about another form of bias against another religion. In my previous post I noted the incidence of anti-Semitism in France. This time, the story concerns desecrations of Christian churches in France.

In neither story is the ethnicity of the perpetrators designated. So, we have to leave it to you to guess. Keep in mind when Muslim migrants are allow into a Western Christian nation they just want to make a new life for themselves. Anyone who thinks of them as marauding invaders who want to impose their culture on their hapless hosts is… Islamophobic.


Anyway, here is the Breitbart story:

A dozen Catholic churches have been desecrated across France over the period of one week in an egregious case of anti-Christian vandalism.

The recent spate of church profanations has puzzled both police and ecclesiastical leaders, who have mostly remained silent as the violations have spread up and down France.

Last Sunday, marauders set fire to the church of Saint-Sulpice — one of Paris’ largest and most important churches — shortly after the twelve-o’clock Mass.

Police have concluded that the fire was the result of arson and are now looking for possible suspects. The restoration of the church from the damage caused by the fire will reportedly cost several hundred million euros.

For the record the Church of Saint-Sulpice is in the 6th district in central Left Bank Paris, long a home to the intellectual and artistic elites. It is not a marginal neighborhood.

The same has been happening in other parts of France:

In Nimes (department of the Gard), near the border with Spain, the church of Notre-Dame des Enfants was desecrated in a particularly odious way, with vandals painting a cross with human excrement, looting the main altar and the tabernacle, and stealing the consecrated hosts, which were discovered later among piles of garbage.

Likewise, the church of Notre-Dame in Dijon, in the east of the country, suffered the sacking of the high altar and the hosts were also taken from the tabernacle, scattered on the ground, and trampled.

In Lavaur, in the southern department of the Tarn, the village church was assaulted by young men, who twisted one arm of a representation of the crucified Christ to make it appear that he was making an obscene gesture.

In the peripheries of Paris, in the department of Yvelines, several churches have suffered profanations of varying importance, in Maisons-Laffitte and in Houilles.

Although commentators have been reluctant to attach a particular religious or cultural origin to the profanations, they all share an evident anti-Christian character.

Surely, we are  all astonished at the failure to place blame where it belongs. Even the Catholic Church hierarchy cannot bring itself to place blame:

The Catholic hierarchy has kept silent about the episodes, limited themselves to highlighting that anti-Christian threat and expressing hope that politicians and police will get to the bottom of the crimes.

Reports indicate that 80 percent of the desecration of places of worship in France concerns Christian churches and in the year 2018 this meant the profanation of an average of two Christian churches per day in France, even though these actions rarely make the headlines.

In 2018, the Ministry of the Interior recorded 541 anti-Semitic acts, 100 anti-Muslim acts, and 1063 anti-Christian acts.

You can tell, by looking at those statistics, that France’s biggest problem is Islamophobia… right?


Sam L. said...

Stuart, thou hast nailed it. It MUST be Islamophobia. Um hmmm. Absolutement! (If that's a real French word. It not, well, it's close enough.)

Sam L. said...

France does not protect its citizens of the "wrong persuasions". Eventually, the peasants will revolt.

UbuMaccabee said...

Maybe a French version of the Cristero War will come to France. If so, good. Nothing would make me happier than to see French Catholics arm themselves for self-defence, and, if necessary, for war. Huguenots will be welcomed into the ranks.

Anonymous said...

Well Ubu how did that work out in the Vendée two hundred years ago?

Dan Patterson said...

Cultural enrichment. And not a whisper from the empty-barrel newsies.
Meanwhile, spontaneous choirs are singing "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing", "We Are The World", and "Circle of Life" as busy artisans build the very guillotines that will behead French infidels.
Charming, what?

UbuMaccabee said...

Not well. Excellent analogy. Same leftist thugs, but this time with Saracens in their ranks. The Catholics will need more guns and more Texans.