Friday, March 29, 2019

Renewable Energy Is Killing Cows in France

You probably know that wind turbines kill massive numbers of birds. You probably don’t care, because what are a few birds when you are saving the planet. Thus, when you are ensuring that your soul will find salvation.

But, did you know that solar panels and wind turbines also kill large numbers of cows? OK, I understand that you will see it as a twofer. These engines of inefficient energy production are saving us from fossil fuels which are destroying the troposphere, but they are also saving us from the dire environmental effects of cow flatulence.

Evidently, the French farmers who are watching their cattle die are none too happy. But, this must mean that they have not received any instruction from our imbecile-in-chief, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

How does it happen? Well, not to get too scientific, the wind turbines and solar panels increase the amount of electricity in the soil. And, the increase is too much for cattle. So, the cattle get sick and die.

In an environmentally friendly way, of course.

Anyway, the Daily Mail (who else?) has the story:

French cattle farmers claim they have lost hundreds of cows to electricity slowly killing their animals from nearby wind turbines and solar panels.

In Cotes-d'Armor, Brittany, this phenomenon has seen hundreds of cattle die on farms, claim the worried agricultural workers.

One farmer has even filed a lawsuit against an unnamed company over the mysterious deaths. 

Farmers started noticing their animals losing weight, with many of them subsequently dying.

But vets could not work out what caused the cows' deaths as they were not suffering from any diseases so farmers ran tests on their land.

They claim these examinations revealed wind turbines and solar panels are releasing too much electricity into the ground, which is slowly killing their animals.

Local farmer Patrick Le Nechet said the mysterious deaths began when a new batch of photovoltaic solar panels were installed, according to Europe 1.

He discovered there were electrical currents of over one volt both in the ground and in the water - three times the accepted threshold for animals. 

Le Nechet told the French radio station Europe 1: 'They lost weight, we lost 120 in five years. It can not be explained, even veterinarians do not know what to do.

'There is a lot of direct current coming into the earth. When we see all the animals die, it is untenable.'

Stephane Le Brechec, a cattle farmer from Allineuc, around 18 miles from Cote-d'Amour, lost even more cows and claims 37 of his beasts died in just six months.

He said that over the last few years he has lost 200 cows, caused by antennas transformers and turbines, he claims.

It’s the latest news from the environmental war against living things.


UbuMaccabee said...

Cows dying is a good thing, they contribute to global climate change. People dying is also a good thing because people contribute to global climate change. There are smart people who are determining what kinds of people need to die to save the planet. They are called the vanguard of the planet.

trigger warning said...

When I lived in Boulder CO, occasionally a developer would propose new housing construction in response to endless screeching about a lack of "affordable housing" in Boulder County. Then, the greenloons invariably went ballistic over "polluting the viewscape". During a recent trip out West, I found the "viewscape" littered like a back street in North Philly by forests of slumbering windmills. Apparently, "viewscapes" for the Irredeemable Deplorables can be sacrificed for religious purposes.

Speaking of sacrificial cows, Boulder also paid college students to "relocate" prairie dogs (better described as prairie rats that turn landscapes into leg-breaking moonscapes with pitfall traps) by capturing them, moving them, and digging holes for them ("affordable housing"?) in neighboring counties... until the state got wise to the scam and outlawed it. Then they started gassing the little varmints. :-D

If the brains of greenloons were smokeless powder, the collective global population wouldn't yield enough to light off a .22 Short Subsonic.

Sam L. said...

I blame AOC for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean, why not?

David Foster said...

"Electricity in the ground"....sounds questionable to me. What specifically about wind turbines or solar panels would lead to this phenomenon any more than any other power source.

In any case, France has done a great job with nuclear, which provides something like 70% of their electricity, and they would do well to stick with that.

trigger warning said...

There's nothing particular about windmills or solar panels per se, but they can be a source of "stray" DC voltage/current in soil if improperly designed or installed.