Monday, March 4, 2019

No Go Zones in Sweden

They exist in France, so why shouldn’t they pop up in other European countries. They, in that sentence, refers to No Go zones, zones where police, firefighters, rescue sq?ads and the postal service cannot enter… for fear of being attacked and assaulted. I do not need to tell you by whom.

You might have guessed that these neighborhoods are largely inhabited by the Muslim migrants that these warm-hearted countries welcomed into their midst. Now said countries, places like Sweden and Germany and France and Great Britain are being punished for their generosity… and for their tolerance.

You might have noticed that the government of China is routinely excoriated for its intolerance toward its own Muslim population. Might it not be that the Chinese are horrified to see what the weak sisters of Western Europe are doing to their countries and have decided not to repeat the mistakes?

In any event, the bureaucrats who run these countries, along with their fellow travelers in the United States, have found their own way to ignore the toxic culture that Muslim migrants have brought to their countries. They ignore it. They pretend that it isn’t there. They put it under quarantine. To admit that it exists would be racist. Doesn’t that make you feel safer already?

Now, in Sweden, where officials declare that No Go zones do not exist, the United Parcel Service has ceased making deliveries to migrant neighborhoods. Zero Hedge blog has the story (via Maggie's Farm):

Though European leaders and their counterparts in the US (along with their allies in the mainstream press) have continued to deny their existence, migrant-dominated "no go" zones remain a persistent public safety threat to the Swedish public. And in the latest repudiation of the Swedish government's refusal to accept the term, and acknowledge the fact that - as Swedish police chiefs warned back in 2017 - these areas represent "parallel societies" where Swedish institutions aren't recognized, UPS has ceased delivery to Rosengard, a notorious neighborhood in Malmo, Sweden, after several of its drivers were assaulted and robbed.

According to local media reports cited by RT, delivering to the neighborhood has become too dangerous for UPS, after the US carrier told the press that "our drivers have been attacked and therefore we have decided not to hand out packages at [the district]."

As it happens, the Swedish national postal service no longer delivers to the No Go zones either:

UPS isn't the first organization operating in Sweden to adopt an official company police to avoid 'no go' zones. That list also includes PostNord, the country's government run postal service.

How many No Go zones are there:

Back in 2017, a leaked police report identified 23 'no go' zones across the country where police couldn't effectively operate.

Naturally, the mainstream media has ignored the story. It is promoting a pro-immigration agenda and will not provide anyone with information needed to make a fair and reasoned decision:

But in the US, the New York Times and its partners in the mainstream press refuse to acknowledge the existence of an immigrant driven spike in crime in parts of the liberal Nordic paradise. Why? Because it contradicts their pro-immigration agenda.


UbuMaccabee said...

Hate facts, just hate facts.

UbuMaccabee said...

Lying International Media: There are no no-go zones in Europe. Period.

Every delivery service in Europe: Holy shit, that whole neighborhood is like a Syrian war-zone. Stay the hell out of those places. Circle them all and refuse delivery.

Who do you suppose has more credibility on the subject?

Recommendation: Do not let them in. They are not like us. Do not let them in.

Sam L. said...

"There are none so blind as those who will not see." And those who will lie to themselves and others. I suspect that the Left thinks their walled estates will keep them out, or is busily trying to convince themselves that they're safe. I may be able to protect me and mine, but I will not protect the Left, as they will not protect me.

Quicken said...

I've worked with Muslims in a professional STEM field here in North America. All immigrants.

They push constantly. If it's not adjusting meeting schedules to suit them it's pushing to have Arabic terms in technical project names. They need a room set aside for just themselves. They demand coworkers not swear in their presence. It's very minor profanity but they feel completely at ease instructing coworkers on how to behave.

There's more but you get the idea.
This is at three separate companies. It's insane.

The diversity wars that are coming are going to be something to see.
I know that.