Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Female Therapists, Vanguard of the Revolution

Elizabeth Naham is not her real name. She does not write under her real name because she is an East Coast therapist. As you might imagine, an East Coast therapist who does not toe the party line on feminist cultural issues will soon be out of work. Or will be canceled. Or will be deplatformed. Or will be doxed. 

Because the American left is liberal, it tolerates differences of opinion. Not.

Naham does not write an advice column. She does not get to offer sane and sensible advice to American citizens, because, well, she leans politically right. And yet, she functions within the psycho world, one that has become an instrument of brainwashing. And one that, increasingly, has been a woman’s domain, where feminist orthodoxy passes for scientific truth.

In her American Thinker article, Naham explains how the feminist left has taken over the therapy profession, to the general detriment of patients. And she explains that therapists are the hidden persuaders, exploiting their patients’ suffering to indoctrinate them in leftist ideology. 

Their enemy is traditional culture. She does not define what she means by traditional culture, but, compared to the madness that is sweeping through the American mind, you can pretty well guess.

Naham opens her essay:

Malcolm X once stated that the black community’s greatest enemy was the white liberal. If he were living now, perhaps that perspective would change and narrow to white liberal women. Many of us recognize that white, educated, liberal women are becoming the enemy of any remnants of traditional culture.

Over the last few years, these white, guilt-ridden women have become a force for promoting identity politics and the demonization of men. One does not see this more than in the professions of human behavior and mental health. As an East coast therapist, I have heard stories about microaggressions concerning race, sexual orientation, and sexual identity. For those of us who do not subscribe to this increasingly fanatical, Orwellian creed, we either self-isolate or are ostracized. The silence of dissenting voices is the mandate of these Left-wing females.

True enough, leftist women have been out in force promoting identity politics. Since their goddess, Hillary, lost the last election, they are happy to demonize men, especially white men. About the fact that Hillary was the nation’s leading enabler of sexual harassment, they have nothing to say. 

Of course, any woman, like Naham, who admits to having voted for Trump will be immediately defriended:

A couple of years ago, I ended a friendship that was increasingly eroding over politics. This person, a therapist also and a once-upon-a-time uninformed moderate, would deny political discourse was the reason. Still, on a fateful day, she asked how I could have voted for Donald Trump being the moral person she thought I was. 

Now, members of the psycho professions, not being especially smart themselves, simply parrot the language of the radical left. It makes them feel like celebrities. And it makes them feel smart. They are so woke that they have adopted the woke pronoun usage that makes them sound like functional illiterates:

Since that time, most who are within the behavioral health disciplines have increasingly embraced the extreme language of the left. Although other enlightened diversity experts promote the narrative, female therapists are at the forefront signing their names with preferred nouns and pronouns such as She/Her/Her. Now, there are at least thirty-seven pronouns. Another friend of mine, a therapist who worked on a college campus, became so confused with some of the pronouns that she asked a student if she could just refer to them by name. Begrudgingly, the student said yes.

Of course, these therapists are women. (The therapy profession is no longer open to males.) And, being feminists, they have gotten into the business of pimping out young women-- for the cause. They are encouraging women to engage in sexual activities that Naham-- and yours truly-- thinks are counterproductive, not conducive to peak mental functioning:

Therapists now often identify clients as cis-gendered, those who maintain their ”assigned” birth sex. Straight, or gay, no longer suffices. Most therapists are women and are driving the narrative. A few months ago, one therapist courageously questioned the idea of people having casual sex in such realms as polyamory. She indicated how some viewed these behaviors as hurting them. Unfortunately, this therapist received pushback on this old-fashioned and judgmental position. At some point, she caved, thanking another therapist for enlightening her.

Naham’s psycho colleagues ignore the fact that in most societies, women set the cultural norms. 

Many well-degreed females from all professions are joining together as fair and just sisters to upend society. These purportedly illuminated women emphasize the significance of differences, but only involving those in agreement with their standards. How about those between men and women? We can’t say, never mind do. These so-called oppressed women often blame white men for the patriarchy inflicted on them. As in other cultures, women often set the tone for societal norms. We could say that about societies where the women carry out Female Genital Mutilation to advanced countries where women insist they are no different than men.

In truth, the hookup culture would not exist if feminists had not been encouraging young women to give "it" away for free. Naham notes an important point, one that is never acknowledged, namely that women who hook up are traumatized by the encounter, even if they have consented to it. 

I have seen several older and young women who have acknowledged the emptiness of the hook-up culture, which arose out of being liberated to “be like men.” Although there was no name for it, one of my long-term, over sixty-year clients acknowledged the pressure of the 1970s and 80s concerning these issues. Even back then, such behavior for women went from being pinned with a scarlet letter to being rewarded with a badge of honor. Did most of these women feel good about themselves? The answer to that is a resounding “no.” Will they admit that publicly? No, again.

A few months before COVID, a delightful client, a college student, was going out on the town with her friends. She told me they would probably drink and hook up. When I asked what the hook-up meant, kissing or more, including sex, she said rather sheepishly that it depends, because it is part of the culture. This Gen-Zer is a composite of many young women who succumb to this peer pressure. Most of them anesthetize themselves to endure the lack of connection with a stranger disguised as an intimate coming together.

So, leftist women are punishing the country for not electing their one true love-- Hillary. They have bought into leftist thinking and are purveying it under the guise of mental health. One day, with any luck, the insurance companies will wake up and stop paying for it. Unless, of course, it is cognitive or behavioral treatment.

White, educated, liberal females are not retreating from their collective mantra any time soon. Under the guise of "white male oppression," they continue to set the stage for increased moral relativism and cultural rot for all. These mama bears are allowing their children to be indoctrinated by this feel-good because it is a feel-right portrayal of history, literature, art, science, and politics. Until these formally educated women become truly enlightened about their vast freedom and power, society will continue to slide into a slow but steady decay. Ladies, wake up. It is time to get genuinely ”woke.”


whitney said...

Men are going to have to start beating women again. And a lot has to happen before that is allowed to happen but I don't see any other way.

urbane legend said...

Another friend of mine, a therapist who worked on a college campus, became so confused with some of the pronouns that she asked a student if she could just refer to them by name. Begrudgingly, the student said yes.

Ask? If you can't follow the pronouns, and I couldn't, either, what else could you do? Someone begrudgingly says you can use my name? Point at this person and say, "you." :-)

Many well-degreed females . . .

The world has lost its mind, or at least the US professional helping world has.

That may have to start happening so the world can see the value of it, then allow it. Not that I'm recommending it.

Sam L. said...

The stupid is STRONG in these ones.

Anonymous said...

My sister sees a leftist therapist who's an old hippie rather than a modern feminist. The therp. rails against Donald Trump at every session. My sister says you are wasting your time, I'm not discussing politics. Maybe most of the clients are happy to bitch about Trump for 45 min. and then she isn't as bored. She can rationalize that bitching about Trump reveals unconscious wishes in the clients.

Dennis said...

I have often wondered whether the ability to give birth by women does not lead to a strong desire for real destruction and death of others. When one looks at much of the rioting et al, one cannot help but notice the high numbers of women involved in that destruction and the seeming joy they exhibit. It is "mean girls" writ large. Does this come from being female? I wonder!

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

I fail to understand what white women have to complain about in 2020. If they took a moment to just breathe and look around, they’d see the world is their oyster — they can pursue most any path to happiness they want. Yet these women are profoundly unhappy, pissed off at and about a world they don’t understand. They see everything that’s wrong with the world. I chalk this up to collegiate brainwashing And social media. It’s sickening. It’s about what they’re woke to, not that they’re woke. They’re sleepwalking through some ideological nightmare. Those that give life ought not be destroyers, yet that is exactly the trajectory we are on.

I don’t think the beatings need to begin until morale improves. Again, young women in 2020 don’t seem to appreciate much of anything. I doubt it’s something that can be beaten out of them. I know women talk incessantly, but has it always been a culture of complaint? I do not remember my Mother and her friends being like this, to this level. Complaint seems to have metastasized into rage. About WHAT?

Sam L. said...

IAC, when I was in the USAF, the saying was "The beatings will continue until morale improves."

Anonymous said...

I think that the women involved in these riots are already messed up emotionally and this is their excuse to act out. I'm guessing that both sexes are there to find hookups. The women think being hysterical is attractive to the soy boys. The soy boys think acting like idiots is attractive to the chicks.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

They’re children. Decadent children. Brats.

Giordano Bruno said...

Yes, Dennis, women do have a strong destructive urge. Purely emotional, with no regard to consequences. One they enter the hamster wheel, they cannot get off until everything is destroyed. And afterward, they will entirely justify their bad behavior. They are a lot like blackout drunks. All women have this in degrees.

Yes, the threat of physical violence is a deterrent. But that can never be discussed. It can be intimated at times with a dead stare.

Allowing women to lead a nation (or any enterprise of any size) is a guarantee of arriving at complete penury. In the classical world, this was followed by being sold into slavery. An individual woman may prove quite capable--but surrounded by ambitious men. Clusters of women produce what we now see in all of our schools.

Good article. Yes, this is undoubtedly occurring at all levels of therapy. More of the collective suicide pact the western world has enjoined.

drtceline@gmail.com said...

I believe Jonathan Haidt reported that The conservative to liberal ratio with psychologists is now one conservative to 17 liberal psychologists.
Even my liberal patients are glad they found the one in 17 and became “woke.”