Wednesday, June 3, 2020

All Black Lives Matter

Social Justice Blinds People to Harm: Rioters in Chicago just this past weekend (remember, this is JUST Chicago JUST this past weekend) murdered 3x as many people as unarmed blacks were killed by police in all of 2019. Triple the injustice in 1 weekend.
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Lee Jussim
Chicago was averaging about a murder a day for most of 2020. It had 27 last weekend. Punishing people for crimes they did not commit is one of the worst manifestations of social injustice. The worst is killing an innocent. ht @JaniceBrauner


UbuMaccabee said...

Allow me to explain. When black people kill black people, it's just black people being black people. They just seem to like to kill one another. They do it here, they do it in West & South Africa, too. Over nothing. Misplaced honor or a bad look or a smart-ass remark. They do this in Detroit and Grand Rapids and East St. Louis and New Orleans and Cape Town and well, every city. It's completely nuts, and no amount on talk/intervention/marches/job programs/big brothers/mentors seems to make much difference. No fathers or awful fathers is probably the best explanation I've heard, but I see no improvement on that front. This is what an excitable people with a 75% illegitimacy rate and a 70 IQ looks like: weekly mass murder.

Now, if a white person kills a black man, under almost any circumstance, OMG, stop the universe! If Trayvon Martin had been killed by another gang member, not a peep, but if a white man kills a black man, it's the end of civilization. That's what got the blacks all worked up about Bernie Goetz; Jews are supposed to accept their beating. This is ALL deflection to move the obvious burden of irrational and violent behavior elsewhere. Black people know what goes on in Chicago, they just haven't figured out how to blame white people for it quite yet. But that why we have a university system, to invent preposterous excuses for the lack of black agency.

I'm starting to think that Jefferson and Alexander Stephens were correct. Never thought I would write that, as a WT Sherman Yankee, but then again, Sherman had views not in alignment with modern humbug. I'm done being accommodating. Blacks have officially joined the Muslims in my "don't let them in, they are not like us" catalog.

I wonder what Booker T Washington would say about the state of black Americans? G.W. Carver? Frederick Douglass? I think they would be appalled.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

‘Twould seem that blacks don’t really think that black lives matter.

This not new news.