Saturday, June 27, 2020

Linda Sarsour's Anti-Semitism

She’s back. If she ever went away at all, radical Palestinian terrorism sympathizer and all-around anti-Semite, Linda Sarsour is back. Most recently, Sarsour was associated with the Bernie Sanders campaign. She helped organize the Women’s March, though she later was forced to resign from it. She helped organize Black Lives Matter in its early days and was lauded by the Obama White House as a “champion of change” in 2012.

So, if you were looking for a giant carbuncle of leftist anti-Semitism, not just on the fringes, but within the Democratic Party, you cannot do better than Linda Sarsour.

So, two weeks ago, when Sarsour organized a rally to celebrate the liberation of slaves on Juneteenth, lo and behold, Jews were told that they were not welcome. In her terms, Zionists and police officers were excluded for being part of the oppressor class.

The Algemeiner reports:

It was an event to celebrate freedom and protest ongoing bigotry and discrimination.

But the group Muslims4Abolition openly engaged in bigotry and discrimination in promoting its Juneteenth rally last Friday in New York. The event, an advertisement made clear, was “open to all, minus cops & Zionists.”

Juneteenth marks a day in American history that celebrates the freedom of the last slaves, more than two years after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation (because slaves were still being kept in parts of the country).

It should surprise no one that an event which specifically excludes Zionists — those who believe in a homeland for the Jewish people — would draw support from Linda Sarsour and her organization MPower Change.

It isn’t as though any of this should be news. And yet, it certainly did not bother the Bernie Sanders campaign. Or the Squad that is currently taking over the Democratic Party.

In particular, consider this:

She has repeatedly spread a blood libel linking US law enforcement personnel training in Israel to the shooting of unarmed black people in America.

“If you believe in the idea of ending police brutality and the misconduct of law enforcement officers across the country,” she told the Islamic Society of North America’s 2018 convention, “then you do not support an organization that takes police officers from America, funds their trips, takes them to Israel so they can be trained by the Israeli police and military, and then they come back here and do what? Stop and frisk, killing unarmed black people across the country.”

There’s more in the article. The question now is what Joe Biden thinks of Linda Sarsour. We know what the Obama administration thought of her. We know that Bernie Sanders was not bothered by her anti-Semitic rants. Now, someone should ask Joe Biden whether he still thinks that she is a champion for change.


Sam L. said...

Bernie can think??? Are you certain?? I am not convinced that he can.

Giordano Bruno said...

Who let all these people into America? Who asked for thousands, maybe millions, of people who hate this country, but would never leave this country, to come live in this country?

I see the wisdom of banishment and forced exile. Leave, take what you can carry, you have a week. Not welcome back. Sometimes that is the elegant solution and the least cruel.

We should have a sponsorship program for immigrants, and the sponsor is also accountable if the immigrant becomes a cancer on society. If they go, you may have to go with them.

Always force skin in the game; it solves an awful lot of problems just by compelling accountability.

Janszoon said...

What does Joe Biden think of her? From what I have seen of Biden’s recent mental deterioration he will be having trouble recognising his own reflection in the mirror. “,... you know...malarkey... Is she related to Corn Pop?”