Friday, June 19, 2020

Never Disrespect a President, Unless He Is Named Trump

President Trump has nominated retired General Anthony Tata to be Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. At first, his former colleagues rallied to support him. Now, several of them are walking back their support, because they discovered-- horror of horrors-- that he had sent out offensive tweets. And we can't have that.

The Wall Street Journal reported the latest episode in America’s culture wars:

In a series of remarks on Twitter, Gen. Tata called Islam “the most oppressive, violent religion” and referred to Mr. Obama as a “terrorist leader.” In a radio appearance, he falsely referred to Mr. Obama’s “Islamic roots,” according to CNN, which first reported his remarks June 12.

In May 20, 2018, Gen. Tata, in a twitter argument with former Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan, said Mr. Brennan should “pick your poison,” which he said could include sexual humiliation in prison or suicide by gunshot, a tweet that appeared to cross Twitter’s decency rules and was removed.

You can say whatever you want about Donald Trump, but when it comes to Barack Obama and his satrap John Brennan, you had best watch your mouth. You cannot say that Islam is oppressive and violent. I will bet you cannot even point out that Islam has a misogynist and homophobic side.

And as for Obama, you are not allowed to speak ill of Obama.

Gen David Deptula framed the issue:

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. David Deptula said he was notifying Gen. Tata that he wanted his name removed from the letter.

“I was not aware of Brig. Gen. Tata’s comments about President Obama and others,” Gen. Deptula said late Wednesday. “People have the right to disagree with elected officials but I don’t condone disrespect of any duly elected president.”

Isn’t that the issue? For over three years now we have seen officials, from all branches of government, and media intellectuals disrespect a duly elected president. Not just disrespect, but constantly harass and prevent from doing his job. 

Every day of the Trump presidency we have seen nothing but disrespect for Trump. How many of these generals stood up and said that it should stop? Why did they condone the creation of a cultural environment that severely damages democracy while only rousing themselves to support the latest in woke causes-- thou shalt not speak ill of Obama?

Since speaking ill of Trump is required, lest you be considered a bigot, these generals are themselves dividing the nation, by using different standards to judge different presidents.

Heck, yesterday the Supreme Court decided that an executive action by Obama was perfectly legal while an executive action by Trump was unacceptable. Who is dividing the nation now?


Sam L. said...

The Left is out to get him. I expect Mr. Trump to make the left's butts hurt, BIG TIME.
His big smile will increase the hurt.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Trump's re-election will be the biggest flip of the bird to these people I can possibly imagine.

urbane legend said...

Wasn't there a time when military personnel, especially generals, and especially retired generals, didn't say anything public about the President and his policies? Plainly then these are political attacks.

As Commander in Chief, President Trump should find a reason to recall Lt. Gen Deptula to active service for two years, then send him to the most remote military outpost available, no matter what service operates it. If nothing else, it can be for a "joint operations study." Petty? Yes. You would like to think, though, that every other military person would get the message to keep your mouth shut about the President, of whichever party.

If Islam is not “the most oppressive, violent religion” , why is there constant war going on in the Middle East? That isn't a Southern Baptist Women's Bible Study group doing all that killing. Those ladies are over here studying, and baking biscuits, thank the Good Lord.