Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Rape of Seattle

When, during the early days of World War I, German troops overran and began to destroy Belgium, posters started appearing calling it the rape of Belgium. Teutonic thugs had set about destroying a defenseless country-- in order to show how tough they were.

Now, a group of violent anarchists and Marxist revolutionaries has invaded and imposed itself on a six-block area of downtown Seattle. They have effectively raped Seattle. Of course, the pathetically weak mayor of the city, one Jenny Durkan has called it a summer of love.

Belonging to a political party that is about to nominate a man who has been known to walk up to unsuspecting females, to grab them by the shoulders to keep them in place, and then to stick his nose in their hair, the mayor is attuned to the general Democratic insouciance over rape.

One notes that political leaders in Portland, Oregon and Nashville, Tennessee, for example, shut down similar attempts in their city. But they are white males, and you know how bad they are. All that is missing now is a band of feminists exclaiming how Mayor Durkan is such a strong leader. Since words no longer mean anything, we can all see Jenny Durkan as strong and empowered-- as she bends over backwards to placate the violent thugs who have occupied and are in the midst of destroying part of her city.

We note in passing that the Seattle Police Commissioner, Carmen Best, is also a woman. But she has not been calling the shots in Seattle. Of course, if she had a spine she would resign in protest at what is happening to her police precinct… but you were not expecting strength and resolve, were you?

Of course, the utopian idiots who organized the take-over have turned the place into a postmodern dystopia. As it happens, free lance journalist, Andy Ngo-- last heard of when he was sent to the hospital by the non-violent Antifa protesters in Portland, the ones who hit him in the head with a brick-- infiltrated the new nation of CHAZ or is it CHOP. 

One would be more forgiving of the efforts if these people had a minimal command of the English language. They did not even know how to name their new nation. It tells us about the greatness of our school system. Do not think that these people are going to help the nation to compete in world markets against Asian nations.

One is reminded of everyone’s favorite anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan naming some of his followers: Fruits of Islam. Does he have any knowledge of English? Apparently, not.

What did Andy Ngo see in CHAZ or CHOP:

During five undercover days and nights in the zone, I witnessed a continuing experiment in anarchy, chaos and brute-force criminality.

So, how are things in the new nation. Shootings, rape, arson… all in a day’s work. Ngo reports:

On Saturday morning, a shooting erupted that left at least one person dead and another injured near a border checkpoint. Police were reportedly met with resistance when they tried to get to the victims, who apparently were then taken in private cars to the hospital. Cops made it into the zone to gather shell casings and evidence, some reports said, as police in riot gear stood at the border.

On Thursday, police arrested Robert James after he left the CHAZ. He is accused of sexually assaulting a deaf woman who was lured inside a tent. The same day, former city council candidate Isaiah Willoughby was arrested on suspicion of starting the arson attack on the East Precinct June 8.

Police Chief Carmen Best has stated that police response times to 911 calls in the surrounding area have “more than tripled” because they are down a station.

And then there is the war against the police. This war had begun before the takeover. It was greeted by resolute action by the feminist leadership of Mayor Durkan and Chief Best. They responded by disarming the police. No kidding:

Before the takeover, violent clashes between rioters and police defending the east precinct resulted in dozens of officers injured by rocks and other projectiles. Protesters and rioters complained of police brutality, leading Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Chief Best to ban cops from using tear gas, pepper spray and flash-bangs for 30 days.

Along with Gov. Inslee, a wimp if ever there was one, the leaders are saying that it’s all a block party:

Mainstream media reports have focused on the “block party” atmosphere of the occupation, repeating a talking point from the Seattle mayor. She, along with fellow Democrat, Gov. Jay Inslee, have gone to great lengths to emphasize the “peaceful” nature of the occupation. For media crews that arrive during the day, that is certainly what they will see. People have barbecues in the street. Many bring their children to make street art. People walk their dogs.

But at night, a whole different side of CHAZ emerges.

As for those who live in CHAZ, things are not so good. The area is being systematically destroyed. Obviously, it is unlivable:

Those unfortunate enough to have homes or businesses within CHAZ — an estimated 30,000 residents — have no say over their new overlords. Residents have discreetly voiced their concerns to local media. Gunshots and “screams of terror” at night have been reported. A resident of an apartment building came out twice to ask protesters to leave the alley where the entrance is. They brushed him off.

Every business and property inside CHAZ has been vandalized with graffiti. Most messages say some variation of “Black Lives Matter” or “George Floyd,” but other messages call for the murder of police. Most businesses are boarded up. “ACAB” — all cops are bastards, an Antifa slogan — is written over them.

Businesses outside CHAZ are also suffering. Last week, the Trader Joe’s in Capitol Hill announced it was closing immediately and indefinitely because of “safety and security concerns.” Then last Sunday night, around 100 angry protesters sprinted toward a nearby auto repair shop to “rescue” a comrade who had been detained. All it took to sic the mob on the business was one man yelling into a microphone inside CHAZ. 

According to the police report, the store’s owner, John McDermott, stopped Richard Hanks after he allegedly broke into the business, stole property and tried to start a fire. The owner and his son said they called police “multiple times” but cops and firefighters never responded.

What do the occupiers want? Who knows? They do not. They are a mix of various groups from the radical left. Nothing good is going to come of this:

It is difficult to decipher what CHAZ occupants want. Each faction, whether liberal, Marxist or anarchist, has their own agenda. But one online manifesto posted on Medium demands no less than the abolishment of the criminal justice system.

What will happen if demands aren’t met? Jaiden Grayson, a young black woman who has developed a large following in CHAZ, told a filmmaker: “Respond to the demands of the people or prepare to be met with any means necessary. … It’s not even a warning. I’m letting people know what comes next.”


Sam L. said...

I was going to comment that this is "Democrats in action", but then thought that "Democrats in INaction" is much closer to the truth.

urbane legend said...

Will insurance companies consider the destruction of property in the area an act of war, and refuse to pay claims? That will add injury to injury, won't it?

The legal residents and business owners didn't support this. Destroying their property, which is certain to happen to at least some of them, while ending this siege will take years for recovery. For some it will never happen. FWIW, they should sue the mayor and governor personally.

OTOH, this thing has to be stopped, the sooner the better. Letting it drag on tells the anarchists their time has come. That means the end of a civilzed society here. The anarchist marxists will soon find, though, that there are places where the residents won't wait on the police for help. Take note, thugs: those residents aren't concerned about seeing you arrested.

trigger warning said...

"we can all see Jenny Durkan as strong and empowered-- as she bends over backwards to placate the violent thugs"

Nitpicky, I know... but I think she's bending over forward.

Giordano Bruno said...

We don't have a civilized society in large swathes of western civilization, so why should we pretend to have one? We have widespread savagery and brute violence. It is not even permissive to politely disagree, even with polite and calm facts, from the corporate narrative that every company we work for is enforcing. Our media, our elites, our institutions, and our employers all support the descent into barbarism. They are cheering for it. Hooray for beasts! Hooray for irrationality! And we have lost our first amendment without a fight.

We cannot even properly formulate what is happening. Contemporary university education destroys the historical imagination; when events unfold, there is no template to understand why they happen. We are bewildered, like a man who has been hit in the face walking down the street, and now has a mob surrounding him. He simply has no means to understand why he is about to be murdered. This collapse has a million petty acts of cowardice in its composition; it was fashioned over decades of dishonesty.

I hear conservative opinion (spellcheck wants to say "onion" which is more true) but it all sounds like the final words of Judge Brack in Hedda Gabler. "Good God--people don't do such things!"

I am quite enjoying the spectacle of having all of our public monuments to public men destroyed while a mob of (not permitted to say) openly defies the law and civilized behavior. Our weakness is their strength. The true cowardice and ideology of the leftists who control the cities are on full display. We have complete clarity on the matter. This is who runs the cities, and votes for leftists, and now have found themselves cornered by their own monster. I suggest making them beg for salvation. I would compel them to get on their knees and shine our shoes. And force them to sign the death warrants on their monsters. They will take full responsibility for what must be done.

Why should I care if a leftist business owner, living in a leftist city, who very likely raised money for and voted for their leftist government gets ruined and assaulted and worse? The same people praised their city and its diverse culture and progressive ideas a mere few months ago, and now they should be defended? This is justice. There is a pure causal relationship, and it's delicious. Murder, rape, mayhem, and beatings are exactly what to expect--did anything think something else would grow from this? I don't need Andy to tell me what goes on in the sewer of leftist collective behavior; I've known that since the Gracchi Brothers.

If you think this is just 1968 and that we have seen this all before, then you are a fool. If you think this is 1968, you are utterly incapable of gauging reality. That is what reading History as a dead thing does to the higher functions of the intellect. If anyone you meet says "1968" just smile and walk away; life is going to be very hard for them, very soon. Cannibalism has caught a ride from Caracas and is disembarking in New Orleans as I type.

My apologies, it is not my responsibility, to teach people sense, and it is impolite to do so. Forgive the indiscretion. Suffering and misery will do that for me. My job is to laugh at suffering and misery with the self-satisfaction of a man being burned alive. Consider it a privilege of my rank, a man laughing at the epicenter of the bonfire.

And what is the Google image verification I am asked to select? Statues! Statues! Statues!

370H55V said...

I wonder if John McDermott is related to Jim McDermott, former congressman for the Seattle-based district--and who no doubt supports all of what's going on there.

Anonymous said...

I learned that July 4th, over 10,000 conservatives ( are coming to Seattle to peacefully take action, display the flag, and return the CHOP to the Seattle Police Department.

Tonestaple said...

Urbane legend, it's highly unlikely. There's no declaration of war and no declaration of independence. Further, it's normal for property policies to cover "riot & civil commotion," so I don't think for a minute that insurance companies would get away with trying not to cover this. In this wretched, once-delightful city, I would expect property rates to increase quite a lot over the next year since the government has made it perfectly clear that they have no interest in maintaining any order at all.

370H55V, it's highly unlikely. I can't imagine any McDermott ever showing the least little entrepreneurial streak. I don't think they have any interest in working for a living. Baghdad Jim's son is on the King County Council so his ambition in life is to boss other people around, not to earn his keep.