Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Silicon Valley Punts on Diversity

Here is a story to brighten your day. I am sure you suspected as much, but apparently our thought police-- the tech oligarchs who run Silicon Valley-- talk the talk more than they walk the walk.

They are all-in for diversity. They are all in for equality. If you say the least discouraging or presumably racist word, they will cancel you. They might just cancel you for being a conservative Republican. They do it to show how much they love diversity.

So, some researchers in San Jose set out to see how well their companies practice what they preach. The answer, as you might have guessed, is that they do not. They have always been and continue to be run by white and Asian males. For all intents and purposes, diversity does not exist in these companies. In the surrounding areas, black and Hispanic citizens live in near poverty. 

The Daily Mail reports:

A new study has revealed staggering income inequality in Silicon Valley and an astonishing lack of diversity within its top technology companies. 

Researchers at San Jose State University' Human Rights Institute unveiled the results of the study, dubbed the Silicon Valley Pain Index, on Tuesday. 

Among the most dramatic findings were that 10 'large tech companies' - which were not named specifically - employ zero black women, and the net worth of the top 10 richest people in Silicon Valley - all of whom are white men - is an eye-watering $248billion. 

'These statistics show that white supremacy is operating in most all of the institutions and systems in Silicon Valley,' lead researcher Dr Scott Myers-Lipton told SFGate.

What is the deeper meaning of this? Aside from the fact that these people are sanctimonious hypocrites, they are simply paying protection money to the mob. Have you noticed that the mob, such as it is, has not said a word about Silicon Valley. They are not going to bite the hand that is feeding them.


Anonymous said...

"they are simply paying protection money to the mob"
The 'dane-geld' is the term making the rounds. The politicians benefitting should be the ones called out, as well as the academics who spent the past 4 decades steering people into 'gender/ethnic/grievance' studies programs rather than advising students to get a foundation in hard sciences - if the students had the inclination and apptitude to do that hard work requried. A lot of psuedo careers were created generating fluff, and lots of academics enrich themselves on the corporate diversity speaking-blaming-training circuit as a result.

Giordano Bruno said...

I'm quite certain they hire plenty of black women, just not in any position that requires the set of skills that made these companies billion dollar entities in the first place. Black women are a perfect fit for HR and various Diversity Councils and such (lecture and hector), but they do not have the skills to be of real value, essential value. They didn't study those subjects or swim in those circles. They cannot code. Plenty of Asian women have those skills. And I wonder how they categorize Indians (Hindu, American Indians are not even on the map)?

Of course, they are hypocrites, they just don't want the drama. The essential personnel all know who the non-essential personnel are. But it's still a good-paying job and you are virtually un-firable with no real expectations. And if you run HR, you can get in all the people who look and sound and agree with you. Problem is, HR is now stepping on the golden goose, and the golden goose has very definite demographic outlines.

Sam L. said...

"A new study has revealed staggering income inequality in Silicon Valley and an astonishing lack of diversity within its top technology companies." They hire for smarts and intelligence.

urbane legend said...

Sam L. said...
They hire for smarts and intelligence.

Wouldn't you? Do you want engineers who do not to understand PEMDAS (algebra) designing your systems?

zero black women
Aren't they a rap group?

David Foster said...

These results don't look valid to me. NO black women employed at 10 large SV companies? I don't believe it, unless their definition of "large" is pretty weird and their selection of companies is pretty skewed.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

My favorites are the “staggering” and “astonishing” bits from the Daily Mail.