Thursday, June 25, 2020

How to Save the Statues and Monuments

The Babylon Bee has found the solution. It has figured out how to save our statues and historical monuments. 

The solution: disguise them all to look like Karl Marx:

City councils all over are ordering Karl Marx wigs and putting them on Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, Christopher Columbus, and other statues. The move has proven extremely effective at deterring Antifa and other extremist groups, who are only looking for statues of old hateful white guys to destroy and not statues of communists.

"As soon as enraged rioters see the statue isn't of a dangerous, murderous madman whose ideas killed hundreds of millions but is just of Karl Marx, they move on," said one city council member in Illinois as he put a Karl Marx wig and beard on a statue of Abraham Lincoln. "Well, first, they bow respectfully to their hero and then move on."

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Giordano Bruno said...

Karl Marx illustrates another problem.

Marx was born a Jew to a Jewish mother and father. But the father converted to Christianity and mother shortly thereafter. Karl was baptized a Christian as a young boy. So many Jews say he is not Jewish. Yes he is, he's a Jew by "blood." You can't just kick him out, he remains Jewish just as people born to atheistic Jewish parents, who reject all claims required by Judaism can still peep up and claim to represent Jews whenever it suits them. "Well, I'm a Jew, and I think the State of Israel is a racist disgrace!" has been the mantra on the left for decades. Karl Marx was a nasty menace to religious Jews, but an icon, almost a messiah figure, to secular Jews. When the body count tops 100 million you get kicked to the curb?

How many leftist nuts I have heard advocating BDS and using their "Jewishness" as a cudgel to demand authority from others on the matter? Thousands. Leftist media is filled with them. If a Jew converts to Christianity, he is no longer a Jew, even if it was done by his parents as a little boy. But if the same family has been living 4 generations in open contempt of Judaism and adopts socialism and atheism, they remain Jews? What if a Jew converts to Hinduism? Or Islam? Do they remain Jews or in some religions the conversion wipes out their Jewish status and in others, they get to remain Jews--but practicing Buddhists? It's nuts, and it's obviously inconsistent. Other religions would send you packing. Some today would execute you publicly, with great fanfare.

"And the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them up, and their households, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods." The good old days when God kicked out the troublemakers.

Judaism has a big problem with this, with the schism between religious Jews and tribal Jews. The problem is the religious Jews can't kick the tribal Jews out, no matter how abominably they behave while still insisting on Jewish identity. A tribal Jew gets to renounce anything and everything with Judaism--but still claim to be Jewish and is accorded the authority the claim carries. One Jew is righteous and God-fearing and another is a criminal and someone they have equal status as Jews? Like Jennifer Rubin claiming to be a "conservative," it's scandalous. Judaism needs to find a way to at least enforce the Noahide Laws, at the bare minimum, before these lunatics get everybody killed.

As the Civil War looms, the indecent Jews, the "shande far di goyim" are going to step forward and speak for all the decent Jews. This is going to be a big problem as people take sides on racial, tribal, economic, cultural, geographic and religious grounds. Especially religious grounds. This war may very well be fought as a religious war between traditional religious people vs everyone else. Figuring out how to separate the wheat from the chaff will be critical to survival. The idea is to have the largest tent, with as many people as you can unite, but with meaningful bonds (religion is the deepest), based on an easy to understand template of common values. The 10 Commandments is a pretty good place to begin. That side will prevail. The other side will fracture. And the survival of the honorable Jews will be of the greatest urgency. As for the rest, I have no interest.