Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Who Invented Slavery?

You might have noticed that a Democratic governor in a former confederate state has gotten a pass for a yearbook photo where he or someone close to him was dressed either in blackface or in a Klan costume. If anyone else had committed such an egregiously racist action, he would have been skewered by the gods of wokedom. How does it happen that Gov. Ralph Northam got a pass? 

But then, to show us the great thinking coming from the Virginia Democratic Party, its apparently mentally challenged senator, one Tim Kaine-- aka, Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016-- declared that the United States of America had invented slavery.

A more ignorant remark would be hard to imagine.

Megan Fox performs the important public service of reminding us of all the slaveholders who did their dastardly deeds before the American Republic was founded.

This claim sent shockwaves of outrage through the recesses of Hell, where Egyptian pharaohs and the emperors of Rome reside. “How dare he take credit for slavery,” said King Tut. “Who the hell does he think built the pyramids? Aliens?”

Diocletian wasn’t any more complimentary. “The Roman methods of torturing slaves are so renowned around the world that millions of people wear the instrument of our torture around their necks as a reminder of the sheer brutality we wrought on the world’s underprivileged. Americans tried hard, but until you feed people to wild animals in front of cheering crowds you haven’t even begun to realize your potential in crimes against humanity.”

Julius Ceasar told reporters, “Those were the days. One time I sold 53,000 citizens of Gaul to traders on the same day. Man, what a windfall that was.”

Satan had to get his two cents in there too and declared, “I am the true creator of slavery. Duh. My specialty is putting people in bondage. It’s like, my whole gig.” Mohammed then piped up, “Not so fast, Beezelbub, my contributions to the history of enslaving people continues to this day,” he grinned. “Boko Haram is kidnapping African children right now!”

Even some citizens of the heavenly realms got annoyed. Moses sent a strongly worded letter to the majority leader that stated, “Tim Kaine has a lot of nerve to blame America for slavery. Has he never picked up a Bible? I literally had to climb a mountain and get those tablets twice because of people like him who can’t pay attention in Sunday school.” He continued, eyes blazing, “Hasn’t he ever seen that movie with Charlton Heston playing me? I’m probably the most famous slave of all time!” Moses then threw his arms up in disgust and spat out, “I wish I could send locusts to Congress. Where’s my staff? Aaron!”

When you are a Democrat you can say the most ignorant things and the mainstream media will not even notice.


urbane legend said...

That anyone in the United States, member of Congress, Black "Leader", college professor, reporter, could blame this country for the slave trade and its results is unbelievable. It shows how poor education has become, how much the left is willing to pander to lies, and how foolish many are to submit themselves to those lies.

Except those who have escaped the slavery going on in Africa today, no one, no one, in this country is responsible for the slavery that went on prior to 1860. No one born after 1950 is responsible for Jim Crow. They shouldn't feel any need to pay for anything related to it. In fact, as you pointed out in your Whatever We've Tried Hasn't Worked post, we have already paid for it several times over.

How much can you trust people whose public life is all lies? I sure wouldn't let my daughter or son marry one. Fortunately their parents taught them better sense.

Scripture tells us Satan is the father of lies, so he had the major hand in slavery. Pharaoh and those of his ilk added their refinements. It wasn't until we got to today's media that we had so many enslaved, though. The modern media has been able to spead the slavery lie far and wide. Far too many have gladly accepted those chains.

Sam L. said...

Welllll, he COULD have said that slavery was brought about by space alien monsters. Stupid IS as stupid does.

"When you are a Democrat you can say the most ignorant things and the mainstream media will not even notice." Truer words...

Callmelennie said...

Tim Kaine would have been laughed out of my Kindergarten Catechism class at Our Lady of Perpetual Hope for saying that. Any six year old knew about Roman and Hebrew slaves

whitney said...

"A more ignorant remark would be hard to imagine."

It's not ignorant. It is purposeful and malicious deception.

Paul said...

The US is obsessed with slavery. But only 5% of the transatlantic slave trade was to the US, most was to the Caribbean and South America. Not that it makes it any better, but nobody is that concerned about the 95% bit.

Anonymous said...

Civilizations run on energy and materials. The use of slaves from antiquity was the method of multiplying the energy output of the elite (or managerial) class since solar energy was the only thing available.

The only thing that truly ended slavery was technology. That enabled large energy increases to flow through society without human physical labor. In the US, what really signaled the end of slavery was the cotton gin. When you can have machines do it, it is completely dumb to have human slaves around who require all the conditions for life.

Wonder what the world will be when the robots do most of today's low level jobs?

trigger warning said...

Whitney is absolutely correct. Tim Kaine (born in '58) attended school when history was being taught and has a Harvard law degree.

He's lying. Plain and simple. And, I might add, he's made a career of lying.

David Foster said...

Anon 4:55PM

Sometime around 1900, a young PR man who had recently been hired by GE in Schenectady realized that he had a problem. He had gotten his job through glowing promises about all the great press coverage he would get for the company. But his boss had called him in and announced that he had “a terrific front-page story” about a 60,000 kilowatt turbine generator that the company had just sold to Commonwealth Edison…and the PR man accurately realized that this story would get maybe a paragraph on the financial pages. Looking for ideas, he went to see GE’s legendary research genius, Charles Steinmetz, explaining that headlines need drama, and “there’s nothing dramatic about a generator.”

Steinmetz picked up a pencil and did a little calculating…and quickly determined that this one rotating machine could do as much physical work as 5.4 million men. The slave population in the US on the eve of the Civil War had been 4.7 million. To the young PR man, Steinmetz said: “I suggest you send out a story that says we are building a single machine that, through the miracle of electricity, will each day do more work than the combined slave population of the nation at the time of the Civil War.”

See my post Of Energy and Slavery

Important to note, though, that power technology doesn't *always* reduce the incentives for slavery. Indeed, slavery in the US was in decline prior to the invention of the cotton gin: manual processing of the cotton was so labor-intensive that it inhibited large-scale growth of the cotton market. The gin changed that.

Giordano Bruno said...

It is perfectly permissible for a member of the US Senate to lie openly provided it serves a leftist narrative. Mr. Kaine will suffer no consequences and no loss of position or privilege because nobody has any kind of plan to make him suffer. Without any consequences, he may say anything he chooses--provided it serves a leftist narrative. I can think of a couple dozen public officials on the left that lie brazenly, routinely, with no consequence to their reputation or position. Truth is a mobile army of metaphors, as one German noticed.

Either Kaine loses something for his public lying or he does not. He is just one among many; there is a cadre of public liars who are seeing how far they can put in their bayonets before they find steel. They have not found steel yet.

Please try and keep in mind that all the things about truth and falsehood are no longer meaningful. That mattered in 1998. Look at events differently than your original training; we are in a universe of indecency.

How could Mr. Kaine be made to suffer a loss of his power? That is the only useful question.

Sam L. said...

"When you are a Democrat you can say the most ignorant things and the mainstream media will not even notice." Thats because they are in cahoots.

Anonymous said...

"You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians...They hated Russians."

-Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn