Friday, June 19, 2020

The Nightmare of Transgenderism

Get ready to be appalled. America, our great and wondrous country, is now in the business of child sacrifice. Yes, indeed. Under the aegis of politicized pseudoscience we are allowing parents to mutilate their children. We do not call it child abuse because we do not believe that we have any right to cast aspersions on anyone’s woke judgment.

Yesterday, two grandparents wrote to Washington Post columnist Amy Dickinson to ask what they should do about their 7 year old grandson. You see the boy’s mother wants him to be a girl, so she dresses him as a girl and refers to him as a girl. Said mother has told the boy’s school that everyone should address him as a girl. Dare we say that this must be undermining the child's education... completely.

You know the answer to this question. Said mother should be put in jail for child abuse. And yet, everyone takes this seriously.

When said boy is visiting his father-- the parents are divorced-- he immediately reverts to boy form and dresses like a boy. 

But, it isn’t even that clear. On the one hand he tells his grandparents that he wants to dress like a girl at his mother’s house. On the other hand he wants to have a haircut, to let his hair make him look more like a boy. His mother has forbidden the grandparents from doing so. Lawyers are telling the grandparents not to do so-- what would we do without lawyers?

In today’s woke America it is all being decided by lawyers and therapists. As you know, the mother's next step will be to mutilate the boy by forcing him to take puberty blocking hormones. You can understand that his lunatic mother will do everything in her power to brainwash him into believing that he is a girl.

A similar case was brought before a Texas court. Or perhaps it is the same case. Hopefully the good jurists in the Lone Star State will shine the light of reason into the horror show of the mother’s mind.

Anyway, here is the letter:

My husband and I have a 7-year-old grandson whom his mother has been dressing as a girl. His mother refers to him as a "her" and uses a girl's name.

She also wants the school to refer to him as a her (he has been having outbursts at school).

My son shares custody with his ex. The child's mother feels she is doing what is right for him and argues with any other suggestions.

My grandson has seen a court-appointed therapist to make a decision on his gender issues because when he is at my son's house or our house, he immediately changes clothes and gets upset if anyone sees him wearing girl's clothes.

We have told him that if he doesn't want to wear girl's clothes at his mother's, he must tell her.

He says he wants to wear girl's clothes, but his actions say otherwise. The mother has told us to not cut his hair — and lawyers advise us to go along with her. But his hair is out of control — he has to lift it or hold it out of his eyes. He has said he asked his mom to get it cut, but with covid-19 she could not get it done. Now his mom is saying that we are pressuring him to get it cut.

Should we get him on camera asking/saying he wants it cut? Should we take him to get it cut? Or should we just hope that she will take him?

Yes, we would like to see his hair short, but at this point we just want him to be able to see and not have to hold it up.

What should we do?

— Gamma

The correct answer is: take him for a haircut. To hell with the mother. And hire your own lawyers.

Of course, it’s so obvious that woke Amy does not get it. She is more concerned with her bona fides as a sophisticated thinker that she does not see that she is condoning and even encouraging human sacrifice. 

She tries to be reasonable, but gives it away when she uses the third person plural pronoun-- they-- and considers it singular. As for gender neutral pronouns, the real one is: it.

You should open your arms and love this child without pressuring them (I’m using the gender-neutral pronoun) to be any different than they already are. While with you, let the child choose and wear any clothing they want to wear on that particular day.

Don’t ask loaded questions, don’t press this child about their clothing, hair or anything else. Do NOT interrogate or interview them on camera. Just be grandparents, for goodness sake. No child has ever needed loving, neutral, accepting grandparents more than this child does. So take on that role and BE that.

This avoids the issue. The grandparents are in a good position to counter the malevolent influence of the mother. They should ignore her wishes and treat the boy like a boy. Neutrality is not one of the options. Neutering the child is not one of the options either. 

This is a nightmare. Our culture takes the mother’s delirium seriously. If she is the Texas woman, then we know that she is a pediatrician. Perhaps she should be examined. Perhaps she should be hospitalized. One can only pray for the little boy who has been cursed to find himself in this situation. And one would like to see the grandparents defy the mother and the courts and take the boy for a haircut.

And then, they should appeal to higher powers: the press and local politicians.


Giordano Bruno said...

These sacrifices might be just the ticket to push the normal women away from the insane wahmen who are determined to commit dramatic self-immolation along with their children. This may help to red pill the normal gals who find these sacrifices abhorrent. The SCOTUS decision also helps; they can no longer have a free ride for their precious daughter to attend school on the revenue from male athletes. The normal women thought that the alphabet loved them and cared for them.

The best scenario is we return to the wisdom of the late 19th Century and narrow the franchise, but in the interim, anything that brings normal, heterosexual women out of the induction hypnosis is critical. Child sacrifice might just be the ticket. The hypnosis runs deep.

The courts are run by cowards or insane people. The institutions are run by cowards and insane people, and the medical institutions are run by cowards and insane people. Those avenues are unlikely to work. The SCOTUS decision gives validity to gender and trans identity lunatics. The official stamp of approval is on this sacrifice.

The only hope to combat the insane people is the religious institutions. There is no other point of the spear that could be organized and would not be afraid. The religious Jews and Christians are the last line.

Anonymous said...

"You should open your arms and love this child without pressuring them (I’m using the gender-neutral pronoun) to be any different than they already are."

"...without pressuring it to be any different than they already are."

You mean the child's gender ISN'T socially constructed, but rather fully formed? Alice in Wonderland.

I've run into a lower level drama similar to this at my son's school.
The mother wanted the child addressed as "they".

It helped me to understand that, at least at this stage (kindergarten),
it is the mother's mental disturbance, not the child's.

It's bad news that this child is having outbursts at school.

I wonder what constructive school activities all that surplus "management energy " could accomplish in a more sane educational environment.

- shoe

urbane legend said...

In any sane world, or even close to sane, the moment this business started the proper authority would take the child out of the mother's hands and have her mental capacity examined to determine the extent of her insanity. The son would never be in her care again.

But, as Giordano Bruno said, those authorities are insane also.

whitney said...

It's a glorious time to be alive if you have Munchausen by proxy

Anonymous said...

It must be a rich rich society we live in to be able to entertain such luxuries as gender choice and out-of-control attention seeking. Even the COVID economic impact did not staunch the flow of such extravagance. That tells me the economy is still strong and it is OK for personal and public debt to keep piling up.

If times really DO get tough, all the pronoun controversy gets flushed with all the other baroque distinctions used to cry out for attention. I guess when families were largely intact people got a lot of attention from family members. Now, lonely and marginalized folks have to reach out to the government and social media for attention.

I have always thought that transexuals are really looking for a mask or persona to attract another person that can give them safety or security. For older children on up, that person is a strong male. Some kids that feel unsafe may opt to be "girls" to try and get a strong protector. This almost always fails, since they won't get strong straight men. The rate of suicides among transexuals is very high.