Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Buy Land on Mars

It’s difficult to tell whether this is real, but it has unquestionable entertainment value. And, what would we do without entertainment.

It comes from Groupon, which is apparently a legitimate concern (via Maggie’s Farm). The offer: land on Mars. Yes, indeed, if you think that land is cheap in the Australian Outback, which has slightly more inhabitants than Mars, you can go all the way, and not just to get out of America, but to abandon the planet before the pending climate apocalypse.

The price: $15.00 an acre. That's a sale price, if you will.

Full disclosure: I do not get a commission on the sales.


Sam L. said...

Purchase of property MUST be completed/paid in full before departure.

Sam L. said...

OH! Don't forget to see Marvin when you get there! Don't rile him up; he has a disintegrater ray gun, you know.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

What if someone who wants a plot on Martian land can't afford it? Will a "Martian Parcel Provision" be included in Nancy Pelosi's next COVID stimulus bill? How will one qualify?

To Sam L.'s point, what if there's a "LARGE, EARTH-SHATTERING KA-BOOM!!!"???

If the Martian colonists attempt to attack Earth, will Trump's new Space Force defend us, or will it be defunded?

Asking these vexing questions for a friend.

David Foster said...

In Robert Heinlein's story 'The Man Who Sold the Moon' (published in 1950), the first trip to the moon is not a government-sponsored thing, but a private venture by a successful businessman who has always dreamed of space travel. (Some have seen a resemblance to Elon Musk) Many of his fundraising tactics are a bit sleazy....one of them involves selling plots of lunar land while starting rumors of valuable mineral discoveries there.

I reviewed the story here: