Thursday, June 18, 2020

Anti-Semitism Is Now Respectable

It wasn't very long ago that I suggested, mildly, that the Black Lives Matter movement had an anti-Semitic bias. Once we saw the Nation of Islam providing security at the funeral of George Floyd, we could easily have seen that the current infatuation with BLM was going to make anti-Semitism respectable again. 

So, here we are, with someone named Chelsea Handler offering words of praise for one Louis Farrakhan, a leading anti-Semite, misogynist and homophobe. It shows you the danger of having brain dead celebrities lead public debate. As you see, when your brain is empty you think you can learn from Louis Farrakhan. (via Hot Air)

One of Handler’s followers replied:

One replied, “So, based on this logic, if you find a video of Hitler saying something positive and powerful, will you feel equally compelled to share it? You gave hate credibility and a large platform today.”

To which Handler answered:

Handler responded, “No, because Hitler was responsible for killing millions of lives. Farrakhan is just responsible for his own promotion of anti-Semitic beliefs. They are very different.”

She added, “Another thing: perhaps Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic views took form during his own oppression,” she wrote. “We know now that oppression of one race leads to an oppression of all races.”

I will not dignify this with the name of thought. If someone were to promote beliefs that were racist, those beliefs, in and of themselves would be considered cause for expulsion from the human species.

And Handler was not alone. A number of other nitwit celebrities joined the party:

Actress Jessica Chastain also re-posted the video clip to her Instagram story, and according to several circulating screencaps of Jameela Jamil’s Instagram, she too may have posted it before deleting. “Powerful,” Lisa Rinna wrote in the comments to Handler’s video. “This should be played on a loop. Everywhere. Always,” wrote Sean Hayes.

Mediaite is reporting that “fellow celebrities Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, and Michelle Pfeiffer” also liked the post. And all of this comes a couple days after Ice Cube put up a tweet post praising Farrakhan.

You get the picture. Now that Black Lives Matter, Louis Farrakhan has become a beacon. Let’s remember that, in the waning days of the Obama presidency, Farrakhan held a rally with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Given that Obama was Wright’s protege, you might want to ask yourself how it happened that Obama spent twenty years in the pews of Wright’s church, listening to hate preaching, and did not notice what was going on.


Giordano Bruno said...

It is nice to see Mr. Farrakhan back into a respectable role in our new shadow government. I have been waiting for his style of reasoning to make a reappearance.

If the Jews in NYC were faced with a decision between voting for Trump and voting for Farrakhan, I wonder what the results would look like?

I noted that all manner and type of "alt-right" and "white nationalist white" figures were uniformly condemned and banned from all media platforms by leftist Jews, but they seem a bit more restrained when confronted by a much worse figure who belongs to a neo-Islamic racialist cult and who has explicitly made hostile statements about both Israel and Jews for decades.

At this point, it is hard for me to get worked up about anti-Semitism. I'm more concerned with anti-Humanity and anti-civilization currents, of which, the malice toward Jews is just a subheading within the much larger malice toward decency altogether.

370H55V said...

Once again: If Hitler were non-white, Jews (including Chelsea Handler!) would be figetting for first place in line for the ovens.

Sam L. said...

"Given that Obama was Wright’s protege, you might want to ask yourself how it happened that Obama spent twenty years in the pews of Wright’s church, listening to hate preaching, and did not notice what was going on." Smokin' doobies, maybe?????

An eye opener said...

Before Farrakhan, there was the Islam convert BLACK HITLER Sufi Hamid. Inspired by infamous Palestine ex Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini. Tried to drive out Italians and Jews from the Bronx

Anonymous said...

'''Do Brown Black Lives matter...if they're Israelis'''?


Since color has become a language somehow, and anti Israel bigots distort, then let's remind, most Israelis are "brown," in terms of stats. You have also many Ethiopian Jews.

No wonder the propagandists will never show democratic multiracial Israel in day to day lives.


But of course Israeli security concerns are just that. Unrelated to any "color" or "race." Actually, speaking of racism, yes, Arab Muslim attackers target only Jews. Talk about real racism.


True, hijacking of term 'it's racism," is as old as Palestine propaganda emerged by holocaust denier Issa Nakhleh who began in June-17-1949 the "like the Nazis and worse than nazis" line (and by Nov-14-1972 said all 6,000,000 were alive and Hitler "didn't" kill, and represented 'Muslim Congress' at Holocaust deniers convention in 1981), then picked up in 1960 by Nazi Tacuara saluter Ahmad Shukairy who by Oct-17-1961 added that garbage-touch apartheid slur too and questioned Catholic Uruguayan rep. Enrique Fabregat's loyalty, stating because he's (supposedly) a Jew. And both, of course were Hitler's ally ex-mufti Islamic leader al-Husseini avid fans. With Shukairy his aide.

Speaking of ex Mufti's admirers... Sufi Abdul Hamid, infamous 'Black Hitler' in NY who called to drive out Italians and Jews in the 1929-30, was also his admirer.


One might begin to argue there is such a thing as "pro Palestine", when Farrakhan linked Ilhan Omar / Linda Sarsour / Rashida Tlaib will have a routine of decrying Arab Muslim suffering when it's not in context of Israel (who has been facing existential threat ever since) but suffering when by Arab Muslim entities. One would then hear about a real en-masse massacre. Such as hundreds of thousands in Syria, current example. And if they begin to do anything along the line, then no lip service please. But with that same "passion" as in fake "symparhy" played at the 'other' case.

The absenty reason is clear. Self explanatory. Because pro Palestine is a cover for anti Israel and often anti ALL Jews.

A note re L Farrakhan, that guy with his "blue eyes are the devil," when he uttered his "termites" venom, his genocidal hint was clear under the veil. For more about Dehumanization in radical Islamic Arab or even mainstream racist "Palestinian" education and sermons, search for "apes and pigs, Palestinians". Or see PalWatch and MEMRI.