Wednesday, August 12, 2020

America's Aneurysm

Consider this a footnote to the prior post. Victor Davis Hanson takes the full measure of the change that has befallen America, beginning with New York:

Nine Months ago, New York was a thriving, though poorly governed, metropolis. It was coasting on the more or less good governance of its prior two mayors and on its ancestral role as the global nexus of finance and capital.

The city is now something out of a postmodern apocalyptic movie, reeling from the effects of a neutron bomb. Ditto in varying degrees Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco — the anti-broken-windows metropolises of America. Walking in San Francisco today reminds me of visiting Old Cairo in 1973, although the latter lacked the needles and feces of the former.

At the present increasing rate of police defunding, homeless encampments, the emptying of jails and prisons, the green-lighting of rioting and vandalism, the flight of the wealthy, the revolutionary change to Skype/Zoom tele-working, and the exodus of upper-middle-class liberal families to safe houses in the New York and New England countryside, once beautiful New York City is in danger of becoming the nation’s aneurysm. That is, after the “recovery,” it and other blue cities may be seen as permanent weak veins and arteries prone to sudden fatal hemorrhaging that could implode at any moment, and thus may become metaphorically tied off, as the country reroutes around them.


Giordano Bruno said...

The only way to fix a demented leftist, the only remedy I know of, is for them to encounter a violent beating by the leftist mobs that they have been defending all their lives.

When a white bugman encounters the full bum rush and winds up in the hospital (he should be so lucky) and begins to ruminate on what has befallen him, the door to reason appears. That is the only way for the red pill to be delivered for these sick souls. It can also be delivered if someone close to them has the same experience, but that is rarely as effective--they just blame it on anything except the mob. A narrow escape, where the mob beats the guy next to you, can sometimes do the trick. You have to get the full experience in the body, the emotions, and in the head; all three have to align for the imprint to hold. Without the merciless beating, they just continue lying to themselves well into old age.

David Horowitz, for example, didn't wake up until his friend, Betty Van Patter, was raped and murdered by the Panthers, the gang he was promoting. That's when he woke up from his sleep. He then had the further realization that he had personally helped to create the very web of lies that enabled them all to escape justice. That crushing weight of responsibility and subsequent suffering did the trick.

So bring on the aneurysm. The sooner we get over this the better. And it's good television for all of us in rural America. Thugs vs Hipsters PPV will be a hot ticket.

Sam L. said...

What I see is states in our Northern Two Tiers are nuts (except for South Dakota and North Dakota and likely Montana, and the two west coastal states down to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Giordano, some victims of beatings by antifa expressed sympathy (from the hospital) for the perpetrators. They said that violence is justified by oppression and they don't take it personally. They have Stockholm syndrome.

Giordano Bruno said...

Anon, that's priceless. Now they can get beat again! Eternal recurrence bum rush. Reminds me of the Christian zombies who, after their daughter was gang-raped and murdered in South Africa by...well, you know, they made pubic pronouncements of forgiveness for the perps--who showed no contrition. I converted to Islam on the spot.