Monday, August 24, 2020

BLM Moves into the Burbs

Meanwhile, back in Portland, unrelentingly peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters moved into a suburban neighborhood. There they threatened to execute residents, peacefully. With a guillotine. 

Zero Hedge reports: 

BLM protesters in Portland took to the streets once again Saturday night, dragging a mock guillotine through a suburban neighborhood, where they burned American flags and 'executed' a stuffed bear.

Then, protesters took to the streets with a bullhorn, with one woman shouting to residents "What are you doing to protect your neighbors, people in their houses?," while a man shouted "Get in the fucking streets!"

Then, the Daily Wire reports, the protesters moved back into Portland where they assaulted police officers with rocks and bottles. But they did it peacefully:

At 11:45p.m., officers began to push the crowd to the west. Rocks, bottles, and other hard objects were thrown at officers. One lieutenant was struck in back of head with a glass bottle. His helmet prevented him from being injured. A Portland Fire and Rescue Medic embedded with one of the squads was hit in the shin with a large rock. He suffered a minor laceration to the leg.

Quickly, the protest became a riot:

At 11:59p.m., due to the life safety danger, a riot was declared. More warnings were issued from the PPB sound truck. The sound truck was struck and damaged by rocks and eggs. The rear window of a vehicle used to transport a Rapid Response Team squad was shattered by a rock. Numerous officers reported seeing individuals bearing “press” insignia throwing rocks at them. …

Officers initiated another push, attempting to convince the group to leave. This time, they went south on Southeast 47th Avenue to Southeast Stark Street. Officers disengaged again. Protesters lit traffic barricades, mattresses, a door, and other debris on fire in the intersection.

Between 45 and 50 officers had to be pulled from precincts to assist in the protest response. For most of the duration of this event, there were between 120 and 140 calls holding in the City of Portland. Calls included shots fired, assaults, alarms, threats, and suspicious circumstances.

Another day in the life of Ted Wheeler’s Portland. Keep in mind, most of these people probably voted for Wheeler and for Oregon Governor Kate Brown. Tell me that you want Democrats to have more power.


Giordano Bruno said...

There is a thing called a billy-club. It is basically a small club. When you hit someone hard with it, it hurts a lot. You can really slow someone down with a hail of blows from one of these billy-clubs. Once to slow them down, you cuff them and toss them in a paddywagon. Works every time.

Sam L. said...

Ya know, if'n ya got a thousand gallons of, say, red or orange or purple-stained water that can't easily be washed off a person or out of some person's clothes...and then round 'em up and put 'em in a hoosegow...

Janszoon said...

Sadly these sure aren’t the cops I’ve always read about in James Ellroy novels. Buzz Meeks would have made short work of those protesters with his billy-club.