Tuesday, August 25, 2020

George Conway, Resistance Fighter

Consider this thought experiment. A woman gains a high profile position. It is the culmination of her professional efforts. For reasons no one understands her husband takes to the airways to denounce her boss. How can she be working for someone who is so manifestly evil.

He becomes a media darling and produces a stream of vilifying invective, designed to do damage to his wife’s boss. Not incidentally, his prominence damages his wife’s job. How can she do her job effectively when her husband is systematically humiliating her by accusing her boss of every manner of evil?

We are not talking about a domestic squabble. We are talking about open warfare. The marriage, such as it is, might not be disintegrating, but the couple’s children are being seriously damaged by a parental conflict that is being advertised to the world entire. Did said husband consider that he would be doing damage to his children by making his marriage a public spectacle? We note that the man had previously been a partner in a major law firm. So, he is not some pathetic loser playing video games in his basement.

Apparently, he did not think through the consequences for his wife or children. He seems to have believed, like an unhinged fanatic, that he had been sent to this earth on a mission-- not merely to destroy his wife’s career, but to destroy her boss. It seems never to have crossed his mind that he might be damaging his children. Assuming that he cares. 

Ask yourself this. If this is all you knew, what would you expect that the feminist matriarchy would be saying about a toxic male doing everything in his power to humiliate his wife publicly and thereby to destroy her ability to do her job? 

This is the feminist wheelhouse. Had they weighed in on the woman's side, feminists would have been correct. No man ought to willfully work to undermine his wife’s career. Similarly, no woman should willfully work to undermine her husband’s career. We believe in some standards of decorum and this behavior clearly crosses a line. Actually, it crosses many lines.

And yet, as this public spectacle plays itself out in the media, feminists have said nary a word. Not a peep. Crickets from these staunch defenders of women’s careers. 

How to explain this hypocrisy. Because, it is certainly hypocrisy. Well, the reason is that the woman in question is Kellyanne Conway. Her boss is President Donald Trump. If you have to destroy the career of a woman in order to damage Trump, feminists are all in. If you have to destroy the mind of a teenage girl in order to damage Trump, feminists have no problem.

If you think that feminists care about women, you have seriously missed the point. They are fanatics and zealots who only care about advancing their agenda.

As for George Conway, whether he understood what he was doing, he was a leading Resistance fighter. He chose to destroy the Trump administration’s ability to communicate with the public by neutralizing the woman who was Trump’s most capable communicator. In that he has succeeded, as Kellyanne Conway has resigned her position in the White House.

William Jacobson writes on the Legal Insurrection blog that it’s all about George’s inability to deal with his wife’s success. I see it differently, but clearly Jacobson is right to see Conway as a kamikaze pilot:

George Conway’s pathological anti-Trumpism and inability to deal his wife’s greater success is the root of the problem. Conway attacked his wife on Twitter, and became a Twitter star only because he was married to her. Few people knew of Conway, and no one cared what he thought, except for the fact that he would be weaponized against his wife and Trump. Conway became the equivalent of a kamikaze pilot flying his family into ship Trump. Destroying his wife’s career is George Conway’s most notable accomplishment, and how he will be remembered.

And yet, it might be that Conway will be a hero on the left for severely damaging the Trump presidency… and for destroying his children’s lives.


Sam L. said...

"How to explain this hypocrisy." Piece. Of. Cake! The media and feminists are colluding. They hate, Hate, HATE all who stand up to them.

I have to hope that she will file for divorce.

Unknown said...

The man induced his daughter, her daughter to become a celebrity hater, too. I also had thoughts about Ms. Conway's success and perhaps the most stupefying feminist hypocrisy of my lifetime.

The woman was central to the largest upset win in American history, maybe modern Western political history: an awesome achievement. Yet...

Then again I was horrified at the way Britain's behaved at Thatcher's funeral. A quiet, sturdy, powerful,and resilient people had become . . .churlish girls?

I had my second street encounter with BLM last night while driving home from work. Portland police stood by and then left. At least a couple of them turned on their lights and drove away.

My city endorses these little monsters and refused to prosecute the bulk of them. Nearly any of them. The local media does all it can to promote their (BLM/Antifa) heroism. No lie is too shameful. No distortion too grotesque.

And I thought the late 60s/70s were senseless.

Anonymous said...

He is a monster. She wasn't the best spokesperson for Trump, though. All she did was spout talking points. The pundits attempted to interrupt her when she invariably went over her time but she kept talking over them.

David Foster said...

I don't think her departure will harm the administration and/or the campaign very much. Kayleigh McEnany is still around, and she is an outstanding and very quick-thinking communicator.

When I hear people say that divorce should never be allowed, I think of cases like this one.

ErisGuy said...

I never thought feminism was about women. De Bouvier & Friedan were hate-filled Stalinists. The invented an ideology that made men Kulaks or untermenschen (depending on which vision of socialism is the most powerful).

trigger warning said...

Envy is poison. George Conway is consumed by it.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of respect for Kellyanne, but it's easy to see that she is making a mistake here. She is choosing the immoral over the moral choice. He has demonstrated that he is not a good man and as you said, is someone willing to destroy his family to serve the globalist cause. I don't understand why she would want to save the marriage. She has very obviously left the wrong person.

PDT will be fine. But what kind of marriage is she "spending more time" on? A diseased one where she gives up what she loved because she is emotionally abused into it---by the man who is supposed to honor, love, and respect her for life? Why is this relationship worth saving?