Sunday, August 16, 2020

Naysaying the UAE-Israeli Rapprochement

When the United Arab Emirates entered into an agreement with Israel, thereby recognizing the legitimacy of the Jewish state, most people cheered. Sometimes loudly, sometimes not so loudly.

Of course, there were a few discouraging words, uttered by the world’s leading anti-Semites. Among them, Turkey, Iran, Qatar, and Barack Obama. OK, let’s be fair, Obama has not spoken out against the UAE-Israel deal, even though it was a direct repudiation of his appalling handing of Middle East policy. He cannot do it, for fear of waking up the somnolent Jewish voters, people who have put a great deal of energy in rationalizing their support of an administration that undermined Israeli interests. 

In place of Obama himself, his former advisor, a hard-edged anti-Semite named Ben Rhodes denounced the deal. If you do not understand that Rhodes was speaking for Obama, it’s time to wake up. Since the Democratic Party has cornered the market in anti-Semitism, one of its leading spokeswomen, the notable bigot Rashida Tlaib spoke for the Squad and denounced the deal and Israel. As long as the Democratic Party welcomes such monstrosities into its caucus, it is identifying as the party of anti-Semitism.

The Jerusalem Post reports on those who disparaged the UAE-Israel deal:

Iran’s regime has led the charge in opposing bilateral peaceful relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. It has been joined by Turkey, which threatened to sever relations with Abu Dhabi, and a few other voices, such as former deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes, who played a role in the Obama administration.

Obviously, the Obama administration allies in Tehran were leading the chorus against the deal:

Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s head of the judiciary, slammed the UAE deal on Saturday. He said US influence in the region was weakening in the face of the power of Iran’s “Islamic system” and that “the UAE has got in touch with the child killers,” a reference to Israel. “We do not consider the link between UAE and Israel as a link with the people of the UAE, only the ignorant rulers of the country.”

Iran highlighted Palestinian opposition to the UAE agreement, showing photos of Palestinians insulting the crown prince of the UAE and saying, “the road to Jerusalem is paved with the blood of our martyrs.”

The terrorist organization Hamas was obviously opposed to the deal. Considering what their maniacal hatred of Israel has done to their own people, they should be the last to mouth off:

Hamas also slammed the move by Israel, the US and the UAE, claiming that relations and normalization with Israel were a red line and a betrayal of Palestinians. A Hamas representative told Tasnim News in Iran that the deal was a betrayal of the “first prayer place” of Muslims, referring to Jerusalem and al-Aqsa mosque.

Pro-Iranian former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki also condemned the move as a betrayal of Islam. Pro-Iranian militia leaders from Asaib Ahl al-Haq also slammed the deal. This theme of “betrayal of Islam” was common among the Muslim Brotherhood and Iranian regime voices and allies, linking both Tehran and Ankara.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, Obama flunkie Rhodes and Rashida Tlaib spewed hatred:

In the US, Rhodes and Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) were some of the only high-profile voices that appeared critical of the peaceful connection. Rhodes was a standout as one of those who amplified criticism by downplaying the deal.

“This agreement enshrines what has been the emerging status quo in the region for a long time (including the total exclusion of Palestinians),” wrote Rhodes. “Dressed up as an election eve achievement from two leaders who want Trump to win.” The election is several months away. Rhodes also retreated another criticism of the deal which noted it could lead to drone sales.

Tlaib was harsher, saying she wouldn’t celebrate “Netanyahu for stealing land he already controls” and slamming “devastating apartheid.”

Imagine that, the deal will lead to drone sales. Where did these people learn how to think? OK, don’t answer that question. But, why do Jewish Democrats not see the truth when it is staring them in the face?

If you want anti-Semitism, Ben Rhodes is your man:

Rhodes is a frequent critic of both Israel and the UAE. On August 11 he compared Israel to authoritarian regimes such as Russia, Turkey, Hungary, Egypt and Zimbabwe. He frequently calls Israel’s leadership “racist.”

In January he compared UAE to other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, China and Russia and said in September 2018 that the US was outsourcing policy in Yemen to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. He tweeted in August 2019 about the “depth of corruption of US policy in the Middle East due to Saudi/UAE efforts.”

I do not need to tell you, but if someone Donald Trump once shook hands with had made such anti-Semitic statements, the mainstream media would be screeching: “Hitler is coming” from every rooftop.

The Jerusalem Post concludes:

Qatar’s Al-Jazeera network was also at the forefront of attacking the UAE deal. It ran a story on how its ally Turkey might suspend ties with the UAE. Turkey also has relations with Israel. It also ran two op-eds attacking the deal as cementing “Israel’s war on the Palestinians.” It claimed Palestinians “unanimously” rejected the deal.

The main voices against the UAE-Israel agreement were thus a small collection of countries and groups. Iran and Turkey were the loudest countries against the agreement, while Iran’s affiliates in Iraq and among Turkey’s allies in the Muslim Brotherhood, also slammed the deal.


trigger warning said...

"[Rhodes] frequently calls Israel’s leadership 'racist.'"

"Racist" and "racism" are just meaningless Proglodyte filler words, similar in function to "like", "uh", and "you know". In normal discourse, filler words can be safely ignored.

Giordano Bruno said...

“He cannot do it, for fear of waking up the somnolent Jewish voters, people who have put a great deal of energy in rationalizing their support of an administration that undermined Israeli interests.”

If Hitler were black people would be volunteering to be first in line.

Tough red pill to swallow, I know, but it cannot be offered enough. Not just a pill for Jews, also for goyim. All liberals must swallow or US is lost. Leftists already know this; in fact, they are counting on it.

The stubborn refusal to hold certain excitable demographics to Anglo standards is why we are in this mess. The automatic indignation at the very term “Anglo standards” is equally revealing. A fun term to drop at cocktail parties, btw, try it. You will be the first to do so since Teddy Roosevelt said it to Henry Adams in late summer, 1905.

A side note, Leo Strauss always conducted himself according to Anglo standards. Perhaps he considered himself bound by continental standards, but what are a few quirks among cousins? The Normans added considerably to the Anglo repertoire.

Giordano Bruno said...

Great article by Michael Oren for the summary

The conventional wisdom from our elites and their elite institutions was incorrect. Wasted many years, billions of dollars, and cost many lives. Created more instability. Orangman’s gut instinct was correct. He is looking like a very stable genius.

Sam L. said...

Why are the Dems so hateful?

n.n said...

Why are the Dems so hateful?

#HateTrumpsLove #HateLovesAbortion... a wicked solution.

Also, diversity dogma that is a class-based taxonomic system, process, or belief based on low information attributes (e.g. skin, sex), not limited to racism, sexism.

They receive behavioral instruction from mortal gods and goddesses ("experts") who preach the Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic quasi-religion ("ethics"), and are offered secular incentives to uphold the consensus. #PrinciplesMatter