Saturday, August 15, 2020

"Give Us Your House"

It makes its own special kind of sense. If you believe that white people have oppressed black people, since the early days of the American colonies, and if you believe that all gains achieved by white people are illegitimate, then you will feel compelled to agree that white people should hand over their houses to black people. 

Surely, you favor income redistribution. Did you honestly believe that it was going to end with a three percent tax increase? Do you think that the thugs and vandals and fascist rebels who are out trashing the stores in Chicago and Seattle and Minneapolis and Portland would be satisfied with anything less?

Town Hall reports on the latest in Black Lives Matters demands (via Maggie’s Farm):

Protesters marching in Seattle were caught on video harassing people in apartment buildings, accusing them of taking part in pushing out the black people who used to live in the neighborhood. 

The video, taken by Concrete Reporting on Wednesday, showed a crowd of protesters demanding the people who were in the apartment complex to "give us your house!" and made jokes about how they supposedly worked for Amazon. 

"Give black people back their homes! You're sitting there comfortably, comfortable as f**k as if you didn't help to gentrify this family was pushed out and you're sitting there with your other white friends!" one woman with a megaphone shouted at people in the building.

"You're ok with it, but guess what we're not and we're bringing it to your front f**king door!" a man then shouted. "How do you plan to regentrify a black neighborhood!"

It’s the logical next step. In New York City the authorities have not quite gotten around to confiscating property, but they have moved homeless drug addicts, derelicts and sex offenders into upscale hotels in upscale neighborhoods.

The funny thing is, when these new inhabitants get finished with the hotels in their new neighborhood, they will no longer be upscale. They will be a complete mess. You will see a de-gentrification of New York neighborhoods. Is this what New York Democrats voted for? They ought to start asking themselves. 


Giordano Bruno said...

I guess the decades of placating and patronizing has not worked as hoped. It’s like landing in prison, you don’t get to choose what group you belong to, that is done for you. Voting? You have over a year. Good luck in the interim, little hamsters.

Endgame: a much more segregated America. Works for me. It’s a reasonable interim solution.

Sam L. said...

The STUPID was STRONG in those ones.

urbane legend said...

We have the evidence of various democrat managed cities to show how well this will work. It is not pretty.

You're sitting there comfortably, comfortable as f**k . . .
"You're ok with it, but guess what we're not and we're bringing it to your front f**king door!" a man then shouted.

When your argument consists of screaming f*** economics is certainly far beyond your capabilities.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Democrats seem ready to cut loose their wacky F#%&ing paramilitary mobs. It’s late summer, it’s hot and the time is right. Game on.

Their target? With Deep blue totalitarian urban centers quickly depopulating, the time has come to focus on the general citizenry — those they most disdain. Those who voted for Trump. Hate fuels the mob.

The mob has won many visible victories... the defunding, the stand down orders, the COVID economic destruction. They’re emboldened. Having conquered and humiliated a cowed urban landscape, they’re now setting their eyes on the splendid hamlets of the middle class and rich bourgeois.

Having negotiated with terrorists, the Democratic leaders at all levels think the terrorists will stop. Democrats believe talking works, that weakness is strength, that giving in is the better part of valor. After all, it’s a few old statues, several city blocks, a score of retail shops. It’s just money. It can all be replaced. After all, the core of the 2020 Democrat plan is to bring urban America’s worst features to you, in the name of “diversity.”

And so the mobs want MORE! They’re now venturing beyond city centers, poking around in neighborhoods — chanting as they conduct their patrols, looking for vulnerabilities, exploring how deep into enemy territory they can go unmolested. But despite their love of diversity, mindfulness, inclusion and understanding, they don’t know the people in these neighborhoods or communities. They might as well be from Mars.

Eventually, this is going to backfire. They’d better be careful, because if one of theIr criminal salients goes too far beyond their base of ideological supply and is cut off, there will be no escape route.

There will likely be more midnight looting sprees (Chicago’s Magnificent Mile last weekend), a large number of cops ambushed (Dallas 2016), courthouses attacked (Seattle), police precincts burned (Minneapolis), businesses destroyed (pick your favorite Democrat-led city), and/or mobs visiting private neighborhoods (the McCloskeys in St. Louis).

They’ve run the table so far — on their turf. But who said these Lefties were F%$#ing smart? This isn’t about peaceful protesting or freedom of speech. This is posturing, threatening, humiliating. Normal people will only take this for so long. It’d better stay in the cities, where it’s welcome. Beyond the city limits, no dice. No way.

Black-clad, hammer-toting twenty-something roaming around in a chanting wolf pack after dark? That’s a target. Clear to engage.

Americans are armed to the teeth. Cross the line into suburban neighborhoods at your peril. The suburban police are not going to stand down, and they will have the full faith and support of their citizens. Count on it. These animals will be picked off in detail. Nobody will see it coming. Beatings, maimings, death. The destroyers will have their comeuppance.

Cross that line, and this powder keg will blow. Something is going to happen. The Left calculates that they win either way, but the communities outside our biggest cities really hold the final cards in November. The Silent Majority may not all like Trump, but they like mayhem far less.

Sam L. said...

Much of the silent majority will vote Trump.