Saturday, August 1, 2020

If Black Minds Mattered....

If Black Minds Mattered we would all follow the advice offered by the Economic Prism blog (via Zero Hedge):

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, math scores of U.S. students rank 30th in the world.  The East Asian peers of today’s American students will eat their lunch in the growth industries of tomorrow.

Here’s where Black Lives Matter has a real opportunity.

The protests.  The riots.  The calls for reparation payments.  Social justice wealth transfers.  White privilege taxes.  All the nonsense.  Where’s the strategy?  Where’s the long-range ‘strategery’?

No doubt, those selling BLM T-shirts in Walmart parking lots are exercising gumption.  But it’s not gonna cut it.  Moreover, like bingo winnings, reparation payments will be quickly squandered while the unhappiness remains.

Here at the Economic Prism we hesitate to offer advice.  We don’t know the answers.  We hardly know the questions.  But we do observe, contemplate, and reflect…

And as far as we can tell the BLM movement is empty of ideas and without direction.  

Hence, from a place of modesty, we offer an immodest suggestion:

If BLM was strategic they’d be fighting for school vouchers to start pumping out semiconductor engineers 10 to 12 years from now.

Within half a generation they could take a significant role in driving America’s much needed productivity miracle.  Apathy would be replaced with dignity. 

The politics of race, class, identity would be vanquished.

Certainly, it would take hard work and relentless perseverance.  Yet it’s within reach…for those willing to take a grab at it.

Bottom-line, performance is the only measure.  Professional sports has shown that the best performers make the big bucks, regardless of race.  Why not become top performers in a high-paying growth industry?

This is an industry where America’s up and coming generation has fallen a step behind its global competitors.  There’s a need.  There’s demand.

You can thank us in 2030.

Excellent idea-- destined to be quickly forgotten.


trigger warning said...

*And as far as we can tell the BLM movement is empty of ideas and without direction.*

Pshaw. False. Utterly false.

In seven years, BLM has raised over 1 billion dollars. Their marketing, fund-raising, and sales teams are, apparently, excellent. Like the MLB and other sports teams, they have an "official store" ( that sells "official clothing, apparel, posters, and accessories". No bobbleheads yet, AFAIK. They also sell BLM junk at Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Etsy. They charter luxury buses to tool around the country and blight urban areas. They employ lobbyists. Ironically, two of the now-wealthy founders, Cullors and Garza, identify as "trained Marxists" (i.e., parasites).

Their official platform (via Wiki and NYPost) is:
Immediate payoff (i.e., "reparations")
Dismantling law enforcement (i.e., "divestment" in police and jails)
Communism (i.e., "collective ownership")
Vigilante justice (i.e., "community control")
Black supremacy (i.e., "black power")
Universalizing ghetto culture (i.e., "disrupt the Western nuclear family")

They are not "empty of ideas and direction", or lavish funding to implement the vision.

Sam L. said...

The stupid is STRONG with these ones.

Anonymous said...

They are not a civil rights group. They are a collectivist, totalitarian, globalist group.