Friday, August 28, 2020

Donald Trump's America

You can’t go too wrong by being completely cynical-- especially about today’s Democratic Party. 

After months of violent protests that resemble nothing other than a domestic insurgency, Crazy Joe Biden emerged from hiding to blame it all on Donald Trump. Apparently, Biden does not understand federalism.

After all, riots are happening in a half dozen of America’s major cities. Local law enforcement is the responsibility of local authorities. Most of the local authorities have told the police to stand down. Most of the local authorities have opened prison doors to release violent felons. Most of the local authorities have joined the idiot media in declaring the violent protests to be peaceful.

For the most part they have insisted that the federal government stay out. The lone current exception is the governor of Wisconsin who asked Trump to send in the National Guard.

Democratic governors have been happy to see their cities destroyed, as long as it played well for them politically. That is what Joe Biden proved last night. The riots in Kenosha, WI apparently brought the light of reason into the minds of so many Americans that the Democratic takeover of the nation suddenly became less likely. The rioting was playing badly for the Democrats, so Joe Biden awakened from his slumber, sat before the cameras and mumbled something about how it was all Donald Trump’s fault. 

This is happening, he said, in Donald Trump’s America-- as though Donald Trump had somehow bought and taken possession of America. And as though no one but Trump bore any responsibility for what was going on in America's cities.

In truth, the Democratic Party, in a grotesque breach of democratic decorum, has never been willing to recognize Trump as a legitimate president. It has done everything in its power to make it impossible for him to govern. He has needed to spend so much time fending off harassment, defamation, incoming attacks, assaults, bullying and abuse, that his ability to govern has become somewhat compromised.

The disrespect has been flagrant. So flagrant that the octogenarian Speaker of the House of Representatives, in a fit of adolescent pique, tore up a copy of the president's State of the Union message, behind his back, on national television. When Nancy Pelosi behaves like an insolent brat, you can conclude that Donald Trump has only a limited capacity to influence events in Democrat run cities.

The Democrats have filled the airways with seditious rhetoric for three years now-- led by the notable incompetent and manifest fraud named Hillary Clinton. The domestic insurgency is merely following the Democratic script. It isn't that great a distance between tearing up a public document and tearing down a shop or burning police cars.

Local law enforcement is a local responsibility. When the Trump administration dared to send federal agents into Portland last month, Democrats screamed that the Nazis were invading America. Democrats are so stupid that they do not recognize that the people who are acting like Storm Troopers are the radicals who are leading the insurgency.

But, now that the public has discovered that Democratic politicians are in charge, and thus are responsible for the violence that has plagued American cities for months now, candidate Biden is trying to shift the blame to Donald Trump.

The same song-and-dance is occurring in relation to the coronavirus death rate. Governors in states like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan sent recovering patients into nursing homes, thus infecting vulnerable old people and causing many of them to die. Now, after an unconscionable delay, the Department of Justice is launching an investigation into these derelict governors.

Naturally, the Democratic Party has happily touted the virus death rate as a sign of failed presidential leadership. We have not yet reached the level of cynicism required to see these governors as having been careless because they did not feel that they would be held responsible for their dereliction. But, it is not the craziest idea yet to cross the transom.

Now, beginning with Gov. Cuomo, they are spinning as fast as they can-- and, given the dishonesty that infects the media, they will probably get away with it. If Biden wins in November the investigations into Democratic politicians will vanish into thin air.


Sam L. said...

As I keep saying, when your mayor and governor are Democrats, you are a two-time loser and need to make plans to "get out of Dodge". And vote Republican.

Also, what's happening here is not Donald Trump's America, but the Democrats' America.
They LIKE BLM, Antifa, and burned-out cities. It's on THEM.

Trump might want to make a speech telling these mayors and governors that THEY are responsible and no federal money will be given to them.

trigger warning said...

Well, CNN's Dawn Limón is now on record as worried about the polling response to the mostly peaceful riots, so that's Progress.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

One BIG reason I love Trump policy:his focus on getting MainStreet (vs. Wall Street) economy...