Friday, August 21, 2020

Silence Is Complicity

I have mentioned the point before. Very recently, in fact. But now we have senile Joe Biden offering his own moral teaching on the topic, so why not revisit it.

Many of America’s major cities have been suffering an ongoing insurrection. Riots, murder, unprovoked assault, arson, looting, pillaging, violent attacks on the police, on government facilities… it keeps going and going. All of these cities are run by Democrats. And they are all part of states that are run by Democrats. About this ongoing rioting, the Democratic National Convention uttered not a single word.

Or, as Joe Biden so eloquently put it last night: “... silence is complicity.”

As for Biden’s profession of love for the country, of full-throated patriotism, the salient point is that the Democratic Party has long since given up patriotism. They have undermined and underfunded the police-- which is not a sign of love of country.

Moreover, the party that encourages people to take a knee during the National Anthem is not running on patriotism. It is running away from patriotism. 

Remember this. President Obama opened his presidency by traveling around the world apologizing for America. When you apologize for your country you are not manifesting pride. You are manifesting shame.

Or at least you would have if you were taking any personal responsibility for the sins you are attributing to the country. In truth, the hidden message in Obama’s apology tour is that it was not about apology, about taking personal responsibility. Obama was laying down an indictment of his predecessors, most especially his white predecessors. 

Thanks to Obama’s failure to manifest patriotic pride in the country, Donald Trump was able to make patriotism a winning issue in 2016.

About Biden’s phony profession of patriotism, Peggy Noonan made a salient observation this morning in the Wall Street Journal.

Second, apart from the “We The People” gauziness, there was a nonstop hum of grievance at the convention. To show their ferocious sincerity in the struggle against America’s injustices, most of the speakers thought they had to beat the crap out of the country—over and over. Its sins: racism, sexism, bigotry, violence, xenophobia, being unwelcoming to immigrants. The charges, direct and indirect, never let up. Little love was expressed, little gratitude. Everyone was sort of overcoming being born here.

The party of grievance is not the party of patriotism. One after another the speakers beat down America, for its bigotry, for its sins, for its crimes against people of color, for its oppression of women, gays, the transgendered. It's one way to put together an electoral coalition.

The Democrats indicted America, while pretending to want to unite the country. Actually, they want nothing other than to indict Republicans. Especially the President of the United States. If they gain power, all indictments of Democrats will vanish and Republicans will be sent to prison.


urbane legend said...

Tough to love in such an oppressed country. Been thinking about leaving, going to that country where all those oppressed Africans, Asians, Middle Easterners, Central Europeans want to go.

Oh, yeah, that's the United States.

When, when, are all those "I'm leaving this oppressive country if Trump is elected" people going? I do so want to be at the airport to wave at their plane. I want to see their ticket to Venezuela.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Kamala Harris said the virus knows racism. That’s how pathetic the Democrat “leaders” are. They think everyone is racist — except the people who agree with them. “Vote Democrat so you’re not a racist.” Couldn’t be any more vacuous, unserious and shameful.

Janszoon said...

Englishman here, Americans who think and talk in that way - constantly banging on about how racist, sexist, oppressive etc their country is
- always remind me of nothing more than anorexics looking in the mirror and seeing only a huge, fat body, regardless of how tiny their actual physicality has become. Their view is so psychologically warped that the evidence of the real world is of no consequence.

As Thomas Sowell, Douglas Murray and others have often said, the key response to such deranged nonsense is “Compared to where?”